Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Breast Stroke Fire Storm!

First and foremost, my apologies for setting off the breast stroke firestorm yesterday! Breast, fly and back are all wonderful strokes and should be used for good cross training efforts. I use them all at different times - except for fly, I look like I'm drowning. All strokes are acceptable in any triathlon, as far as I know. Any way you want to propel yourself, is great.

The swim start is like any big road race - if you're an 11min/miler, do you start at the front starting line with the Kenyans and other HS phenoms? Not usually and if you do, you only do it once after you realize what just happened. If breast stroke is your best/fastest stroke, by all means, DO IT, you just don't 'line up' with the guys doing 1:05/100 yards. By doing the breast stroke in a crowd, you're probably going to hammer someone with your frog leg kick, it's just going to happen.

There is a reason...it's not just that everyone is complaining about breast strokers for the sake of complaining....When I OWS, I swim much like the catch up drill where one arm is still outstretched and protecting my face, I don't take another stroke until my hand/arm is in the water protecting my face on the other side. I would rather have you kick my hand than my face which is what happens when you're freestylin, you kick my hand, big deal. If you're breast stroking, my outstretched arm will not feel your feet . My arm may hit the water and 'feel' that this is open space and continue to pull forward...right into your frog legs. This is what happened to me on Saturday. I was being polite when I said my face got hammered. Honestly, my nose still hurts and there's a scab on the outside where I got frogged. I heard my nose crunch inside my head and I was ticked. I would never discourage anyone to get into a tri or try one out. I would, however, say to be cautious in those kinds of situations...everyone wants to make it out the same way they went into the race, that's all.


Ryan said...

Apparently one cannot speak derogatory about religion, politics, or swim stroke.

Look it is simple, if breast stroke is your fastest stroke...your doing freestyle WRONG; and you are creating a potentially dangerous situation for not only yourself but Missy's nose. I'm a relatively nice person (not really, I'm a total dick) but if in a race you opt to do the breast stroke in the middle of the line to the mark, don't be surprised to find a 6'5 monster swimming right up your ass because you lined up in front of me.

My daughter is on the swim team and I told the coach I forbid her to do the breast stroke. It is absolutely pointless. Why not make dog paddle an olympic event too? Breast strokers are probably the type of people who had the game "tag" or "red rover" banned at school because it is just not "fair."

Breast Strokers Suck!


Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

ZOMG, IO Missy, I just went back and looked at all those comments yesterday and it got like AM Talk Radio over there! Hahahahaha! Who knew?

Thanks for clearing up what you meant!

untpawgal02 said...

Even though I knew what you meant from your other post... thanks for giving us a better understanding of your point of view on breast strokers when it comes to open water swimming!

Tri Mommy said...

I knew what you meant yesterday. In my last tri, I got frog kicked in the eye. That's right the eye. I lost a minute of time just because I had to basically stop swimming to readjust my goggles and make sure my eye was still working.

Breast stroke if you need/want to, just not in the middle of everyone! Heck, my husband did his one and only triathlon (and swears he'll never do one again - guess it's not for everyone) and swam the back stroke the majority of the way but made sure he got out of everyone else's way!

I'm with you!!


And I am serious about Ultimate Fight Triathlon. Hell, us big guys have to have some advantage in a sport dominated by people with 5% body fat. When you come across these PEOPLE, these less than human BREAST strokers, I think we should hold them under water for about 10 seconds or so. That will teach them to start at the front!

Shazza said...

The firestorm continues....!

I guess there are always going to be the slow runners who start at the front (and if you're slower than me that's sayin somethin), And there's always going to be breaststrokers who start at the front of triathlons. Whether through lack of experience or just plain obliviousness. If it's your first race of any kind - why the heck do you start at the front???

Getting kick in the nose is shitty, and I totally understood where you were coming from in your posts yesterday and today.

Blondie said...

I just went back and read yesterdays comments and people that breast stroke, go slow, flip over on their backs, etc during a tri need to line up in the back or out to the side. It really comes down to a safety issue. If you aren't a strong swimmer who can handle being hit, dunked, pinched, or ran over, you don't want to be there. I do love the roller derby feel of open water swimming.... no fouls can be above the water, but anything goes underneath where the officials can't see.

Wes said...

Now I gotz to go back and read the other post to see this firestorm you unleashed :-) I don't mind breast strokers, just as long as they are careful. I breast stroke once or twice a race to get my bearings, but not always.

Carolina John said...

you love a good broken nose, just admit it. it's how you get your jollies.

Jo Lynn said...

I guess it'a blessing then, that my arthritic knee doesn't allow me to do breast stroke! HA!

Sorry about your nose, Missy.

Molly said...

Aw shit, now I have to go back and read the other comments. If yer gonna breaststroke, do it where you aren't going to take out the entire crowd around you in a jam packed OW swim!

kristen said...

It's just like my freind Missy to start a firestorm with one (or is two?) words. Wal-mart and/or breast stroke. I like a girl who knows how to get people riled up.

Mel-2nd Chances said...

i agree with you and the other commenters, people just need to line up appropriately... same with lane swimming in the pool. if you're a fast breast-stroker, cool, but if not, swallow the pride and go in the appropriate lane so everyone can get the workout they intended. but you're right, no one should be discouraged, it's all about getting out there and tri-ing.

Keith said...

Wal-Mart. WAL-MART!! I'm gonna pretend I didn't hear that. Grrrrr.

Alisa said...

I'm thinking I need to go back and read all the comments.

I stand by my hatred of breast stroke. I saw some frog legs at the Tri but that was probably my own fault b/c I made the MISTAKE of lining up in the back when I know I'm a strong swimmer.

I certainly know I'm not a Kenyan and always try to line up appropriately in running races b/c I even get annoyed at the walkers who line up ahead of me!

Al's CL Reviews said...

Seriously, people bitched?

Breast stroke is so slow, why would you be in the front of the pack. Even this noob knows that.

Southbay Girl said...

WOW! Breast strokers are probably the type of people who had the game "tag" or "red rover" banned at school because it is just not "fair."


joyRuN said...

My arm may hit the water and 'feel' that this is open space and continue to pull forward

Oh man - I thought you were going to be posting about pulling forward right into someone's bits!

I'm disappointed.

All that aside, is wading an acceptable stroke?

Please say yes...

Jill said...

Oh, I tell you what. I am not a good swimmer, but at least a courteous one. Today on the warm up some old lady kicked the shit outta my face and knocked my goggles off. And, I was on my way in from the warm up and she was on the way out!

I looked at her and cursed and she just said "yea, I saw you!" Well, then why the F did you still kick me in the head??

Ugh, how in the crap do beginners or folks that don't have a clue about swimming enter an Oly tri? Seriously.

I hope your nose is feeling better by now.

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