Monday, September 28, 2009

N 35° 51.579 W 086° 21.730

If you bet that I would get it 'all' done by kick off of the Titans game on Sunday, you're...mostly right. I think was about 20 minutes late but thanks to Mr. DVR, I didn't miss a thing. I blame it on my stop at Steak and Shake for some good ole recovery food. Hubs needed it so I had to oblige. ANYWAY, brickin it on Saturday, totally uneventful. A 1:15 trainer ride (barforama, way too wet here) and a three mile run just when the sun came out and got real nice and sticky. Sunday - four hour ride on tap. I'm so sick of my usual routes so I drove out (hate to do it) to one of my old Ironman training routes. It is actually in the Middle of Tennessee. I pass the monument within the first few miles. This was to be a four hour, zone 2 ride. I think I was a little short of four but did a nice round number, in miles, at 70 with an 18.4 average. I was perfectly pleased with that. It's not often that I end a ride of that length and think - I could go longer, I don't WANT to, but I easily could. I felt strong and ready to roll. I did NOT, however, run afterwards. Instead, I opted to hurry the hell home for the sucktastic football game. Hubs is so pissed at the Titans right now, it ruined his whole day. But I digress.

Things I thought about or saw on my 4ish hour bike ride, solo....
  • My neck hurts.
  • My cooter hurts.
  • Ignore the neck.
  • Ignore the cooter pain.
  • I dreamt about Mom the other nite. She just showed up but didn't talk, never does.
  • They could totally bury a body over there and NO ONE would know.
  • Would they stick me over there if they caught me?
  • Work hard, but not too hard, zone 2.
  • I didn't wear my HRM.
  • This fog is sketchy but I have to get back for the football game.
  • This burn on my arm hurts on these aerobars.
  • My cooter hurts.
  • I don't like to chew while riding a bike.
  • Chewing and riding a bike is hard - gel and fluids are OK by me.
  • GawdDaYum that dog is fast and he's the silent kind too. Bark at me next time you shithead.
  • My HR was zone 5 fo sho.
  • I wonder if I could live on a farm?
  • Are we there yet?
  • Do you think the redneck sitting at the gas station with his buddies and a University of Tennessee tattoo on his leg actually went to UT? Yeah, me neither but I bet he bleeds orange.
  • This headwind blows.
I'm sure there was so much more rolling around for all that time. All in all, a good ride. This week will prove to be challenging as well. Whateves, getting closer to 11/7/09. Congrats to all the Augusta peeps! Sounds like some kind of swim!


Jes said...

I just keep staring at the words Steak and Shake, hoping it's everything I'm imagining it to be...

Shannon said...

"Do you think the redneck sitting at the gas station with his buddies and a University of Tennessee tattoo on his leg actually went to UT? Yeah, me neither but I bet he bleeds orange."


BTW, suck it up...start spinning and you won't have a cooter problem.

"cooter" really?

Mel-2nd Chances said...

it's amazing the things that we think about while running or riding eh? Great job on the long ride, 11/7 is fast approaching :)

Diana said...

I wish I could remember all the shiz going through my mind as I got my ass royally kicked this past weekend! Right from the beginning it was kettlebell bootcamp! Awesome! Nothing humbling than a good ass whooping!
My cooter huts a lot lately on the bike-not sure what the hell-glad I'm not alone!

Carolina John said...

yep, that's about what my bike ride saturday felt like. butthole chafing may sound like a punk rock band but is actually no joke.

and i have to give you props, i had 5 guys burgers for dinner saturday night and it was actually fantastic. i don't think i could take it right after the ride like you do sometimes, but it was great 4 hours later.


Tell hubs, could be worse.... he could have the Bucs as a home team...
We were offered free tickets by my realtor, went, and was sorry we did, because I had to spend $25 for parking.
I think a 3 iron across the pond into Kellen Winslow's pool would be in order, don't you?

Dave said...

Sounds like good training. I am behind on blogs. Your right about the UT guy....I call them "hat grabbers." I think Palo Duro may be my last Fall Ultra for a long while. It is so hard to get in training with the kid's fall activities.

Keith said...

How do you remember all that??? I remember having thoughts, every now and then, but I don't remember the thoughts themselves very often. And since I was one of the people that said you'd get it done I'm glad to see that you did.

I'm not sure I understand this 'drove to the middle of TN' thing. As near as I can tell, you live dead centre.

Maryland Girl aka Michelle said...

Gotta be careful on those back country roads in TN! LOL I had friend mountain biking North of Knoxville and found themselves face to face with a man and shotgun protecting his "crop"...

Love the redneck and the tattoo..doubt he is one of my Alum

kristen said...

Steak and Shake?! Is that a fast food steak drive through?

4 hours is a long time to be talking to yourself. I would want to punch myself out after too long.

Jo Lynn said...

That's the only down side of cycling. Long hours by yourself and you don't even get that good of scenery to look at most times. Although, I do love the fact that you can cover massive miles in "short" period of time. ;)

Wes said...

The guy at the pre-race meeting said that you could basically float down the river and beat the swim cut off :-) I think its kind of cool that your mom lets you know she's always around...

When we went out to BFE Georgia for Jimmy's football game Friday night, I was like... If I see somebody sitting on the porch playing a banjo, I'm outta here!

Anonymous said...

DAMN I luv me some Steak and Shake. Solid Choice for you Hubs!!!

Beautiful pic of your Mom, too.

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

N 35° 51.579 W 086° 21.730

You have officially lost the right to complain about my odd-@$$-numbered runs.

My cooter hurts, too.

What's a cooter?

Can I help make yours feel better somehow?

untpawgal02 said...

Congrats on a fabulous long ride this weekend! You are going to be so ready for your half in November.

I LOVE how you listed what you were thinking while riding and running. My mind likes to wander as well!

Kim said...

take care of that cooter. give it some TLC :)

Susi said...

i think we share a brain...your thoughts are pretty darned close to what my thoughts are like when i have a long ride too. haha. too funny.

Richard said...

Love the post! keep truckin!

joyRuN said...

This is part of why I'm afraid of a long bike ride - my brain can't handle it!

And neither can my cooter.

Or my neck either.


Chloe said...

Cooter pains. Ugh. Must. Ignore. :)

I'm so sure he went to UT - just like the guy who is crusing around on a scooter with a gold chain, missing teeth, and wearing a sweet air brushed shirt from PCB walmart went to UGA.

MCM Mama said...

I'm sure he went to UT, much like the homeless guy I saw the other day wearing a sorority sweatshirt totally belonged to that sorority LOL.

LOL at your thoughts. Gotta love the random stuff that goes through the mind when exercising for long periods of time.

MJ said...

Given the frequent cooter-pain I find it quite remarkable that you felt you could easily keep going.

Tell me, could this be a bike fit issue, or is this standard for women?

All I know is that when I was a new rider and cranked out my first century I lost all contact (feeling) with my "stuff" for about 24 hours... but a bike fit fixed all that. You may want to investigate... (the bike fit not my stuff...)

Al's CL Reviews said...

Tell Hubs he could be a Redskins fan.

I'm still sobbing.

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IronMissy - it's official!
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