Thursday, May 13, 2010

Dress Rehearsal Report

Dear REV3 and Team Trakkers and anyone else that got a little bent out of shape from my previous post….

#1. I am a reasonable person BUT I DO have high expectations that are exponentially related to the price tag of anything that I buy. This event was very expensive in relation to others. It DID have the nice touches that the others do NOT. That is not in question.

#2. I get ‘it’ – there were more important issues (bike wrecks and the injured) to deal with than my time. The question is, how am I supposed to know that unless someone TELLS ME? You have to communicate these things. So for those who say, how can you be so selfish, so heartless, there were bigger things going on that YOU and your freakin time? Uh, how the hell am I supposed to know unless someone tells me, or responds to inquiries - I wasn't everywhere on course, I didn't know people went down. Hell, I left shortly after finishing since times and placements were unknown. Communication, communication, communication…just tell me for crying out loud.

#3. This is NOT even about my time and I think that part was missed. I was just looking for a fluffy answer, just someone to say that - we are missing XXX times and we’re working on it, hope to have it by XXX. We have every reason to believe we will be able to recover it since we were running two systems in parallel for a situation such as this, blah, blah, blah. Post it on your website, post it on the results page. There was nothing to indicate to me or anyone else that anything was even being done about it. Of course, now and I have received follow up.

#4. I have had my time screwed up before. I have lost placement in my AG because of it. You know what, don’t even care, if it’s right or corrected after the fact, it is what it is. No arguments from me. Suggestion: give people a reasonable expectation that their chip will even work, a scan station at the exit of check in or something. While issues may still arise, it does instill confidence.

#5. You don’t get to call yourself world class or top quality; you have to EARN that designation by your customers. I only ask that you earn it.

#6. Finally, c’mon party people, don’t you even know me…??? Of course I had a good time, you stick me in a paper sack with two friends, $2 beers and $20 bucks and it’s ON. The day was a perfect one, it was a cold start but whateves, can’t control big bad Mother Nature, no matter how hard we try.

REV3 REWIND…Time or no time, this is my dress rehearsal report…


Nashville to Knoxville was uneventful except that our bikes look like McGruber strapped them down on the rack. I am only half way poking fun – it looked awful but our bikes were safe, in one piece with no rubbing, what more can you ask for?!

Upon arrival in Knoxvegas, we hit the expo/check in. For ME, everything was easy peasy. Picked up my junk, took pictures and grabbed Chris Lieto’s ass. I must have hit it at the right time because I was able to walk right up to each station.

Shake down – time to shake down me and my equipment. To the water we go for a 10 minute swim and review of the swim exit. Can I tell you I HATE wetsuits? No, I don’t feel like I’m faster, I feel slower. Hate them. Anyway, swim, check.

Bike – Knoxville is not really a bike friendly town (do not blast me with comments from the Chamber of Commerce, this is NOT a dig at the RD or anyone else that’s part of REV3, sheesh). It just isn’t, motorists aren’t terribly cordial or understanding. As I tried to cross the train tracks and square up to go over, a woman in an SUV thought it would be nice to see how close she could get to me. I think she just wanted to see my raging wedgie from my bathing suit. That said, I couldn’t square up and went down…on the train tracks, hard, in my speedo. Sweet mother of gawd, please don’t let me be broken, don’t let me be broken, or my bike, the bike, don’t let it be broken. OK, raspberry on arse, check, feeling of deep bruising, check, bike, uh, CHECK. OK, let’s go. I really wanted to cry a little but I didn’t. It really hurt.

Run – As the three of us were getting ready to run, one of us needs a pit stop. In said pit stop, HE almost drops his cell phone into the water. Instead, he drops it saves the phone, loses the backing. OK, no big deal, run for a few minutes, check. We return and the boathouse is locked and all our crap is on the dock. I think we smashed our faces against the glass in terror that all our junk (bikes, bikes shoes, wetsuits, everything) was on the other side. Poor lady was right there,our fear got the best of us.

Go to hotel to check in and decide where to go for dinner. Uh, are they having a wedding in the atrium tonite? No, OH, Mother’s Day brunch, check, thank gawd. BUT what are all these kids doing in dresses….holy crap, are you kidding me?!?!? There is a high school prom here tonite. Please let it be a real Christian school of non-drinkers. If I hear a peep out of them tonite when I’m trying to sleep, I will go ape shit on their ass. Dear Lenoir HS Seniors, thank you for being courteous to the old people, I didn’t hear a peep.

Dinner, dinner, what to do for dinner, Mellow Mushroom a few miles away, heck yeah I’ll eat some pizza before race day! Texts sent, 630, MMush. Check. Oh, let’s go early and have a beer. The sign says $2 drafts on Saturday nite. Who has good beers for $2 on a Saturday, why, a college campus, that’s who! Smithwicks..nom, nom, nom. Coach and Mrs. ‘Swami arrive, order, we giggle at the huge crack that is staring at us in the face. It was a picture phone, what can I do. Lowrise jeans are not meant for included. I just walk around trying to pull them up all the time. Faces are cut to protect the innocent. The waitress asks – would you like another beer? Til and I kind of freeze and look at each other. It was like ESPN, I know we were both thinking it…one more, even split one more would be just fine, who has ONE beer?! Coach was at dinner with us and answered for us, no, they don’t need another beer. It was a smart decision. I tend to get dehydrated anyway. BLASTED and $2 beers wasted….

Next stop, Walgreens, more water, Gatorade, epsom salts to soak my bruising in the nasty hotel tub (gotta do it) AND genius idea $1 flip flops to walk from T1 to the swim start, genius, right? Save my feet, save my shoes, throw away some $1 flip flops at the swim start. HA.

Man, this is too long already and we haven’t even started the event yet….



I, for one agree with you. $250.00 was a steep eace fee. And someone could have explained the situation.

BTW, you were better off not havig the second beer. It's over-rated.

Sherry said...

Wow! Folks were heckling your last post? I'll have to go take a look.

I don't see why anyone should grumble about what you write in regards to your particular race experience. That's just silly. Obviously all of your readers (your smart readers, anyway) realize that your experience is just that, YOUR experience. Other athletes may have had a different experience, but you are very entitled to write about yours.

I, for one, am very thankful for ALL of your honest, candid race reports. Some folks sugarcoat everything, but when I'm thinking about plunking down a $500 race fee (that would be $250 each for me AND hubs) plus roundtrip airfare and hotel for two... I want to to know what sort of general experience I'm going to get. I'm a big 'techie/time' person, so this would not have been a good experience for me. Maybe Rev3/Trakkers will do better next time, but I'll be waiting a few years to see how/if things improve.

So, I thank you very much for being so honest and forthright. It's good journalism. Just continue doing what you do well.

And now... OUCH! You fell on railroad tracks?!? Good grief!

Diana said...

Why not take the beer "to go" and party on after the event?????
Just wondering!

Kim said...

Sista, I hear ya loud and clear about this. I hope you went back to MM and dominated some $2 beers afterwards!

Tilghman Carroll said...

Salt, water, gatorade and carbs do not make a good race morning picture...can you say swollen? Blech!

Regardless of some shitty karma, I had a blast this weekend...and can only imagine how much fun we're going to have after we move to Portsmouth for 5 days! Jes, jes we are.

I can only hope they mess up my timing at I don't know how slow I'm going!! ;)

Wes said...

I agree witya... Every M-dot race I go to checks the timing chips at registration. Let's just face it... The Trakkers peeps got work to do, and the race peeps got communications issues. Word of mouth is money for these races, and criticism, even when its sharp and edgy should be taken in and acted upon.

My homestay's husband rides his bike in Knoxville. He said our bike route is a well known route, and most of the people out in the country don't particular care for riders. LOL... Rural TN is like Rural ANYWHERE. Country folks just don't like to be bothered.

Stop goofing off and get the rest of your race report out please...


Dead people on the course doesn't matter. They should expect that. You paid $250 just like the road kill. Any "world class" event has every "what if" addressed and that includes informing the "customer" of the problem and the timing of the remedy.

Dave said...

this race served its didn't blow the time to move on...8 days...then it's time to get yo gruve shizzle.

Amanda said...

i love hearing your take on races. there's always humor sprinkled in. you're entitled to speak your mind on YOUR blog. can't wait to hear about the race...and damn...triple t is coming up quick, eh?

Tri Mommy said...

Hang in there. I knew you weren't upset about not getting bling but having a problem and not getting a good response or any response at first.

NJ said...

I agree...ANY answer is better than NO answer. Anyone who reads your blog would know that you're a reasonable person and would have known your intent and tone in that previous post wasn't meant the way that some took it.

Sounds like a fun time before the race! Love the Lieto ass grab!

Molly said...

You already know I think you're 100% on the money with this one and should be able to speak your mind about the experience and your impresions without having half of Team Trakkers jump down your throat. (Like either of us gave a shit if there was crap for people's kids to do during the race! That had to be the most laughable comment of all.)

Looking forward to reading the rest of your race report and how you killed it out there!

Judi said...

i think it's reeediculous that some of these race venues can't get their shit together to get the correct placements and times. jesus christ! thats why we do this shit! we all want to see how bad or how well we did! you have every right to be pissed. as far as a wreck goes - well that's a triathlon for ya. aint complete with a wreck.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

The point is REV3 screwed up, you, then, took time out of your day, to send numerous emails, which you could be doing something different. They never responded, so you decided to voice your displeasure, then the RD responds and then the Trakkers jump on the band wagon. You were in the right, you paid for a high price race, and you got no customer service in return. You probably had a great weekend, but this one thing soured it, i would be soured too. Thanks for all the honesty, I appreciate it, part of the reason we blog is we like to hear other peoples opinions on races, gear, bikes, etc. Someone who is not getting paid to give an everyday joe perspective on something someone else might be looking into.

MCM Mama said...

I have to agree with you - I'm completely reasonable as long as you respond in some fashion - even if it's "we're swamped and we'll get back to you soon."

Sounds like a crazy lead up to the race. Can't wait to read the actual report.

Jeff - DangleTheCarrot said...

"Dress Rehearal Report" .... hehehe

Diesel summed it up well - +2

kristen said...

One of the reasons I love my crazy missy so much is becuase you are REAL, HONEST, AND TELL IT LIKE IT IS. In a world where people are so concerned with being PC and not offending anybody it's so refreshing to hear how it really is. no bullshit. just honesty. I respect and love it. I'm with you 100%

I'm kinda pissed that you left me hanging on this dress rehearsal recap though. Bitch.

I totally agree with the wetsuit comment. I've not done a lot of tris, but I've done a shit load of OWS and I swear if the temps are right it's better to just go without.

Did that lady even stop? I'm glad you and your bike were ok.

Julie said...

You rock. And we all think you rock. Anyone who disagrees is a dork.

:) :) :) :)

Anonymous said...

I never thought you were outta line for voicing your displeasure with their lack of all. For anyone who DID think you were...they need to go sit down somewhere...period...

Megan said...
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Al's CL Reviews said...

I'm still trying to figure out what you did wrong.

You voiced your displeasure and asked a question and got no answer. So you took your displeasure to another medium after getting no answer...the horror!

You are great. You know you were right. They are mad that they now have schmutz on their face.

Ouch on the bike fall.

Waiting to see how the race was.

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