Monday, June 1, 2009

Tag - YOU'RE IT!

1. What are your current obsessions?

Other than S/B/R, um, yeah, I don't really have much time for other obsessions. I am obsessed with hills, getting better at them on the bike and run and not totally sucking an egg.

2. Which item from your closet are you wearing most often?

My 4" red, not really, I don't need to be 6'1" for crying out loud. Cheap-O tank tops from Sam's Club, two in a pack for $16. Love em.

3. Last thing you bought for yourself?

...rectal thermometer for the dogs. Wait, that's not for me, that's for the dogs, I'm not using that thing in ANY fashion.

4. What’s for breakfast?

Colon blow aka All Bran, a banana, coffee

5. Say something to the person who tagged you -

Jim is funny in a low key funny kind of way. When he sent me this he said - make it funny, I'm trying Jim, hope I can get you to laugh! Jim also likes to swim and freeze his face off. 12 C, whaaaat!?!

6. What is one item you could not live without?

Bonnie Bell Dr. Pepper Chapstick - I have one in every pocket, every purse, every jacket and bag.

7. Vacation spots you must visit before you die?

Turkey, probably never go unless I know someone that's Turkish but I'd love to see it. Instead, you can just send me to Grand Teton National Park TO die. I'd be OK with that. And when I'm dead, just dump my ashes there. Favorite place since I was a kid and still go there every year. Open water swimming at GTN!

8. What is your most immediate short term goal?

Kick ass with Ryan at the Mach Tenn Sprint Tri this weekend (our first relay together) - I just need to hold up MY part, he'll be fine. I'm swimming and running.

9. What are you reading right now?

Really, no time to read, work, eat, sleep, watch HOCKEY, swim, bike, run, hang with hubs, swim with Grandma, that about covers it for me. Oh and MAYBE clean a house and a bike, really read?!

10. What is the last movie you saw and enjoyed?

Pineapple Express

11. What’s your guilty pleasure?

That white cheese dip at every Mexican restaurant. We call it butt spackle at our house but I swear, give me a bucket of that, some avocado, salsa and chips and that's dinner. I will lick the bowl.

12. What’s your Least favorite smell?

Being crop dusted by someones fart in a store or other public place. If it's in the family, that's one thing but the random crop dusting is something all together different.

13. Whats something you look forward to?

My new work schedule 4 x 10 with Wednesday's off - how much damage can one do on a Wednesday? We'll just have to see. AND the relay tri on Saturday with RH!!!

14. Favorite Quote?

See top of my blog.

15. What is something you would like to do, as outrageous as it may sound?

Write a book...not so sure of the topic, I have lots of random thoughts, helpful tips and even a serious moment or two. I just don't think anyone would buy it.

16. Whats one thing you can't go a day with out doing?

Drink coffee and that order.

17. What do you have an addiction to?

My Booberry - I seriously don't think I've gone without it for less than a few hours.

18. Whats your favorite holiday?

Thanksgiving because it's not about gifts, just about getting together, watching the Lions lose on tv, overindulge and play games.

19. How many pairs of shoes (not just running) do you have??

No clue, unlike most women, I don't care about shoes so much. I DO have at least five pairs of my current running shoes that haven't been retired to lawn mowing yet.

20. Tell us one random thing about you.

This is to see if my Dr. is reading this - I love these little brush toothpick thingies. When I'm in my car, I go to down. I take that little brush and go through every little crack and crevasse. Makes my teeth feel super clean - my teeth are good just very tight. Oh, and I brush with baking soda and peroxide 2-3 times/week. Mom used to and she had good teeth?! Is that bad?

21. Why did you start your blog?

To let family and friends know how Ironman training was going last year - then, it took on a life of its own. YOU people still come here so I keep writing. I check analytics once in a while and if there's anyone out there who wants to give me free shit to try, I can give you my stats;) I'm 5'9" so no clothes for shrimpy people, thanks.

22. What is your silliest/ most embarrassing triathlete rookie story?

I don't embarrass easily, shocking, I know. Really and truly. I think it's just that I don't give a flip. If it's something crazy or will make someone laugh, I'm in, even at the risk of embarrassing myself. I think laughter is underrated and if everyone just took themselves less seriously, the world would be a better place. OK, maybe not better but it sure would be more fun. I don't know that I've ever done anything particularly dumb, no helmet on backwards, no naked under a wetsuit, I got nothing...OH, that's the other side of me, I will research and understand something in every detail so crazy shit DOESN'T happen to me. If I happen to it, sure, but I don't want to be totally caught of guard.

23. If you could do anything in the world, what would it be?

Retire at the cool age of 36...I got all kinds of stuff I'd LIKE to do rather than all the things that I must do.

24. If you could train with one person in the world in any sport, who would it be? (My changed Question)

I'm torn on this one - either Amanda Lovato or Bree Wee. I think they both kick ass but have real expectations about sport and life. I don't know that they could come down to my level for even a day but I think we would have fuuunnnn.

I forgot what the rules were, but Jim, did you laugh?


Ryan said...

I really thought you would have chosen to train with me :-(

Crop dusting is my favorite sport, especially after really hard workouts in which my whole system is just starting to return to normal and I've got to "blow" out that residual lactic acid. I love doing it in the produce section next to punk ass little kids stuck in the cart while mommy is thumping the watermelons. She walks back to the kids, who are all gagging, and blames the smell on Jr. I almost pee myself everytime.

Want to go shopping?

Diana said...

The crop dusting got me too.....never heard it put that way and I am ALL about farts. THey are funny, they sound funny, they make me laugh, I can't live a day without hearing or doing a fart or 2!

Dave said...

I'm with you on retiring at 36..or in my case 39...people that say they would get bored...those are sad souls I tell you!!!!

Chloe said...

You need to title your book "Thug Life" - I'd totally buy it. And yes, I am obsessed with those little teeth brush cleaners as well! They just feel so freaking good!!!

IronBob said...

I gave up on the whole idea of retiring early when I had 3 kids between 37 and 42.

I'm with you on the training with Bree Wee.. She's the sweetest person you could ever meet and I bet a training ride or run with her would be a hoot

Mae said...

I cracked up... and thanks to religiously reading your blog I now use the words shiz and ridonkulous. But only in my head. Because my 3 year old got onto me for saying them out loud. I'll be body marking and in T1 @ Mach Tenn Saturday. Hope to see you and will certainly be cheering you on!

Al's CL Reviews said...

Crop dusting...

My husband will love that one.
He loved when I told him to nasal douche the other day.

Carolina John said...

ah, crop dusting. that's nice. it made me laugh.

Deb said...

I would totally read your book! You crack me up! Do it!! :)

Marcy said...

Holy crap! I didn't realize you were THAT tall! Dang gimme a couple inches! I'd love to be that tall.

kristen said...

Dude, I think we were seperated at birth. Scary how similar our answers are. Colon blow, crop dusting, I use those words on a weekly basis. I was suprised (not really) to hear you say them too.

You should write a book about all the crazy experiences of being a doggie owener. You seem to have alot of those stories and Lord knows there are enough obsessed pet lover to buy that kind of stuff.

Drink coffee and poop - EVERY morning. I wake up early just to make sure I do this. I can't leave the house without doing it.

Jo Lynn said...

I'm not Jim but I laughed. LOLOL

Watch it - I'm one of those shrimpy people. ;)

I don't embarrass (easily) either.

Amy said...

Butt Spackle. Hilar. I love that stuff too.

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Write a book... I have lots of random thoughts, helpful tips and even a serious moment or two. I just don't think anyone would buy it. ...

Hey, sister, before you write a book, better write up a better marketing presentation because "I don't think anyone would buy it" might be a tough sell even to a poorly-run American publishing company.

But once you do that, it seems you got some buyers here for a book on crop dusting. Iron Oxide Missy's Guide to Farting: The Dos and Don'ts ...

Virtually writes itself, don't it?

I can't crop dust because I can't fart silently - I'm incapable of it. It is my deepest character flaw.

Jenna said...

Holy Shite - this was a vocabulary lesson for me - How funny...crop dusting, butt spackle, crop dusted ... I would read your book just to learn new words!! Crop dsuting is just the vertical version of the dutch oven - Pulling the sheets over your loved ones head and busting a ripper for them to enjoy as they struggle for fresh air.

And I am a little person (5'1) so if anyone sends you free shit that doesn't fit - send it to me!!

Carly said...

Loved your facts!!! I am still giggling about the crop dusting. It happens to me every single shift at my retail gig. I just about go postal everytime.

joyRuN said...

Jim must've at least put out a giggle, cuz I'm laughing over here!

Jo Lynn said...

Ha! You're not the first person that has said that about me and Catra. We are even built the same. We are six months apart in age (I am older). As far as I know, we are not related. LOL

Wes said...

I lurve going to Mexican restaurants and having burritos or enchiladas for desert :-) Well done!!

Mel-2nd Chances said...

great list! Good luck this weekend :)

Jill said...

Bree Wee...that is funny. Her family stood beside my drunken body at IM FL when you competed. I am sure, if you even mention you know me...when/if you meet her she will drop you like a hot potato. I recall at one point even yelling for her, her looking at me "who the F is that lady?" And then pressing the "go faster" to the finish line.

Hey, at least the cheering helped her!

She does seem very down to earth though (via her blog).

ShirleyPerly said...

Bree is so friendly and often looking for folks to train with. I often see her around the Kona pool or down by K-bay. The problem is that I can't keep up with her ;-)

And isn't that water at Grand Teton like fffrrreeeezing? Looks very pretty, though!

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IronMissy - it's official!
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