Thursday, November 19, 2009

Unpaid, unsolicited reviews!

As I finally made my way back to some workin' out over the last week, I realized that every piece of winter running wear is from 1996. Yes, I can look back at old race photos and still see the stanky ass tights that still hang in my closet. Yes, you can probably see my arse through them but I wear a jacket or something long enough to cover OR just don't care because I'm too cheap. It was TIME...about 10 years ago but I ventured out into the world of new, winter running gear. I won't bore you with the stuff I haven't tested or worn yet BUT there's a few items worth mentioning. My super special run test took place in 47 degree weather and lasted less than 3.5 miles so take this for what it's worth. Longer runs will tell the truth. However, CW-X is a brand that I'm not remotely familiar with. All my old shiz is Hind. Anyway, the CW-X Xtra Support Bra - two thumbs up if you're looking for a bra that totally holds you in without smooshing like a uniboob. Mine are small so most things work just fine. I hear this one is great for girls with big girls and want to look like a girl. So there. It is a B- on getting the thing on an off. I have monkey long arms so it's a non-issue for me. I can see where some chickies would be stuck in it for days. Worth the money for big boobs. I never said it was pretty...

To go from no tights or tights I've had as long as I've been running, to an almost $100 pair of tights almost made me smack Dan (owner of my local tri shop - Endurance Sports and Rec) right in the middle of the store. I was given a kick ass gift certificate to my local tri store for my birfday - thanks to my awesome in-laws! Fine, he says, try these, you'll love them. First of all, they look ridiculous but I'm totally down with anything that works. Kind of like compression socks, sorry, people you look like a moron, it's not a badge of honor that you have cankles, I get it (believe me, I have two pair and I love them and will wear them in public, still looks dumb and yes, I have the cute pink ones the rest of the world, still dumb but very functional). So, I give these hideous tights a try - the CW-X Stabilyx Tights. I felt a little like a robot and that all my joints were on hinges that just snapped back into place. I had NO idea that my old tights had, um, zero elasticity any longer. Apparently, my junk was jiggling everywhere and no one chose to tell me. These new babies sucked my gut in like a girdle and did a nice lift and separate on the arse. It was nice to run and be 'secure.' Again, I only ran three measly miles but I love them. I will have to update and let you know if they're worth almost $100, as of right now, yes. I DO love a girdle and I felt so aero in those pants. Right now A- because THEY'RE TOO SHORT. Make something long people, c'mon. Magnus must protect me always.

As always, I threw in a pair of Swiftwick socks because you can't have enough. These are, by far, the BEST socks on the planet and guess what - made in the USA, made in TN, as a matter of fact. What are the chances? They really do rock out. Ask Keith, I sent him a pair earlier this year.

Well, that's my officially, unofficial review of stuff that I just bought. I got a Mizuno shirt that's supposed to keep you super warm by turning your sweat into some kind of super hot steam room, or something like that. NO they didn't give me this stuff, I had to PAY for it myself.

Side note - anyone have a genius name for our two WOman team for Triple T? I really don't want to go with Slim and Stumpy (her name for this dynamic duo). Need something better for this cussing pair of gurlz.



Diduse your Swiftwicks at IMFL. NO blisters, only one black toe (small toe) so THANKS!!
The link is:

Ryan said...

Wow, there are sooooo many names for a two girl about Ryan's Ultimate Fantasy, for one.

Thanks for the review of those tights because I am doing my homework on them and was getting ready to buy a pair for this winter :-(

Camel Toe action?

Will they make my junk look huge?

Snail Trails.
The Loose Vaginas.
Brazilians: Not the Country.
HandJobs for Zipps

Diana said...

You got a set for taking and posting of pic of just the legs! I'd need a wide angle lens for my "jaws of life" thighs!
Love the pants though, I see so many runners with them and here I am in '70's style shorts-now there's a pic we don't need to see! I guess some overtime will have to be worked to get me some "high class" goods!
I'm sure Glaven will have some great names-I look forward to reading 'em!

Calyx Meredith said...

They look like pants a court jester would wear but compression is the bomb diggety isn't it? I've never heard of CW-X as a brand - I'll check it out. Always on the lookout for good holsters.

Carolina John said...

something is wrong in ryan's head. wait, we knew that already.

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Those tights look great! rock on.

RockstarTri said...

You hang your tights in the closet?

I thought about getting some CW-X but never paid more than $40 for tights (that I don't hang up) and keep reconsidering. It is just a matter of time before I get them (or perhaps after the first really cold run when the wind goes right through the old ones).

Velma said...

We need to have a writing campaign for long tights. We should also make shirts that say - Got Cankles?

The tights look great- I have looked at them, and I am glad they are worth the cash.

Julie said...

I have two pair of those tights -- I swear by them. After every IM race, my legs SWELL. I even coined an expression for it: quad-overhang. Really, it is alarming how much my legs swell. After IMC this year, I put a pair of tights on and left them on for two days.

I also do my long hilly runs in them. They frigging work! :)

Runner Leana said...

A shirt that turns your sweat into a sauna? Really? Let me know how that works out. The tights sound pretty cool though. I picked up a bunch of stuff on clearance but I am not an XL anymore... But I don't want to pay $100 for tights either! (Or $150 because this is Canada so we'll charge you more even though the dollar is almost on par.)

Jo Lynn said...

CW-X is pretty cool. I have a pair of tights but they're grey and you can't see the lines. They're a much lighter version. They feel good. I can only imagine how good those feel, that you have. I love stuff that will hold my gut and butt in too! It's hard work running AND sucking in. LOL

Jenna said...

I tried a pair of them tights on in a stora and couldnot get them off fast enough. They felt itchy. I couldn't stand how thick and course the material was - maybe I will have to try them again. Also, they compressed everything up and out over the top of the pants - that was fricking hideous.....

Mel-2nd Chances said...

yep, i'm with Leana, we're almost on par but pay much more :( great review of the new buys though! Luckily I stocked up on plenty of warm gear last year, so I should be all good for this year... i hope.

Judi said...

TTT team name? Gawd, my mind is blank. you know amanda is supposed to be doing it too.

i bought some adidas thermal running tights two years ago from and love the shit out of them. i wear them under chamois and go ride as long as it's 30 or up.

Keith said...

You're being a tease again. All these comments of how nice the tights make your butt look, and NO PHOTO of it. Sigh.

MCM Mama said...

Hmm, I may have to try some of those on one of these days. I run in a pair of men's nike running tights that I got off the clearance rack. I love them, but they were obviously designed for someone with a penis.

No help with the names. I'm not creative at all...

Ryan said...

Chlamydia Cunts
Gonorrhea Glory Ho's
Aero Anal Queens
Fisting Pinkies
Vibrating Vodoo Goddesses
I have a Rabbit Dildo so who needs Men all female team.

Maryland Girl aka Michelle said...

I have SKINS compression tights that I run in. LOVE THEM. I haven't tried the CW-X although I have been looking at a pair at the running store.

Why is that they guys have all the team name suggestions??? Now that I've read their response I can only be on their level! LOL...

Amy said...

Loved the reviews (thanks)but I'm coming up blank for a name....I'll keep thinking.

Aka Alice said...

Best G.D. product review EVAH! Now where's my credit card?

Seriously, I've been looking at those tights and wondering if they were worth the $100. It doesn't get THAT cold here, but when you're running at the butt-crack of dawn, you still need somethin'

Al's CL Reviews said...

I have a CW-X bra. It is hard to get on and off. But it holds the DDDs well.

Made by the people from Waccoal.

I'll start writing for longer pants!

Wes said...

Those tights are HAWWWWWT :-) I'm totally against uniboobs by the way. Makes me fill infringed upon, like taxes. I'm only getting fifty percent :-)

p.s. My Walmart socks are the best!

joyRuN said...

I like those tights. Compression socks cease support above the knee, & those tights look like a good solution!

Hmmmm... might need to add those to my Christmas list.

Alisa said...

I'm all about products for tall peeps. Everything is a freakin' capri on me!

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IronMissy - it's official!
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