Monday, August 3, 2009


This weekend brought my 20 mile TT ride, a 1:30 run and a swim. They all got done, just not as speedy as I would have liked.

20 mile TT ride
This is on my training plan as a baseline test as I make my way to B2B. I have a 10 mile TT later this week as well. Anyway, ~5 mile warm up and Ryan and I were off. How I got him to do this with me I will never know! He must have really wanted to ride ... and draft. I told him he could draft me as long as he wanted but that I would not partake. The stretch of road we TT on is about as flat as you're going to get in Middle TN. ~740 ft of ascent and descend.

Hit my watch and we were off and up, as always, everything starts on an incline around here, I swear. Each lap is ~5.2 miles.
Lap 1 - 19.8 mph
Lap 2 - 19.5 mph
Lap 3 - 18.6 mph - uh oh, I think this is where I yelled, "My cooter is killing me! I need new shorts!" It was killing me.
Lap 4 - 19.9 mph redemption
Total was 19.4mph - I wasn't terribly thrilled, happy but not thrilled. Thrilled would have been 20 but there it is. Into the wind, both ways, did I mention that part?! It was a crosswind, actually and I think Ryan had to work pretty hard at it, even though he was sitting on my wheel (that was the plan).

We passed a couple two or three times - passed them like they were sitting still. I'm sorry, but there is joy in that. Coming past someone saying hi for two seconds and just hammering on. Ah, yes.

Here's where rejection comes into play - Saturday, 1:30 run was on tap. No worries, I thought. Started to run, um, this doesn't feel very good, my legs won't turn over. OK, just take a few miles to warm up. Um, yeah, that never really happened. I couldn't run to save my life. I wasn't hungover, I had plenty of sleep...that bike ride kicked my arse into next week, literally. I just couldn't GO. 1:30 run turned into 1:15 run and a 20 minute dog walk. No sense in just pushing through. There was nothing to be gained in that last 15 minute slog fest run. In fact, Ryan passed me in the car at one point, only to say - you looked like you were almost walking but working really hard at it. Yep, that was me. It just wasn't my day to run.

Swim - I did a splash and dash and used every excuse to hang on the wall. Thanks Andy for joining me at the pool. It was my perfect 'excuse' to catch up!

Irongirl - did you see me, did you see me!? Yep, I made the cut. I was at the beginning on the beach looking at the water and then again at the swim start once or twice. It was great to watch, great stories too. Sometimes the answer to why we do all this is very simple, we do it because we can.


Shannon said...

"Sometimes the answer to why we do all this is very simple, we do it because we can." Amen!

Sorry I missed your big celebrity moment, my ass was being drug around all over Virginia doing 51 on the bike.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

TT are tough on the legs, I like them though.

I saw you on TV :)

Jessica said...

I believe I saw you on the IronGirl broadcast...right around the beginning of the show. That's pretty fun that you made it on national TV!

IronBob said...

Good stuff making national TV.

Sherry said...

Oh crap! I deleted IG off of my DVR after I watched it last night... now I can't go back and look for you at the beginning! Dang! You's famous! :o)

Way to go on the TT! Very impressive to me... seriously! Wind, hills and still over 19+ mph! Awesome stuff!

The run... all I can say is, "I feel ya!" I feel anyone who has pain/issues/struggles on a said run, as I feel like that's the story of my life! LOL!

Chloe said...

Congrats on making the cut! I didn't catch it until about 15 min in :( But that is awesome! I can't wait to race it again next year (and not get two flats!)

Diana said...

Somehow my average speed has gone up on the bike. My last ride I thought things were going slow and when I looked down at the speed was saying 18! I don't practice any speed shit with runs or bikes, just do lots of hills and that seems to carry over on the flats. Since my one tri is completely flat, except for an occasional stone in the way, I should kick some ass!
Watching that damn Irongirl made me cry! What a wimp! Sick kids and old ladies recovering are always tear jerkers!
Glad you made the show, it was fun to watch!

joyRuN said...

I missed it! I worked all weekend so the only thing I saw were the backs of my eyelids.

Carolina John said...

bah, i'm sure you've had worse weekends. that run sounds like it wasn't too much fun though. boo.

Amanda said...

Nice training weekend! Some runs are just hard to get through... Glad you didn't let it get you down or frustrated.

kristen said...

HA - I KNEW IT WAS YOU!! I didn't see you on the beach, but I definitly knew that was you lining up for the swim. Go miss thang up front.

Never done a TT, but I have been passed by someone like you, althought I can't imagine it would have brought them much joy passing some poor schmuck on a mtb working double time.

Sorry about the run. No worries. Itn't this just the begining of training?

Alisa said...

I think the only time I've ever been above a 19 on the bike is going downhill =).

Sometimes our legs just don't work for us! It happens. At least you got out there and tried to run.

Runner Leana said...

I still need to watch!!! I'll be looking for you. How exciting that you made it! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I'll make the footage for the Calgary 70.3 when they decide to air that.

Sorry to hear the run was a tough one. Good job for slogging through even if you did have to cut it short.

Southbay Girl said...

I was looking for you-but missed you! I did cry watching it though!!

Keith said...

Some days are like that, things won't go no matter how much you want them to. Better by far to get all that out of your system in training.

So, these excuses for hanging on the wall during the swim. I'm always up for a good excuse. Will you be sharing?

Aka Alice said...


aron said...

ekkk i hate those days!!

i was watching but didnt realize you might be on there!!! i think we have it tivoed i will have to go back and check :)

Molly said...

LOL at the working hard almost walking. We allll have those days on the run.

And holy smokes you are fast on the bike!!! I'd kill for that kind of TT time!

Rest up from the weekend!

Dave said...

one day you will go for your last run/ride/swim....but not today, today you got to run/ride/swim. (variation of Matt Crownover's quote upon completion of Western States.)

Didn't that come to mind when you watch that this weekend. Especially the girl fighting cancer.

Isn't if funny that a race just kicks you in the arse to get things ramped up!!!

Wes said...

My cooter is killing me! I need new shorts!

ROFLMAO... I need new shorts too, but lucky for me, I got an Adamo saddle ;-)

Sometimes the answer to why we do all this is very simple, we do it because we can.

{jaw dropping} Are we on the same wave length, or what?

Mel-2nd Chances said...

I SAW YOU!! :D that was very cool! Nice job on the TT, and LMAO at your cooter comment. You kill me.

MCM Mama said...

Nicely done on the bike! I've had runs like that and I don't bike, so I have no excuse.

Yay for making national TV!

Marci said...

I missed it, but super cool about making the cut. I had one of those non-run moments, unfortunately during my tri race this w.e.

SC's Adventures said...

"Sometimes the answer to why we do all this is very simple, we do it because we can."

This is my answer too, though most people also call me crazy!

IronMissy - it's official!

IronMissy - it's official!
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