Thursday, June 11, 2009

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Dear Mr. No Helmet,

I don't know why but I was furious that you would take to the roads without a helmet. (I actually saw multiple Mr. No Helmet's today of different varieties.) Here's the deal and this goes for you and all your other friends that don't want to wear a helmet because 'it's your right' and 'I didn't wear one as a kid', this is for a bicycle or motorcycle, Mr. I want to feel the wind in my hair, look cool, be free while flying down a hill at 40mph. Thanks to YOU my insurance deductibles are through the roof, as is any state run health care program that MY tax dollars support. As I see it, when you CHOOSE to not wear a helmet it is implicit, then, that you are declining your health care coverage through work OR through the state. Don't give me the crap that we didn't wear helmets 10, 20 years ago and we all turned out fine. Our mother's smoked and drank too, it doesn't make it a good idea NOW. We are (hopefully) smarter and wiser. Oh, at least some of us are. So when you wipe out because you got a flat at 21mph or hit a large rock and go down, enjoy that head injury, learning to wipe your own ass again and how to walk. Yeah, yeah, I know, it can happen with a helmet on too but WHY would you tempt fate? Why wouldn't you put one on? I know you have one. I saw your bike, your fancy little riding kit and dumb ass little cycling hat. I just can't support your dumb decision and I CHOOSE not to pay for your health care when you're drooling on yourself at the cool age of 27. ... why weren't you working anyway?

Girl with Dorky Helmet giving you dirty look

*This goes for Mr. Roadie no helmet guy, Mr. Motorcycle no helmet guy, Mr. Dad who puts a helmet on the kids but not on himself guy. It doesn't take a high rate of speed to kill you from smashing your melon on a curb because the jackass down the street pulled out of his driveway without looking. OR even better yet, NOT dead, just a pile that doesn't even know his name. C'mon guys, you're not new for crying out loud!


Chloe said...

Dear Mr. No Helmet Guy -
Read this letter and really think about it. If you still decide not wear a helmet -when you fall, we will kick you while you are down :) Just kidding. Kind of.
Love Chloe

It kills me when I see that - specially durning BIKE WEEK in PCB. Oh yeah. Lets get drunk and drive around on our harleys with a bunch 100000 other drunk people doing the same thing.

Carly said...

*clapping* Well said.

I won't get on my bike without a helmet.

Shannon said...

Amen sista!

Preach it!

Diana said...

I've taken care of many "head" injured patients over the years....they can't do anything but lay there and drool. Then I have to wipe it up! Thanks for nothing. Those that breath through a tube in their neck......that's valuable tax dollars paying for all our care to those who made a choice and now will never make a choice again.
I do, however, have some argument on the motorcycle-helmet controversy, but tend to keep it to myself, too much argument and I'm too stubborn to back down! On a bicycle-I always wear a helmet, on a motorcyle-never. Only a "cap" style like a bicycle, never a full size choice, I know not a lot agreeing with me. That's OK.

Shazza said...

You know how much I'm with you on this one!

And Mr. Helment-hanging-on-your-handlebars Guy, it's not going to help you much there, is it???

Wes said...

I see a few people on the Silver Comet riding without helmets. Cars or not, I'm wearing mine!!!


With you 100 percent on this one.

As you know, In Canada, we have a FREE health care system, well not counting the 40% average income tax, or the 13% sales tax, or the 35% total tax on gasoline.

The idiots that ride bicycles and ATV's or allow their kids to ride without helmets, think they are entitled to the same care.

Thing is here, they are.

Dave said...

preach it sistah...notice my youngest even wears her helmet for fashion sense....can't get it off of here after she's done riding her bike....

ShirleyPerly said...

Indeed, if it weren't for the costs we all pay for when people do stoopid things I'd say let them die out as an unworthy breed.

Carolina John said...

south carolina has no helmet law for bikes or motorcycles. i think it's darwinian.

Amber Dawn said...

in Alberta it is illegal for kids under 18 to ride without a helmet. I actually saw some cops confiscate a couple of kids' bikes b/c they weren't wearing helmets. I think the same law should apply to adults. It is just like wearing a seatbelt!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

No helmet guy doesnt stand a chance against on the cell phone, drinking latte, driving with their knees driver. Just stupid, i dont care how dorky I look, I want to live.

Susi said...

too bad i don't have a pic of my friends helmut to send you. she took a header going downhill at a good rate (hit some gravel i think) and the helmut was cracked in three places. she suffered a concussion (and a broken collerbone) but hey, can you imagine how pulpy her noggin would have been without the helmut?! yikes.

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...


How could you forget the n*ts@ck, sister?

Jo Lynn said...

It's a law here, if you're under 16. Why stop at 16, I have no clue. It should be a law for everyone, just like wearing a one on a motorcycle is a law here. But really, if I think about it, why do people only do it because it is a law? People don't care about their own noggins? Dumb, dunb, dumb.

BTW Missy - cows are cute but they sure taste good? Hmph! You sure know how to hurt a gal. ;)

kristen said...

Well said. I'm scared shitless of cars WITH a helmet - what kind of douch bag goes without one.

Keith said...

I was doing 5 Kph during my crash. It gives me the shivers to think about the might have beens of not wearing a helmet. So you're preaching to the choir here, but I admit it's good to get it out of your system. Is anyone else tempted to yell at the non-helmet wearers? And what are you tempted to yell?

Al's CL Reviews said...

You don't know how much this bothers me, and it seems to be a guy thing.

Dear Old Dad refuses to wear a helmet, and got mad AT ME when he wanted to take me for a spin on his Hog but I wouldn't since no helmet was available.

And I don't know where it came from, because before I was the age of 20, he road from shoes to head in protective gear, no matter what the temp outside.

Chloe can yell at him at PCB, Daytona and Myrtle Beach. He is at all of them.

Oh and Dad works in Shock Trauma!!! So he has seen the repurcussions!


Keep preaching!

Benson said...

Dear Mr. or Mrs. No Helmet - What the f~@# !!!!
My helmet saved my life when my head met the windshield of a car going 50 mph. Severe concussion and I was hooked up to machines for a day and no short term memory for 3 days.
I was 21 years old at the time and I still have constant ringing in my ears and chronic neck and back trouble.
I'm also ALIVE and only drool and piss myself voluntarily.

Wear your helmet or I'll describe in detail what it's like to wake up in intensive care with tubes coming out of every orifice on my body, wires attached to me and central command, and the look of utter despair on my parents faces because they nearly lost their number 2 son.
I'll also slap you if that would help.
You better be wearing your helmet if I do slap you cuz it's gonna hurt.

Enjoy your ride.
And many many more.

RBR said...

Sing it sister!

Dads or moms not wearing helmets with their kids makes me CRAZY! Children learn by example. You chose to be their teacher, teach them!

Really, in the world of embarrassing cycling gear the helmet is the least of their worries. Maybe the white cycling shorts that show their junk to the world should get cut before the helmet.

Jill said...

I hear ya too. I live on the dumb side of town. They don't wear helmets over there...yea. And, I am CERTAIN they don't have health issurance. You know, "change, change, change." It will change when they are like a fly on a windshield when a crackhead carjacks someone and runs into them. totally got me started on my rant as well.

Total D A's!!!

Mel-2nd Chances said...

I totally agree with you! I gotta protect what I have left, and have preached it to my son so much, that he's been telling the kids in neighborhood that don't wear a helmet (and who's parents don't monitor it) to put one on. proud mama i tell you.

buprunner said...

I have noooo idea how we survived the 70's and 80's when kids still didn't wear helmets- Evil Knievel was so popular and we ALL tried to do stunts. I can't believe how lucky many of us are.

My husband does this no helmet thing sometimes- and my kids watch- even with my incessant bitching- I still see him out without his helmet not on, the lazy ass. GRRR he makes me furious!

I was at an open-house for a weekly tri group on Wed, all the courses, (except the swim) are wooded messy trails- I saw a couple venture out on their very expensive new mountain bikes and wearing high-end fitness duds venturing the intermediate bike trail with no helmets. Even on my Trashy Trek Urban Ghetto Mountain Bike, Sally- I wear one, even as pokey as I am.

buprunner said...
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Molly said...

Usually Mr No Helmet is also riding the wrong way in the bike lane, talking on a cell phone, and running red lights. AT least around here. Morons.

Bill said...

I know a guy like that. An otherwise smart guy who loses all credibility with me when he's without a helmet. Just dumb.

buprunner said...

This is how a helmet saves your butt. Coach Calhouns crash:,0,4448648.story

joyRuN said...

You'd have a heart attack on the Ocean City boardwalk. People everywhere with no helmets. Kids everywhere with no helmets!

Since the spring, I see a woman riding along route631 in the morning coming the other way. Bless her - she's wearing a helmet. She's worn it backwards for weeks though. One day I wanna follow her to her destination just so I can fix the damn thing ;)

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