Thursday, January 28, 2010

Totally Thoughtless Thursday

My recovery week is going great - thanks for asking. I have been able to walk a dog and cook a meal. Always good for everyone.

EVERYONE should watch Food Inc. I think it will force you to make some different decisions you may not have thought about before. It might revolutionize the way and what you eat or you may just take baby steps. Either way. The notion of eating REAL honest to goodness food. Comcast has it On Demand for $4.99 or you can buy it on Amazon thru Friday for $9.99. A must watch.

I make a deal with the devil AKA my alarm clock every, single morning. I never get up when I set it, just at the last possible second before I have to get up to workout or get to work. WHY? I doze off but it's not like I'm getting good sleep in those 2-3 times I hit the snooze.

We are getting ready for the deep freeze here in the South. Hurry, better get to the grocery and buy all the milk and bread you can get your hands on. I swear, the forecasters are in bed with the grocery stores around here and like to cause a panic. I know, I know, caution, Kentucky was SOL last year when the power was out for weeks.

Coffee and poop, the two things I must have or do to get each day started. Otherwise, migraine and constipation ensue.

Government Mule tonite ..... woohoo, southern rock at its finest.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sunday, January 24, 2010

And the angels sang...

...and gave me this very special gift, recovery week. Yes, angels flew out of my coaches butt when I saw this week on my schedule. I DO love it so. To me, it's just the rejuvenation I need to get it rolling again. Three weeks in the bank and this one, the fourth one, will be a piece of cake.

I started to feel overwhelmed as I looked at my race schedule and training plans as we ramp up to May. I mean, REALLY overwhelmed in the - I can't do this - kind of way. I mean, I know I CAN do it, it just seems like so much right now. Thing is, it's not and it's not even close to 'so much.' I know I can do more, like double. I've done it before, right? So, my good friend Dave just said, one day at a time, one week at a time and don't get caught up in those six weeks of peak week hell. Just keep on plugging away and it all will come. I know he's right, right?

I did get to end my week on a high note - a long run that just felt good and, gulp, FUN and a ride that was very painful and hard but good. All workouts complete. Yeehaw. I suppose that's how it all happens, everything just starts to fall into place and feel right or normal again. That's where I am, getting into the routine and starting to enjoy it. I really hate getting caught in the 'have to' of all my workouts. Why did I start doing all this in the first place, duh, it's fun. Getting back into the swing and being around all my friends and training partners certainly helps. They are a daYum funny bunch I tell ya. They say things like - the callouses on my arse and cooter bone are not developed yet, this ride is going to hurt OR my shoes feel like their filled with water and I know I didn't piss on myself. Yeah, they make a 7:30am Sunday Computrainer ride fuuun.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Tag You're IT! and ramblings

Thanks to Keith, I have to come up with 10 simple things that make me happy. I'm not going to go with the standard - hubs, dad, dog, friends - they are not simple and they most certainly make me happy. Hell, they are what make me who I am today. I'm going with simple joys ...

  1. Clean sheet day + lots of fabric softener + freshly shaven legs - oohh lala, feels sooo nice!
  2. When someone falls...I know they can really hurt themselves but when someone falls (unless it's Grandma) it's funny.
  3. Making the next swim interval down from your usual pace - breakthrough.
  4. Keeping up with the boys on a bike.
  5. An extra large pizza (OR Mexican food) and pitcher of beer after keeping up with the boys on a bike.
  6. A perfect fitting bra, just a regular every day bra that does not pinch, pick, slide or poke. Still rare these days and I don't even have big boobies.
  7. Putting on my winter jacket and finding cash in the pocket.
  8. Finding out that the coffee pot has been cleaned and not fermenting yesterday's brew.
  9. Making other people laugh, in particular, if I can make them snort or spit their drink...that makes me very happy.
  10. Monkeys, anything with a monkey in it makes me laugh or smile, a commercial an ad, anything. Monkeys, final answer.

So that's my list of some simple things that bring me joy! In workout news...

  • Did my hill repeats after the storm blew through - makes for wet feet. Whateves, book it, done.
  • By the time you read this, I'll be in the pool.
  • Instead of happy hour tonite, I'll be on a bike trainer, yep, bike trainer. Just running out of time this week so Friday nite it is.
  • Saturday/Sunday - trainer, long run and lift....and that's a wrap of week three.
  • It IS a great feeling when your fitness starts to come around again. I can feel it.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Themeless Thursday

I was called out by hubs and a fellow blogger for missing the mark on Wordless Wednesday. My only excuse, and it's not a good one, HUA syndrome - that's head up the ass syndrome. With Monday off work, I was off by a day. So, my apologies. Here you go...and if you can explain them, let me know!

The story around here - rain and reworking your schedule around the rain. Seriously may have to do 'hill repeats' on the suck mill. I'm running out of days in the week and it looks like lots of rain still in the forecast. BUTTTT, next week is my favorite week, that's right...RECOVERY WEEK. I love them, I don't care what you say. They are what I strive for each and every day, just week. Woohoo! On tap, besides sleep is the Government Mule concert at the Ryman Auditorium. Oh yes, if Nashville has one thing, it's good live music and a lot of it.

In the bank this week, one bike, one run, one strength, one swim. Two bikes, two runs, one strength and one more swim to go. Crap! And it's Thursday already. Guess who will be partying it up on a trainer this Friday nite? I can feel it, can you?

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Let's be clear...

Let us be clear about that little race schedule I posted the other day...

I will not 'race' all of them, hell, I won't race most of them. There will be no taper and no recovery and I may have to ride my bike to or at some of those half mary's. So, as far as race targets - to live to see another day and success at Triple T. Just like an "Ironman Year" this is my Triple T year and all else is incidental, part of the 'plan.'

But one good thing has happened from me opening up my big mouth...some blogger peeps are going to come run the Oak Barrel Half Marathon. Jack Daniels is the sponsor and the 'medals' are made from old barrels of JD. How cool is that!? Bring it on, the more the merrier and save me some Jack at the finish line. I won't be setting any records, no doubt.

It's good to be back on the wagon and tough all at the same time. Nothing like increasing your mileage in all three sports by 100%. Crap, the first week, I thought it might kill me. Last week, much better. This is not a regimen that I would recommend to anyone but my base was still in tact from last year so it hasn't been too bad.

Although, last Saturday at a party, I said to hubs - I think I broke my ass today! He said - your coccyx? (Because we just like to say coccyx). No, not my coccyx, just my ass, like there's another crack in it. How far did you run today? - nine miles. You better stretch that out. which point I got down on the ground to stretch and felt 100x better. Thankfully, I have friends that understand and don't ask questions.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Put up or shut up...I have paid up!

March 13, 2010 - Tom King Half Marathon

April 3, 2010 - Oak Barrel Half Marathon

May 1, 2010 - 3-State 3-Mountain Century

May 9, 2010 - REV3 Knoxville Half Ironman

May 21-23, 2010 - Triple T

...and that, my friends, is my race schedule as I sit here on 1/16/2010. Help me, this might kill me, I'm not sure. This kind of makes me want to cry just looking at it. See, told you I wouldn't register for any late season races...yet!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Tagged and Frozen

Trish tagged me so here's my seven things about me...I will try to make them newish for all you old timers out there. I'm kind of an open book so let's see, what don't you know, mmm???

1. There were nine people at my wedding and we were two of the nine. I cringe when I see a wedding show on tv, a $4000 dress, a $15,000 cake, WTF people!? You can put a down payment on a house for that kind of jack. I wore a ~$100 off the rack number and some Birkenstocks, it was a great day. If people spent as much effort on their MARRIAGE that they did on their WEDDING, there wouldn't be as many marriages and subsequent divorces, I'm convinced.

2. I think everything is funny or can be funny in context. Context, let's be clear now.

3. I didn't start running or doing any kind of sport until I was in my 20's, post college. OK, that's not new but did you know that I showed horses, Morgans, to be exact. That was my sport of choice. I wasn't great at that either but I loved it and my horse (Winchester) was like a really big dog. When he died, so did my love for the sport.

4. I have reason to believe that hubs might be ready for another pup around the house this year...after Triple T. Oh, for the love of a puppy...and all that pee....

5. Please select 1 for English and 2 for Spanish...this makes me totally insane. My dad and aunt were dropped into the first grade and didn't speak a lick of English. Guess what you did then? Yep, you acclimated - quickly. You learned to communicate - quickly. Why? Because YOU HAD TO. There were no tutors, no after school groups or anyone that worked with them, here you go kid, figure it out. I know you'll find this shocking but they did, they did just fine.

6. I dream of writing a book. Topic, hell if I know. When ever I work at it or research 'writing,' it seems so vanilla to me, like I'm back in school and need to write a theme about my Red Rider BB Gun or something. I just write. It's not proper, it's not correct, it's just me on the paper. Hell, YOU read it. Yeah, I know, I know, because it's free.

7. I wonder regularly when I'll feel like an athlete. It's so stoooopid but it's true. I've done more than most, not as much as some, I don't set records but I'm pretty daYum consistent. I'm proud of my accomplishments and so are those around me. I just wonder when I'll feel like an 'athlete.' Maybe that's why I keep reaching and searching, who knows. Ironman is one of the greatest things I've ever done but it feels like 100 years ago and some other person.

So there's seven (maybe some new) things about me!

So I leave for my run the other morning - two shirts, one jacket, two thin hats, gloves and ONE pair of tights (and dermatone slathered on my face). Regular tights, not fleece or anything. I don't know what thee hell I was thinking. My legs were cold to start but I just kept telling myself they'd warm up. Topper, my ankles were exposed. Seriously, if I had all that stuff 'on top' what made me think a little pair of tights was going to do ANYTHING? When I got back, my legs were on fire and my ankles were a shade of purple...and swollen. I was concerned that I had actually done real damage here. Fear not, friends, I am fine - except for the screeching in the shower when warm water hit frozen skin.

Now, it's off to meet triswami (my coach) and partner in crime for our three mile TT. This is my least favorite 'event.' It's as bad as a 5K and I haaaate them. OH, but I do have on two pair of pants today, in case you were worried.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Monday, January 11, 2010

Week One, down and the Blind Side

Week one of Triple T training complete. I have quickly forgotten how hungry and how sleepy I get during regular training weeks. I completed 9 of 10 of my prescribed workouts and since I did ZERO the week prior, I'm pretty happy that I survived. It was slow, it was ugly, I bitched a lot but it's done.

Now, I'm not looking for cold weather sympathy. Many of yous have it much harder than I do here in TN. HOWEVER, it has been in the single digits and low teens, add in icy roads and I'm NOT running on ice, nor am I equipped or willing to buy what it would take. This will be short lived. What does this mean...I had to venture inside a gym. Except for swimming, I HATE A gym and everything involved in going to that little germ factory. I suppose I just hate being inside at almost any cost. Saturday afternoon - 8 mile run on my schedule - who says increase distance by 10%? I just increased it my 100%, big whoop. Anyway, stood there waiting in an unofficial line, jockey-ing for position to get on one of 12 treadmills. After 15 minutes, I get one and see the posted sign - 40 minute MAX on cardio equipment. 40 minutes? I can't do what I need in 40 minutes. (I am able to hold on for about 70 until another line develops). That 70 minutes reminded me of everything I hate about being inside. I don't run with music BUT I did on this day. I just couldn't bear listening to all the huffing, puffing, farting and shoe tread on the belt. GAWD! One look around and you could just see all the New Years Resolutioners - hell, I don't belong there either but it's always comical in January...

Ms. Lawnmower Running shoes - a slim girl with running shoes that are dry rotted and caked with grass and poop from mowing the lawn. She has decided to get in shape for the new year. Her shape was just fine, you wouldn't blink twice.

Mr. Race T-Shirt - The guy who wears his last race t-shirt that is over two years old and jumps on a treadmill trying to scream - I belong here, I belong here, see my race t-shirt, I ran a half marathon once.

Mr. Big - This guy just gets a prize for getting out and getting moving. It wasn't pretty but I truly hope he sticks with it. His size may kill him if he's not careful.

Mr. Ass - OK, is there anything weirder than a guy with a big ass? A big ass is reserved for women, we own that body part, guys get a gut, period. Well, you will see the big ass guy on occasion and it's just odd to me. Even better, Mr. Ass liked to trot on a treadmill and play the air drums. Oh, yes, I laughed out loud and probably snorted. He couldn't hear me, he was jammin.

Mrs. I don't want to be here, I hate this place - That's me! I DON'T belong and probably am taking a treadmill from a regular client. They're looking at me thinking the same thing - daYum New Year's Resolution bitch is on my treadmill. I haven't see her here before and she decides to come on a Saturday afternoon. Well, all true. Thankfully, I won't be back unless absolutely necessary ... ice or weather in the teens.

The Blind Side - Magnus Update

Our boy is healing really well and adjusting to his blind side. We're working on calling him from left to see how he handles the blind side. He's doing just fine...except for the cone. He HATES the cone of shame. He has shattered and torn at least two and this one is under repair with pieces missing from it. Bull in a china shop...

This is his blind side, his eye-less side. He's not winking at ya!

This is both of us winking at ya, though...

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Back on the wagon...

Yes, training started this week and it's quickly kicking my sorry ass. Let's see how this all went down...

Tuesday - bike trainer for ~20 miles, I hope, I guess, it better be. I was in one of my easiest freakin gears and had to WORK at it. Stoopid new trainer. Maybe I locked it down too tightly, I'm sure that's it. I'm going to loosen it up next time. Lift and abs, my fav. BARF.

Wednesday - swim and run. Um, that water felt like sand and I could hardly hold my 'regular' interval WITH FINS ON. Good gawd, seriously, swimming in sand. NEXT! It's cold here so I changed and got on the suckmill for a short three miler. I AM a total jackass and have no clue how to work that POS. At least, I have no clue how to change the display. I'm working harderish, plodding along, and the distance was just wrong based on my pace and time. I'm looking at the thing, looking at my pace, doing the math and thinking, this is NOT right. I just stopped at some point in time and when I shut the daYum thing down, it tells me I went .25 miles LONGER THAN I NEEDED. OK, maybe not a huge deal but I haven't worked out like this in ages and it's killing me. I am ONLY doing what is necessary and not an ounce more for crying out loud.

Thursday - bike and run...for the love of Pete...nothing like going from NO workouts a day to two a days. Ah, this is livin kids.

BESIDES all of that, here's some fun low lights that you might enjoy...

Doc says that I have post-pneumonia viral bronchitis inflicted by my asthma. NICEEEE. Just what everyone around me wants to hear, a lung being passed during one of my hacking fits. I am NOT saying this is why I suck right now but it certainly does not help me.

Magnus, my sweet, tenderhearted Boxer, had to have his EYE REMOVED. Yes, you heard me right. Long story short, it was like a freakin horror show, fo reals. Poor guys eye/cornea ruptured. That's gotta hurt, I don't care who you are. He was pretty pissed off when he woke up with one eye. Needless to say, sleepless nites and lots of drugs...for everyone! Yes, I AM getting him a pirate costume, never fear.

Poor guy has food all over his nose because we have to fee him by hand - his cone/lampshade is HUGE and he can't get to his bowl.

Oh, and my Dad stopped in (the nicest man in America) to see our poor boy and I told him how hard my workouts were. He just said - it's because you're out of shape, duh.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Do you care, really?

I don't know if you really care BUT it's my blog and I'll do what I want! I'm thrilled that 2009 is over. It was too much of a roller coaster for me. I just like things 'even' and mostly boring, perfectly happy with that. I guess I haven't really closed out 2009 yet. To me, Sunday is the last day of 2009 since Monday starts my training plan in earnest...and I go back to work.

12 Challenges for 2009
If you recall, I was going to do 12 different things for a week or so to see what would 'stick.' I did not finish them all. I never went alcohol free for a week, oops. I know where my priorities are and that was just a dumb idea. C'mon, what else are you going to have with spaghetti or steak!? Walk the dogs every day...didn't happen. Does it count that I lost my old girl:(? She couldn't walk, no way. Maybe at the start of 2009 but certainly not as the year went on. I didn't learn three survival skills but I did watch Man vs. Wild when I was sick, that totally counts. I did NOT run a 1:45 half marathon...I didn't run any half marathon last year, actually. Meh, running is overrated. I only like to run after swimming and cycling anyway.

So there it is. I did PR at the half iron distance and took home a prize. Honestly, that was the highlight. Most everything else was a lowlight in 2009. I don't have any resolutions that I'm going to make because the #1 is going to be just to finish Triple T in one piece. Honestly, I'm not 'just a finish' kind of girl but I am this time. I don't know what to expect or how I'm going to feel. Training is going to be interesting fo sho...I just got my training schedule. There's about six weeks in there where there are 13 workouts a week. Um, yeah, I know there's only seven days in a week PLUS this little thing called work (to date 10 wo's/week has been my upper limit). Holy crap. It scares me, truly.

Oh, I know, I DO have one wear the stooopid race issued Triple T singlet with pride and not have my soft gooey center oozing out the bottom. NO one wants to see that. I have a question, though - how ripe is that singlet going to be? I mean, four races, three days and one top? I don't care how many times you rinse it in the hotel sink, that's gonna wreak!

A few pictures to close out 2009....

Me and Angie after our Tuesday nite ride. We like us some Five Guys for recovery.

This is a lovely picture taken at the end of the 5K swim in Miami, gross.

Super Star Relay Team for Mach Tenn - Ryan's first as a relay, hopefully not his last!

Me and my girl, Kasha, in what turned out to be her last swim evah. She was happy.

My first attempt at trail running Crested Butte, CO. I LOVED it.

Good times, good friends in CB - I DO love that place.

Woot, Missy and Carolina John before the B2B start.
Ryan Ironman Barnett and me collecting our hardware and???

And to hubs for making everything fun....

IronMissy - it's official!

IronMissy - it's official!
A vision in green!