Monday, June 15, 2009

McShotty Scavenger Hunt and the CMA's

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All workouts completed and in the books - three runs, three swims and three runs. I'm happy with the outcome...except for the fact that I fell apart on Tuesday for speed work. The plan: 1 mile warm up, 3 x 1 mile repeats, 1 x 2 mile repeat and 1 mile cool down. I made it through until about 2/3's way through the last bit, 1 x 2 mile repeat. Holy crap, totally fell apart, the wheels came off and I was cooked. The 1 mile cool down turned into a .5 mile walk to the car. Eh, for the second speed session of this season, I'll live with that! Otherwise, the workouts were uneventful (sorry to say). I'm still looking for the elusive wild dingo but have not found him yet. Oh, except for the fact that I killed a squirrel today while driving to the lake. I felt terrible but the little s.o.b just stopped in the middle and looked at me - I wasn't going for the ditch or oncoming car when I felt the thump, thump and looked in the rear view. Blech, I felt bad, couldn't even make some good squirrel gravy out of the little sucker.

McShotty 2009 - this would be our annual scavenger hunt and, ahem, drum roll, yes, I was part of the WINNING TEAM.
The hunt always takes place during the Country Music Festival in much good stuff. Drunk foreign folks (and by foreign, I mean from Nebraska and WisCONsin)! Every team is given a book with four major landmarks, navigate, take pictures, plus four major bars or stops for a McShotty (shots at every bar for every team member to obtain points) and then the random hits - a guy standing on his head, a mullet, a Billy Ray Cyrus t-shirt, stuff like that.

Did you know that a Minderaser is Kahlua, vodka and tonic? DISGUSTING...taking one for the team, blech.
We were successful on all accounts and had great documentarians along the way. The ONE thing I did notice this year more than ever is that country has gone a little more rock and roll than I remember...not as much redneckness.

Will the mullet ever die? Will it ever just DIE already?

I mean, this is like the Big Johnson t-shirts of the 80's...this will NOT get the girl. Guys, take note.

We got points for a green cab and the red cowboy boots...what were the chances?

This poor little street performer had never seen a $2 bill before. He was thrilled with his good fortune and so were we (we needed a picture of a $2).

A new friend from my home state of Michigan...with his meat and onion rings. He seems pretty happy.
We got extra points for actually riding the bull.
...and this was probably two seconds later. I think he crushed his junk. He did walk with a limp the rest of the nite.

And this was how we ended the the lake for open water swimming. We all got in on the fun. Grandma didn't seem to mind the life vest when she realized that it involved the lake, her favorite thing. I think she only busted her ass three times before getting down to the water - poor old lady can't navigate those rocks very well. Grandma was VERY happy to see all her 'friends.'


joyRuN said...

Great pics - looks like awesome fun!

That minderaser sounds freaking disgusting - something to throw back when you're already plastered & can't taste or don't care about what the hell you're putting in your mouth anyway.

Keith said...

My goodness. I'm speechless!

Mel-2nd Chances said...

crLooks like a blast this weekend, and have to agree with joyRuN about the minderaser... glad you drank it and not me :) Cute Grandma pic too, glad she had fun

IronBob said...

Hee Haw!! Ever go to the swine ball? They used to have it 15 years ago, not sure if they still do it.

MCM Mama said...

That looks like awesome fun!

Susi said...

squirrel gravy....yup, it's confirmed. you are from TN. haha.

the scavenger hunt would have been a blast! love those things. great pics too.

can i have your doogy? oh sooo adorable! seriously if you ever need a doggy sitter you just send pup up to auntie susi in canada. we'll have a blast!

untpawgal02 said...

At leasat you got through the speed part of your track workout :)

TRI-james said...

Is that guy holding the girl in the red cowboy boots by the hair? Looks like she is trying to get away.

Dave said...

Oh Missy, you keep me entertained...great pics...thanks for helping out with Monday.

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

That sounds ridonkulously fun, sister!

W00-h00!1! Mullets!1!

Congrats on winning! But, in a contest like that, isn't everyone a winner?

Everyone except those other f*ckin' LUUUZER TEAMS, that is!


kristen said...

Wow - sounds like a great time. Who thinks of these nasty ass drinks anyways.

"Business in the front -- Pary in the back". The mullet will NEVER die.

Al's CL Reviews said...

Is the mind eraser the one that curdles in your mouth?

I so love Grandma!

RBR said...

Nice job on the workouts! I hate (translation:often bail on) speed work, so I will never judge!

The scavenger hunt looks like a blast!

Grandma looks ADORABLE! I can just hear her muttering "F-ing rocks!" every time she slipped.

Grandma and Lucy have the same life jacket! I will have to post a picture. Unlike Grandma though Lucy HATES the water and will probably never wear it.

Carly said...

LMAO....Your Scavenger hunt is a lot like our at the Minnesota State Fair. I look forward to it every year! hahahaha Great photos!!!

Great job on the workouts too. Lil' Grandma looks so cute in her life vest. I am glad she ended up liking it.

Wes said...

crushed his junk... ROFLMAO!!! :-)

Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

What a great weekend - LOVE the challenge - sounds super fun! Hooray for OW swimming for Grandma - sweet! :)

Kim said...

omg - so much fun! i want to take minderaser shots! reminds me of college! sweet job with the scavenger hunt and i want to go swimming with grandma!

ShirleyPerly said...

Squirrel gravy, HA! You crack me up. Sounds like a fun weekend except for the speed work. Is it possible to hate and love something at the same time?

Congrats to your team for winning the scavenger hunt!!

Carolina John said...

oh man that looks like fun.

Chloe said...

Minderaser? I kind of remember taking a few of those back in the collage days. Kind of. Maybe. Ugh. I think I just puked a bit in my mouth :)

There is a place in my hood where I'm pretty sure rabbits come to die - so I'm glad I'm not the only one out there who hit one recently

That scavenger hunt looks like a darn good time. Awesome mullet.

buprunner said...

I'm having a super-crappy couple of days and your scavenger hunt pics made me laugh, thanks.

Thanks also for blogging your training- by keeping up with you and the other guys I seem to be moving in the right direction.

Have a great week!

Ironbolus said...

If the mullet ever went out of style, I wouldn't know how to cut my hair anymore!

aron said...

that speedwork sounds BRUTAL. i would have died too!

Runner Leana said...

Ew, Kahlua, vodka and tonic? Gross..!! Better than a cement mixer though - kahlua and lemon juice I think.

KK said...

Yay for Michigan!

You live in a super fun place. And for the record I hope the mullet never dies, eternal source of entertainment.

Also, YOWZERS to your speedwork. I'm done after the 3x1 miles. stick a fork in my done. you put in a valiant effort-well done!

Chuck said...

Mind erasers are delicious, you just havge to know the proper method for shooting them. Stick a straw in the bottom and suck away until it is all gone. It tastes like a chocolate malt when you do it that way.

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IronMissy - it's official!
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