Friday, November 13, 2009

Tainted Award!

You said Taint....ANYWAY...

For whatever reason, I decided to pull up the race results online. I just need to put it out there that I am NOT #1 35-39AG but #2. I was called #1 and handed the #1 plaque at the awards ceremony but I'm certain that the girl that won would like it. It's tainted, don't want it, won't hang it, only going to sit in the back of the closet as the award I almost got. I did send a message to the B2B peoples to see a) what happened b) do they want it back and c) send me 2nd place! I know I shouldn't be bummed, 2nd is still more than anything I have ever received. I am just going with - a PR by 12 minutes and I'm happy about that. Guess that's what I'll go with now. I know, wha, wha, wha, cry me a river but it IS disappointing. Heck, even more than me should be the girl that got 3rd but is really 4th and is now out of hardware for AG Awards. I would be pissssssed off.

So, YES, people, I know now. I'm not happy about it. Why didn't anyone tell me? Seriously, I look like a moron. I'm not afraid of being a moron but please don't relegate me to douchebag. Race report still stands just take #1 out and replace with #2. So there! It doesn't matter, I didn't have five more minutes in me, it was still the best I had. The race director indicated there WAS a timing/scoring issue in one age group...yep, mine.

In other news...I have done, nothing since the race other than eat and drink. It's been nice. I know I'll get bored soon but it's nice to NOT be scheduled for a little while. Copius amounts of liquor, beer, wine and birthday cake. Kinda like this guy.

Yes, peoples, I am 37 - it was Wednesday. As I do every year, here are my 37 things I learned in 37 years...

These are listed in no particular order....

  1. You can pick your friends and you can pick your nose but you can’t pick your friends nose…but YOU CAN lend them your sleeve.
  2. Never spit while riding a bike into a headwind – nothing worse than having your training partners tell you that you have a huge loogey hanging off your shoulder or side of your face.
  3. Play nice with others…unless they are in your same age group.
  4. Be kind to strangers…they may be a volunteer at your next event.
  5. Running slowly with a friend may be more beneficial than turning a PR alone.
  6. People think I’m funny, Dogs worship me as a goddess, I will now be known as the Funny Goddess of Franklin.
  7. Sleep is totally underrated…especially on a cold morning when it’s raining outside and you’re supposed to go for a run, ah, to stay in bed.
  8. Ironman is one of the greatest things I have ever done.
  9. If swimming, biking and running were the most fun things we did as kids, are we really just big kids?
  10. Negative people suck the life out of me…I don’t hang around those people, I like the life part.
  11. Never trust a fart on a long run, you don’t need that kind of surprise when you’re miles from home or the nearest toilet.
  12. Always pack a pre-packaged baby wipe – they have many uses from wiping a baby to wiping yourself.
  13. Happy Hour is not just one Hour.
  14. I’m glad I moved to Tennessee from Michigan – you have to rake your roof in Michigan during the winter…to keep the snow from caving your roof in, yep, that one is TRUE!
  15. Friends will come and go. Good friends are the ones that bring you drugs or soup when you are sick.
  16. Mom was always right, you should try to pee before you leave the house, every time.
  17. Laughter can be the best medicine but sometimes Percocet is the perfect medicine.
  18. I don’t like getting up before 6:00am, I’ll do it but I don’t have to like it.
  19. Peeing in a wetsuit can keep you warm on a cold morning.
  20. A massage and a glass of wine is just the perfect way to end any day.
  21. If I could go back to high school or college, I don’t think I would – this part is way more fun…and I can remember it, most of the time.
  22. Loyalty is an underrated quality in people.
  23. Never sit on an unkown toilet seat. There could be creepy crawlies under the seat.
  24. Tell other people that your are proud of them for their accomplishments. We don’t hear that often when we’re older.
  25. Work is work and play is play. Why can’t I get paid to play?
  26. Fart jokes are still funny – as is the unintentional fart at the wrong time (i.e. in church on a wooden pew when everyone stops singing). HILARIOUS.
  27. There is NO greater compliment than making someone laugh so hard that they shoot their drink out their nose. That’s the sign of a great joke or moment. I strive for this always
  28. Always wear shoes on aggregate, it will tear your feet up – even if you are just going out to get the mail. Will I ever learn?
  29. Say I love you to your family every nite and every time you part. It could be the last time you see them.
  30. Fighting is for boxers and cage fighters, arguments and discussions are for families.
  31. Never negate, demean or call your spouse a name in front of other people. It’s not nice and makes you look like an ass.
  32. When you hear a good song in the store, you should dance, even if it’s MUSAK and even if you can’t dance. It’s fun and it’s always time for fun.
  33. Eat dinner with the TV off once in a while. There’s not much good on anyway, especially the news.
  34. Don’t worry about what other people think, why does it matter what they think, they’re probably strangers and you’ll never see them again. Their opinion of you has no relevance to your life and happiness.
  35. Picking up the yard after two dogs is the worst job in the house.
  36. Be yourself, 100% of yourself, not the edited version of yourself and surround yourself with people that like you at 100%.
  37. Race it not pace it. Uh, duh, that's why they call it a race.


Julie said...

So weird about the award -- regardless, you are a true champion! :) :)

Awesome nuggets of wisdom you learned this year. :) :)

Keith said...

So much to say. Even if they buggered up the timing, you still had a great race! put a piece of masking tape over the #1, and write #2, then hang that sucker up. It's not your fault, and you're not a moron.

Great rules for life. 34 especially. Provided they're not your boss, or your spouse.

You have days and days and days yet where you have no reason to do anything but eat and drink. Don't forget to pee. Put your feet up and enjoy. You'll know when it's time to start training for a race up here. See you then!

HEATHER @ runfastermommy! said...

oh man, You have every right to be pissed! That would make me mad too. I hope the B2B people can straighten that out for you. Happy (late) Birthday, I love the list.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Thats a bummer, I would be pissed too. Love the list though. Enjoy the start of your offseason!!!

Chloe said...

11, 12, and 13. So true. :)

Stinks about your race - but you still ROCKED out a PR. :)


Change 20 to Bottle of wine. 1 glass just won't do.

I still struggle with 34. Maybe I secretly seek approval for everything I do. Even with my blog, I think "What if someone I know reads this, what will they think." I know I need to get over it.

Back to 20, I need a massage and a bottle, yes a bottle of red!!!

Wes said...

#1 in my book, and I too, worship you as a goddess ;-)

Shannon said...

Several I wanted to copy/paste~because you and I are cut from the same dayum cloth but here is my 39 yr old philosophy....

"There is NO greater compliment than making someone laugh so hard that they shoot their drink out their nose. That’s the sign of a great joke or moment. I strive for this always..."

Amen sista...

Shannon said...

BTW~who gives a flying fucktard that your #2...follow your own advice! I still think you're #1~and that's all that matters. :)

Kim said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!! wohooooo!!!!

and f$*k B2B - they messed up and they should pay! :) regardless, a PR is a PR, and you are still kickass.

mmmm copious amounts of wine and cake? i want some!


Your still our hero no matter what place you came in.

SWTrigal said...

You are one HONEST woman. You still rocked the race but I can see how it would bug you to not get the correct award!

Tri Mommy said...

I love your list! And that stinks about the award. You'll always be #1 to us!

The Running Girl said...

Happy late birthday! And even though they got the placement wrong, you still did great. Hope it all gets worked out.

MoonMommy said...

Happy bleated birthday!!!


(Or, as a goat would say, "Happy Belated Birthday!!!).

Velma said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I don't miss shoveling my roof either.

Alisa said...

Happy belated birthday!

I embrace the big kid approach to life, it's so much more fun.

Lame-o about the B2B's not that uncommon, a friend I know had the same thing happen to her except she was the one that should have gotten 3rd place but ended up out of the running. I hope the race directors get back to you. I'd want the plaque I earned.

Bill said...

Great list. As for the award, let the race director figure it out. I'm sure you were elated with your results before you were told your place. Don't let the RD's mistake take away those good feelings. You rocked that race with a huge PR improvement. That's a great birthday gift to yourself. Happy birthday.

Judi said...

their screw up - not yours! like you said, it's still a PR. it's not like they added time to your race - you still did well, so stupid of them to screw up the chips!

happy belated birthday too! woooo!!

Amanda said...

Love the list! Happy belated b-day! Enjoy the off season. it's a beautiful thing, isn't it? plus, TTT training will be here soon :)

MCM Mama said...

Love the list!

And you still rocked that race, even if they effed up the awards.

ShirleyPerly said...


I hope I don't get bumped from 3rd place ...

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Happy 37th, sister!

You still did a great job, I.O. Missy! The number assigned to it doesn't change that.

Friends will come and go.

Uh ... if they're coming, they're a little bit more than friends, aren't they? UNLESS YER A WHOO-WER!1!

Enjoy the downtime, I.O. Missy! You earned it.

Calyx Meredith said...

What a sucky mix up! But you still totally rock the house. Happy belated b'day! (And did you see that Justin Gage has broken bones in his back?! I think the game v. the Bills is going to be rough!)

Dave said...

regardless of the outcome...should feel just as proud...but I do understand...but left it all out there...can't ask for anything more....Think how bad you would feel now if you slacked off and there was that nagging question that you had 5 minutes in would want to throw up now. Seriously, you owned need to be upset...either you feel like throwing up at the finish line...or throwing up now....;-)

Mel-2nd Chances said...

great list... #29 is so so true... and hits home this year. Glad you're still enjoying recovery! well deserved :)

Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

YOU are a champion - that much is sure! :) NICE list... love it!

Jo Lynn said...

Doesn't #7 put you into Pussydome? I'm just sayin'. :)
About the timing "issue" - that sucks. No matter what, it sucks. You were so proud of winning your age group and now they've taken that away. It's not nice. Yes, you should definitely still be proud of your PR. ;)

Diana said...

I guess I would have wanted to find out about the placement of the race the way you did. By randomly looking up the results. Better than all of a sudden getting a letter in the mail wanting the award back.
Love the list and especially #14. So true here in WI also!

ultrarunner (Brian Philpot) said...

The event org. need to take time to not make mistake's like that but u still did great, next time really #1. I'm 38 and love to see what the future bring's.

Carly said...

I would be livid! What a buzz kill, nevertheless, you still ROCKED that race!

I love your rules of life. Happy belated birthday!

kristen said...

Great list. Now I have the wisdom of a 37 year old!

I'm glad you don't feel disapointed too much. Your right, 2nd is absolutley nothing to be upset about. The mess up with the timing people - I'd be pissed too. Your NOT a douchebag. Had you not even bothered to contact the B2B people, maybe then yes, but it really wasn't your fault.

I'm so PROUD of you girl! (even if it's only a measly sencond place spot:)

joyRuN said...

I love the list, just LOVE it. You're great at #27!

You had an awesome race - don't let their screwup take away from that.

Al's CL Reviews said...

I love 34 and 35.
So true.

And you had a great race plus you got great dinner conversation. I'm jealous of both!

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IronMissy - it's official!
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