Friday, September 4, 2009

Friday Mind Dump

  • Running three days in a row is NOT good for me - that's why I tri for crying out loud.
  • Sometimes you just have to be flexible in your 'schedule.'
  • All my runs for the week are done, bonus.
  • Two were great and one sucked it!
  • Red Velvet cupcakes with heaping mounds of cream cheese frosting are NOT good pre-run fuel...for your long run.
  • I oscillated between feeling like I was going to puke or shit myself.
  • I made it home safely, thank GAWD.
  • It was very slow, blech.
  • I know why I don't like sugary things. Wreck my guts.
  • It took WAY too long.
  • One swim in, arms sore, I'm NO kinda sprinter.
  • Wednesday's are sprint days.
  • Going to swim right now....
  • I hate 4:15am.
  • I like getting my workouts done.
  • One bike in, two to go, long and quality.
  • I hope the weekend is nice for riding because trainers can suck it.
  • I signed up for a huge, local group ride.
  • I haven't done one in a gazillion years.
  • I'm afraid that I have forgotten why I don't do these...
  • I'm excited for Beach2Battleship.
  • I hate that all my friends are done with their seasons.
  • Why do I always pick a late season race?
  • When did fat become a handicap?
  • Why do I have to pay extra health care premiums because you smoke and eat too much?
  • How do people STILL smoke?
  • Have you ever known anyone successful that wears a flat billed cap OR a hat on sideways...except for some rapper or rap producer? You look like you're from the local foundation and it's your special day.
  • Why is it OK to wear a shirt or top with your bra strap hanging out? I don't give a shit what color it is.
  • Why do women carry HUGE purses to a football game? Money, license, chapstick, done. It's not really that hard. No amount of shit in that purse is going to make you cute, honey, so you might as well travel light and not hold up the line for ME.
  • It's Friday. Time to parrrrty, yeah, clean a bike and in bed by 9:00pm, oh yeah, I can feel it coming on right now.



Why does the 50 year old woman at the convenience store (who reeks of smoke) say when you come in for a Coke after a 100 mile bike ride, "I used to be able to do that". ??? (I think she wants to impress me and get in my pants)

Al's CL Reviews said...

The purse-football thing has me rolling...

Beth said...

Red Velvet Cupcakes ... oh my. Sounds deeee-licious :) Have a great weekend!

RockstarTri said...

This holiday weekend friday night party for me means changing the tires on my bike and getting ready to get up at 5am for a swim when the sun comes up followed by a ride.

It is good to know others party like we do. Of course, party will take on a different meaning after the season ends in November :)

Amanda said...

A girl I train with (Missy, pic on my blog) eats oatmeal creme TRAIN!!
You pick a late season race... because you love it!! You're gonna rock it out. No worries bout that long run that didn't feel great. It's just training. Some days just suck it. :)

Jo Lynn said...

A regular bra under a halter top? I don't get it either.

TRI-james said...

First, you must prioritize – when on a run - PUKE first. Trust me. You just might get away with only doing one - not both.

And about the huge purses – you would think these people expect Monty Hall to jump out and offer them $100 bucks for a cheese grater or something… please.

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

When did fat become a handicap?

When FAT invaded my eyes, is when, as far as I'm concerned.

By now everyone knows the story of my FAT EYES, which won't prevent me from telling it again right here:

When you have High Cholesterol, your eye doctor can see the fat in your eyes
He'll be polite and call it "lipids", but that just means fat.
I had high cholesterol which is why I started running.
But even though I brought my cholesterol DOWN, the fat, I'm told, will NEVER LEAVE MY EYES
Hence ... I'm handicapped!1!

So STOP MAKING FUN OF ME, sister!1! I can't help it if my eyes are fat!1!

Marci said...

I have to say now that Marcy left the blogosphere and I found your blog, you are my fave blog to make me laugh.. :)

I LOVE Red Velvet Cupcakes, but will take heed and not eat before running. Is BTB a half or full ironman for you? I had some friends who did it last year and LOVED it, so you picked a good race.

Anonymous said...

"Why do women carry HUGE purses to a football game? Money, license, chapstick, done. It's not really that hard. No amount of shit in that purse is going to make you cute, honey, so you might as well travel light and not hold up the line for ME."

They are sneaking in booze! Duh

Wes said...

The last tri here in Atlanta is October! Woo hoo!! suckas....

Keith said...

You pick a late season race because you can. We haven't had snow here yet, for which I'm mildly surprised and grateful. Should be nice for a ride today.

I have a theory about huge purses. Women have imaginations, you see. They imagine all sorts of things that might happen, and feel they need STUFF to cope with these imaginary happenings. Rather than just coping. I've seen the stuff my wife carries around in her purse, and I don't get it. She carries it all around, all the time, just in case. SHE doesn't even know what all is in there, because things go in, and never come out. Each purse comes (I'm sure of it) with a black hole generator. You keep putting stuff in and the volume goes away, but the mass stays. And you can't find whatever it is you're looking for to cope with some imaginary problem that as all men know, will go away if you ignore it for long enough. You're welcome.

untpawgal02 said...

Well think about it this way... with still having season that's not over... you get more excitement than those whose season are over!

Carolina John said...

your mind is a twisted, dark place. it scares me.


Excellent blog.

About Randomness:
1. Ditto
4. Donnie Dunphy! Google it.
5. I know it's trashy, but I think it's hot.
6. Beer in a bag! I think it's hot.

Runner Leana said...

Missy, I am in awe that you post at 4:30 am. At that point in time my brain is not functioning well enough to be posting.

Although maybe I should try it some time. It might be funny to see what happens. Might be kinda like drunk dialing.

Molly said...

You aren't alone, *I* am still training for a race!!! :)

You look like you're from the local foundation and it's your special day.

ROTFLMAO, so true :)

MCM Mama said...

LOL at the randomness. I HATE when bra straps show. And the only time I've taken a big purse to a football game, it involved bourbon.

kristen said...

Spot on with the randomness. Agree on ALL ACCOUNTS!!

joyRuN said...

Now I want me some red velvet cupcakes - def worth me shitting my running shorts.

I get surrounded by patients who've turned their obesity into a handicap. Damn pathetic.

Ryan said...

I'm your friend and I still have 2 Ironmans to do.

Group rides suck if they are all douchebags...which they usually are.

You should be running 5 x weekly :-( sorry but true

I'm wondering why marijuana is still illegal

I am so hungry right now I wish I was fat...this thin to win shit get on my nerves

Keith said...

Here you had me all excited on Sunday am, commenting on other people's blogs, leading me to think you had updated your own blog with your own special (but not schpeschial) brand of humour.

Bets said...

Why indeed to people still smoke? Ivan stuck his hand in an ash tray this afternoon. Really. I am having a love affair with jockeys. They have a whole bathroom stall devoted to throwing up so they can make weight.
Are you doing the Franklin Classic?

Southbay Girl said...

maybe a they carry a big purse to a football game to sneak in all that booze!!!

I HATE smokers! I want to hit them! And I hate when I'm out running and some smoker is out "walking" and I run through a cloud of smoke! Makes we want to hurl!

Dave said...

getting back into the blog world...oh....good stuff...Missy you never cease to entertain.

Aka Alice said...'s Labor Day. I haven't had one mimosa yet and still I giggle like a 12 year old at...

"long and quality"

ALWAYS important.

Hope you're having a fabulous weekend. I LOVE your random mind dumps...but good lord girl...4:31am...Geez-US!

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IronMissy - it's official!
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