Thursday, January 14, 2010

Tagged and Frozen

Trish tagged me so here's my seven things about me...I will try to make them newish for all you old timers out there. I'm kind of an open book so let's see, what don't you know, mmm???

1. There were nine people at my wedding and we were two of the nine. I cringe when I see a wedding show on tv, a $4000 dress, a $15,000 cake, WTF people!? You can put a down payment on a house for that kind of jack. I wore a ~$100 off the rack number and some Birkenstocks, it was a great day. If people spent as much effort on their MARRIAGE that they did on their WEDDING, there wouldn't be as many marriages and subsequent divorces, I'm convinced.

2. I think everything is funny or can be funny in context. Context, let's be clear now.

3. I didn't start running or doing any kind of sport until I was in my 20's, post college. OK, that's not new but did you know that I showed horses, Morgans, to be exact. That was my sport of choice. I wasn't great at that either but I loved it and my horse (Winchester) was like a really big dog. When he died, so did my love for the sport.

4. I have reason to believe that hubs might be ready for another pup around the house this year...after Triple T. Oh, for the love of a puppy...and all that pee....

5. Please select 1 for English and 2 for Spanish...this makes me totally insane. My dad and aunt were dropped into the first grade and didn't speak a lick of English. Guess what you did then? Yep, you acclimated - quickly. You learned to communicate - quickly. Why? Because YOU HAD TO. There were no tutors, no after school groups or anyone that worked with them, here you go kid, figure it out. I know you'll find this shocking but they did, they did just fine.

6. I dream of writing a book. Topic, hell if I know. When ever I work at it or research 'writing,' it seems so vanilla to me, like I'm back in school and need to write a theme about my Red Rider BB Gun or something. I just write. It's not proper, it's not correct, it's just me on the paper. Hell, YOU read it. Yeah, I know, I know, because it's free.

7. I wonder regularly when I'll feel like an athlete. It's so stoooopid but it's true. I've done more than most, not as much as some, I don't set records but I'm pretty daYum consistent. I'm proud of my accomplishments and so are those around me. I just wonder when I'll feel like an 'athlete.' Maybe that's why I keep reaching and searching, who knows. Ironman is one of the greatest things I've ever done but it feels like 100 years ago and some other person.

So there's seven (maybe some new) things about me!

So I leave for my run the other morning - two shirts, one jacket, two thin hats, gloves and ONE pair of tights (and dermatone slathered on my face). Regular tights, not fleece or anything. I don't know what thee hell I was thinking. My legs were cold to start but I just kept telling myself they'd warm up. Topper, my ankles were exposed. Seriously, if I had all that stuff 'on top' what made me think a little pair of tights was going to do ANYTHING? When I got back, my legs were on fire and my ankles were a shade of purple...and swollen. I was concerned that I had actually done real damage here. Fear not, friends, I am fine - except for the screeching in the shower when warm water hit frozen skin.

Now, it's off to meet triswami (my coach) and partner in crime for our three mile TT. This is my least favorite 'event.' It's as bad as a 5K and I haaaate them. OH, but I do have on two pair of pants today, in case you were worried.


Carly said...

Great facts!!

My dad was the same way, he had to learn english just being thrown in a classroom. He survived just fine.

I couldn't agree more with #1!

Chloe said...

I get totally stressed out seeing those wedding shows. Big time. Those girls are nuts. If you get a an invite in the mail from me and Big J to a crab boil on the beach? Come. It will be our wedding. Shoes optional :)

Puppy pee. Awesome.

Have a good run!

Dave said...

Missy...keep writing....its free...and I read it..and btw......I really dig #1 and "If people spent as much effort on their MARRIAGE that they did on their WEDDING, there wouldn't be as many marriages and subsequent divorces, I'm convinced."

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Thanks for sharing

Keith said...

Total agreement about weddings. Ours was in our house, with about a dozen people. Total cost less than $500.

The problem is that some people dropped into school don't do just fine. They drop out instead. Trick is finding who needs the support. Mind you, I think most schools have become totally disfunctional at best.

I read your blog because it's good. Entertaining. Interesting. Sad some days. Kind of like life. Free?? It isn't free. It costs us time to read and appreciate. Oh, you meant that you don't get any monetary reward from us paying to read. Uhuh. I get it now. Keep working on the book.

If your image of an "athlete" are those trash talking bozos on TV, with entourages bigger than their team, multi-million dollar salaries they snort or inject, and with a neck circumference bigger than their IQ, why on earth would you want to feel like an "athlete"??

So. Your run the other morning. What WAS the temperature? The wind chill?

RockstarTri said...

The first time someone called me an athlete I had to look behind me to see who he was talking to (and there was no one there). I think if that happened again today I would..........look behind me again. I doubt I will ever "feel" like an athlete.

Although you may not feel like it, you are an athlete. Of course, the way you will feel during the TT may make you think otherwise. Good luck.

Kim said...

i love learning all these tidbits about you. would love to see your wedding photo - i bet you looked gorgeous!

Zataod said...

My wedding was also on the small side, with 25 people (us included). We didn't have tons of money for a big wedding, and it was nice to have a wedding where all the guests were people we really wanted to be there.

For some reasons, it's always my hands that get cold during a run. A couple times I had to cut runs short, because the pain in my fingers was so bad.

Amanda said...

oh, burning legs...from the cold (and not from muscle burn) is the worst! Have fun on that 3 mile TT!

wish i'd done your #1. very cool. i was one of those expensive wedding couples....that ended in divorce.

Mel-2nd Chances said...

I am SO with you on #1, and a 'late started' for all things athletic too.... You should be very proud of yourself and all that you've accomplished... :)

skierz said...

nice tidbits about yourself, so true about the weediung, it is a party for your firneds, waht the hell do you need all the other crap for.(I gave my wife a pair of hiking boots as an engageemnt ring) Not liking the cold....welcome to my world for the next 8-10 weeks, at least my A race is in Septemeber so I can limit myself from the freeze. Saty warm and keep going strong! Cheers

San said...

LOL on the trouser thing. I just counted my layer the other day 7 layers on top and 1 layer on my legs, jeans. Yeah, I wear my leggings under my jeans now, still I hate to wear tights or leggings under my jeans.

And the wedding stuff. Totally with you on that one. I'll have mine on Maui which will be also our honeymoon. No guests allowed. Now there is only one obstacle, where to find the man. mmmmhh. ;-)

Jo Lynn said...

I can TOTALLY see you showing horses.
Keith and I were the only white people in our wedding! ;)

Runner Leana said...

You wore Birks to your wedding? Awesome!!

As for the being dropped into school thing, I'm with Keith. It happened to both my parents. My dad thrived (and really doesn't remember his native tongue anymore), but my aunt (his sister) dropped out at 14.

Molly said...

Love your #1! We had 7 people if you include the two of us AND the officiant and we had 4 dogs there! And I was in flip-flops under my off-the-rack $100 dress :)

Aka Alice said...

OMG...too much to comment on

1. Wedding w/9 people...too cool. I wish I'd had the balls to stand up to the folks (both sides) when Walter and I got married. Too many people, too much pressure. It was a fun day and all, because by the time we got to the day, I decided I just didn't give a rat's ass anymore, and had fun. But the run-up to it? GAH!

5. I think it depends on when people start learning English as well. My mom was 13 when she moved here and through sheer will, determination, and a desire to get out of her father's house, she learned English and became a nurse. My Aunt and Uncle (14 and adult), learned some English but didn't finish or go to school. My grandmother? never learned it.

6. I think all bloggers secretly dream of writing a book. I do too.

7. Somebody called me an athlete the other day...completely MADE MY DAY. I don't see myself that way either.

Finally...your rundown on what you wore while running is completely helping me pack for the weekend. I'm going to be in Tahoe and it'll be cold. I'm thinking knee socks are going under the tights. KEY!

That might be the longest comment I've EVER written!

Carolina John said...

i've started seeing ads for a triple t in North Carolina at White Lake this year too. it has me drooling for sure.

Al's CL Reviews said...

Puppy Pee... At least Scuttlebutt was potty trained. But that's about it. He is puppy through and through.

Press 1 or 2 bugs me too.

Judi said...

so did you tag anyone? or can we copy off you? :)

i love your list. i am with you on "LEARN ENGLISH MOTHER FUCKER". :)

ShirleyPerly said...

I'm with ya on #1 too. We spent $200 on ours, maybe. And our marriage has out-lasted many. I think there's an inverse relationship between wedding cost and length of marriage.

Hope the 3 mi TT went well!

MCM Mama said...

What, you think I made homemade compression socks because i thought they were cute? Duh, it's cold outside.

LOL at not feeling like an athlete. I went to the gym today and felt like I was a total newbie to working out, even though I run a lot of miles each week. I felt like such a "new years resolution" joiner LOL.

untpawgal02 said...

Nice facts. As from what I've learned from meeting authors... if you want to write a book... just get writing and keep doing it constantly!

D said...

#2... totally agree! It gets me in trouble sometimes though :)

Maryland Girl aka Michelle said...

Excellent list!
I was a child athlete (swimming, cross country, track, soccer). Then a nearly lazy person through college and most of my 30's - other than occasional mountain biking - so in my 40's I have returned to a much more active lifestyle and I am LOVING it!
I hope to see you in Knoxville for the REV tri! I am pretty certain I am going to be there.

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IronMissy - it's official!
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