Monday, August 10, 2009

Mountain Lakes Race Report

This sucks because there are NO pictures, why, because I went alone and got there late. Totally sucks, that is NOT my nature but that's how it worked on this day. Up at 3:30, rolling by 4:00am, car packed the nite before. No worries. Directions in hand. There's a lot I could say here but suffice it to say that in the 'SOUTH' they like to name their streets multiple names AND don't like to put street signs on everything. Your instructions may say Hwy 7...but no one told you that is also called Jordan Rd. There was some getting lost in the dark and back tracking. At one point, I just saw two trucks with tri bikes, busted a U turn in the middle of the road and flew at 80mph on a two lane country road just to catch them. I like to get to races when check in OPENS (at 6:00am). Yep, it was 6:45 with a transition close at 7:15 and a 7:30 start time. Fine, fine, dumped my junk on a towel and hoped I thought of everything. Ran to the water to warm up a little and figured I was good to go. I DID stick with my plan - no watch, no Garmin, no bike computer.

Swim - 10:55 - if that was 600 yards, I'm the Pope. I don't care that it was a little long. The swim is just fine with me but I didn't suck an egg that badly in the swim. Maybe 650-700, whateves. Felt fine, got calmed down after all the morning hub-bub UNTIL the breaststrokers started in. PEOPLE, PUHLEEZE, breast stroking is totally acceptable but don't freakin sit in the middle of everyone with your frog legs. After I got hammered by frog legs, I heard my nose crack in side of my head. Grabbed nose, no blood, good, kidney punch to the breast stroking guy. Moved on (OK not really but I wanted to).

T1 - 2:14 - about 15ish seconds too long but I need socks, I don't care how short the daYum race is. Uneventful.

Bike - 46:52 for 16.2 miles or 20.5mph or 32.99kph (I'm fancy) - I was OK with no watch or no computer for the bike portion. I would have guessed I averaged ~20mph, it felt good, fine, no issues. Got passed by some men and some men that need to read a rule book, apparently. Seriously, if I JUST passed you, the idea isn't to pass me again, you're supposed to drop back. I'm sorry you just got chicked, not my problem...AND if I see you coast one more time to adjust your junk, I'm going to punch you right off the bike. Passed by two or three girlies that were just on fir-AH. There was NO hope to even keep them in my sights.

T2 - 1:14 - again about 15ish seconds too long. Besides the fact that my legs didn't want to run, I don't really know what I was doing in there.

Run - 24:40/3 miles - 8:13/mile or 5:06/km (check my math) - Legs would not go, legs felt like lead, legs didn't feel good and warmed up, they felt dead! Crap! I am NOT feeling this run. I know I can DO this for 3 miles but sheeeit, how long is this taking ME!? I see guys frothing at the mouth, literally and I try to steal some of their juju. No luck, legs don't wanna. At about the mile 2 marker, I feel warmed up. UM, there's only ONE FREAKIN MILE TO GO! I gave it what I had in that last mile.

Finish time - 1:25:53 - 7th of 38 in 35-39AG

Crossed the finish line and thought, I wonder what my time was? I started asking the guy who finished in front of me, looking around for the timing peeps. I guess I'm too A Type to go sans gadgets. It was a good experiment and would recommend that everyone at least try it. I was HOPING that I would push it harder not freaking out that I was going to fast and going to burn up in the end. At the end of the day, it wasn't a disaster. I didn't flat out, cramp up, crash, nothing. The only problem was making my legs run off the bike.

I've had a couple of great races on much tougher courses this year (Mach Tenn and Irongirl) so I had HIGH hopes for this flat race. I think that's why I was so disappointed in myself. I'm not second guessing anything that I did because I don't think I could have done anything else differently, really. I think my body just said, um, NO, not today. The only thing I WILL do is run off the bike more often. Not a brick, per se, just a 10 minute presto changeo into some running shoes to get the turn over action firing.

So there it is. I'm not still crying in my beer. I just know that I have some very hard work ahead of me to get to where I want to be. In the end, I got to race on Saturday and it WAS fun. I did have fun...I always have fun! Oh, and the frog leg to my nose DID leave a mark. Rather than look like a very cool 'war wound', it just looks like I have a zit that went crazy AND 16.2 miles on a bike in a bathing suit is about all I could manage. Yep, no pictures of THAT either!


Carly said...

Your experience with the swim is why I am terrified to ever do a tri. LOL at the kidney punch...he deserved it.


Minnesota has the multiple named streets too. It is so irritating that trying to navigate when the signs change 3 times in a mile.

Great job on the race!

Keith said...

He totally deserved it. If you're gonna breast stroke start at the back of the wave. I don't mind coming up on the breastrokers from a previous wave, by then there is lots of room to move around.

Ryan said...

Dudes adjusting their junk on the bike is a pick up line for hawt chickies on a bike...sort of a how ya doin'

I use it all the time ;-)

"How you doin'"


Any butterfliers out there? Now that would be impressive.

I am thinking of starting a triathlon and allow full contact on not only the swim but bike and run also. It would give all an equal chance.

Sherry said...

OMG... those damn breaststrokers! I am so right there with you! I actually would like to put them all in a separate wave entirely!!!! If you're going to breast stroke... get to the back of the line! Grrrr....

Transitions --> Socks are a MUST for me too... but I usually out them on in T2. I've done races without socks twice and both times I've ended up with terrible blisters. I think I have a picture in my blog of some seriously bloody shoes after a race last October. Super sweaters like me cannot run sans socks!

Run--> I won't get started on your run... LOL... since an 8:13 pace if the fastest I have EVER completed a 5K attached to a triathlon! :o) Sounds super, duper to me! For you though, just chalk it up to tired legs from an already great season of racing!

Way to go, girl!!!!

Diana said...

We,too, have the dreaded multiple street names!
Breast stroke during a tri-UGH, I don't even go to that, but the sidestroke-yeah, faster at that than the basic freestlye-go figure!
Nice job even though you don't think so!

Carolina John said...

that is more punching that i have ever seen in a race report. still, glad you got in a good time.

kristen said...

Sorry it wasn't all you wanted it to be, but it doesn't sound like you really have much to be bummed about either. Althugh getting lost and showing up so close to race time would compltely throw me off too.

way to be!

p.s. next time, you shoud return a brest stroke kick with a breast stroke kick - only with extra HARD frog legs. It's like walkers who walk four or five abreast in the middle AND at the start line. WTF? Are you really that ignorant?

Mel-2nd Chances said...

Awesome race and report Missy! LMAO at wanting to punch the breast strokers, I get annoyed with them at lane swimming, can't imagine in a race! Ugh. I would most definitely need socks... no question about it.

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Nice job, IO Missy!

Man, there are too many unwritten rules in tris! If you get passed by someone, you're not allowed to re-pass her? That seems a bit arbitrary. If you do the breast stroke you should be a pariah? I don't follow ...

But whatever. i have no plans to do a tri anyway.

7th out of 38 is pretty GREAT!

Southbay Girl said...

yikes...I do breastroke.....I don't want to get kidney punched! That is my fear of swimming with all your "freestylers"...why can't we all get along....

You still rocked it

Southbay Girl said...

but......what happens if you are a fast breastroker?? why should we get crapped on?? Why are we considered awful??

I'm reading all the UGH makes me not want to enter tri's if I'm going to get shit because my best and most comfortable stroke is breastroke. Maybe the freestylers should realize everyone has a GOOD stroke-and it might not be freestyle....

I'm nervous about tri's in the first place but reading all the comments about the hatred of breastrokers-well, makes me just want to run!

Kim said...

what a fucking douchebag. i still think you had an amazing race regardless - 7/38? not too shabby my friend.

untpawgal02 said...

Please don't be dissapointed... I hate seeing someone like that after a tri! Happy you had a good time! Oh and next time wear a watch!

Runner Leana said...

Aw, sorry you didn't get your PR. Kudos to you for racing without any gadgets. I could leave the bike computer at home (haha, good thing too since mine isn't working right now), but don't you dare take my Garmin away from me!

Youch for the frog leg to the nose! Congratulations anyway on the race Missy!!

MCM Mama said...

Your run was still faster than my 5k pr and I don't swim and bike beforehand... (And it never occurred to me that swimming the breaststroke in a tri would be a problem. Learn something new every day...)

Good job!

Alisa said...

Damn breaststrokers! Personally, and I know I'm a newbie myself and probably frustrate people, BUT if you can't complete the swim portion doing straight up free---you shouldn't be in a Tri. Just my thought! I hate breaststrokers in the pool too, they always jab me with their legs from the other lane.

Some days just aren't our days, it happens.

I would kill to have a 5k time with miles in the 8's!

Another race accomplished and another lesson learned.

Al's CL Reviews said...

Multiple named streets in the south has to do with the Civil Rights Era, I believe. Usually one road is the dividing line (the tracks so to speak), where all the names change from one name to another, and thus from mail back then you were able to determine the color of the person by their address.
Or this is what my History Teacher and City Planning Teacher in college told me.

Congrats on the race! You did terrific, especially without gadgets.

ShirleyPerly said...

Good job, Missy! Even if it didn't go as well as you'd hoped, I think you always learn something. And I'm a sock person too. I tried one time going sockless in a sprint and think it took me more time in T1 because my feet wouldn't slide into the shoes!

Anonymous said...

i can't believe no pics of the frog kick nose!

Wes said...

Funny you should mention that, I was lost in rural Georgia last night looking for Hwy 381... Nobody bothered to put up any road signs in BFE :-)

joyRuN said...

Dead legs? You sure about that? Even with all the coffee in the world I can't run a 5k like that!


Don't hate me, but I'd prolly be one of those breaststrokers just trying to stay afloat in open water.

aron said...

congratssss!!! you did awesome :)

i havent gone sans garmin yet either and i dont really want to anytime soon ;)

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IronMissy - it's official!
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