Thursday, May 27, 2010

Triple T - Race #2

The American Triple T - Race #2
1500 Meter swim - 24.8 mile bike - 6.55 mile run - individual, even though me and T were a team, this race was just individual event and then our times would be combined for our total score (the next two races we must start and finish together).

After a crazy nite, we were ready to get this party started. Who knew what the day would bring, who knew that we were getting ready to enter the IRONMAN CONTEST. Bring every piece of ironman gear you own and wear it, it IS a contest, apparently. Does anyone else think it's redundant to have five ironman stickers on your car? Really, is that necessary. We each had our required M-Dot visor (check).

We got all our shiz together in transition with no issues. I love it that triathletes can unabashedly put on arse and cooter cream in public, while talking to another person. I wanted to dose up on some chamois cream and was looking for a spot...until I saw others that were wrist deep. Right on, I will do the same!

The swim was the swim, cold, murky, and OVER. I wish I had a long sleeve wetsuit - I CAN tell you that. The bike, hell, it was so long ago, I can barely remember the bike from Race #2 other than, hilly, as I expected and my slowest bike split in some time. Whateves, save myself, save myself, save myself.

The run - uh, yeah, I didn't know that I was going to begin my trail running and steeplechase career at the Triple T. Bring trail shoes if you own them! That's what I get for 'not stressing' by NOT reading too much into the race packet OR driving the bike course. I like it all to be a surprise. It was. It was also 3+ miles of up, just up, yeah, there were some downs and a flat or two but my glutes still hurt!

Calling ALL men, calling all MEN, this means you - if you wear colored shorts, you have to expect us to point and laugh. Colored lycra is NEVER acceptable under any circumstances. We don't need that kind of pressure and if you think it's not that big of a deal, it IS, trust me, you're not exempt from this rule. If you're team kit has a color other than black on the bottom, work to change it. Just sayin.

Two races down, two to go! Still looking pretty happy about the whole thing. Even though this race was not completed together, our final times were within a minute or two in exactly the same splits. We knew that we were spot on with our pacing and team mate choice!
Waiting for race #3...


San said...

Even if I repeat myself, you are my HERO. I agree with you on the lycra. Maybe they wanted to make you laugh?

Great job!

Ah, shouldn't you be sleeping at this time of day?


Awaiting the next report!

TRI-james said...

100% about the bike shorts -
Red shorts = mistake

Wes said...

black makes my butt look big ;-)

Dave said...


Julie said...

You look so fresh in the pic!! WOW!! :) :)

They actually make bike shorts that are not black? EEEK!!

RBR said...

Another one of those race reports that makes me feel like "who the hell am I to even comment?!"

Sooooo bad ass!

And adorable to boot. Great job., Can't wait to read all about the other 2 races!

Amanda said...

um. my team was the one with orange shorts. yeah. it's not a good look. on any of us.
and those required TTT jerseys...let's just say it's never going to be worn outside of portsmouth, oh.

Maryland Girl aka Michelle said...

Oh yes...colored lycra and how about white bike shorts on anybody. YIKES! It is okay as a side accent, but please not all over...just saying.

You look amazingly refreshed in these photos. You rock!

Blackdog said...

Yep our kit is white and blue. I would bitch more about looking like the pilbury dough boy with blue accents but the girls have gone balistic. They say the shorts make their toushey's look big. I am not sure about that cause they are all skinny bitches (saying that in an affectionate way). My issue is that you can see through the damn thing in the rain. Good for some but bad for anyone looking at my fat arse.

kristen said...

lol...your hilareous!

Judi said...

missy, i was reading your rr while you were reading my blog, funny. anyways, you look great!!! can't wait to hear about sunday.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I love how you make this race seem so easy!!! Nice!!!

I agree, black all the way.

MCM Mama said...

Totally LOL at your observations! Awesome that you and your teammate are so well matched!

Kim said...

you ladies look WAYYYY too good to have raced twice already! :)

the only guy that colored lycra looks good on is White Hot Ryan :)

Diana said...

"wrist deep in cooter cream"-awesome!
Only spoken on your page!
Kick ass report. Looking forward to the rest!

IronMissy - it's official!

IronMissy - it's official!
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