Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Free Stuff! YOU heard me right!

onlineshoes.com $100 Giveaway

After all my complaining about getting nothing for free, I finally get something - kinda. I get something for YOU, my crazy readers. Let me break the bad news to my Canadian and European friends first - I'm sorry but I can't have you in the running for Giveaway #1. Giveaway #1 is open to U.S. Residents only. The good news for my friends of the (much cooler) North, is that you're in for a treat with Prize Pack #2...it's a prize pack assembled and funded by ME - unless lululemon is listening and they'd like to chip in for my Canadian friends, how about it guys? C'mon, I am very cool and I'm not even asking for myself. I'm trying to GIVE IT AWAY.

Giveaway #1 (US Residents only) - $100 gift certificate to onlineshoes.com
You heard me right, the easiest $100 you have ever 'earned.'
Leave a comment on THIS blog entry with the following:

a) What pair of new Saucony's will you buy with your new found wealth?
b) Funniest/most embarrassing running story
c) Why did you start running in the first place?

How much easier can it be, so many options to get in on this action...you gotta give me somethin'! *No anonymous comments - you must show yourself!*

Prize Pack #2 (non US Residents only) - this will probably cost me more to ship than the contents themselves, whatever.

I intend to assemble a care package of items unique to Tennessee. Given this heat, Googoo Clusters might turn into a pile of chocolate soup but we have other lovely delicacies like Cup of Gold Bars (great on the bike or run, ask Carly), Moon Pies, you haven't lived until you've had a moon pie and I'm sure some other equally redneck stuff that you'd like to have. I kid, I kid, kinda. I don't think a can of RC Cola would withstand the postal service so I'll have to work on that. I'll even try (read try) to get a pair of my favorite Swiftwick socks to include, made here in town. I won't even send you a pair that's already been worn, aren't YOU lucky?

Leave a comment on THIS blog entry with the following:

Funniest/most embarrassing swim/bike/run story - training or race.
*No anonymous comments - you must show yourself!*

The winner will be randomly selected by our expert panel of judges. Results will be posted on Friday, June 19, 2008.

Expert panel of judges

This was post race from Saturday, our eyes were fried and so was my brain, apparently. Who's your daddy, Gene Simmons, jeeeeze?!

Yeah, he really doesn't care so much who wins.


Marcy said...

You know I would not miss this :P

Hmmmm I don't really have any embarrassing running or racing stories. Really I don't. You know I would've shared it :P I think the only thing I've done that *might* be embarrassing is that I've farted lots of times while running passed other people. I don't' even know if it's been loud or not since I subscribe to the belief that if my earbuds are in and I can't hear it, then no one else can :P

Diana said...

I can't believe I'm going to put this in public view, but it's all about freebies!
A few years ago I had all my upper teeth pulled and replaced with a nice new set of dentures. All those years of mountain dew finally paid off! Anyways, while just starting this running thing, I still ran on the treadmill only. While losing a lot of weight on the body, you'd be surprised how your mouth changes as well, my mouth shrunk and my new dentures were huge in my mouth, they were so loose. One morning while running hard, gasping for air through the mouth...you got it....out the dentures went! They landed on the treadmill (which was moving) and I wish I could spell the word I'm trying to say on the sound I heard! They flew behind me and smacked right into the wall. I thought for sure my "teeth" were going to be laying there all broken in little pieces! Too my surprise they were fine. After my run, I called my dentist and told him my story and thanked him for making me such a strong pair!
There ya have it-the teeth falling out of the mouth story! Still cracks me up every so often!
Can't wait to get my new shoes!

Al's CL Reviews said...

The most embarrassing thing I've posted on the blog was shaving the dog, but that isn't about running.

I think the most embarrassing thing that happened was I was on the track and these people were snickering. I assumed they were just commenting on what a fine specimen I was. On my way home, I saw 2 people with mohawks, and snickered at them. At another stop sign someone on the street pointed at me and laughed.

I got home and I had the biggest pompadour from when I kept wiping my sweaty hands on my head. Shows me not to snicker at other people's hairdos (but it hasn't stopped me).


Shunned again. This is the second contest I have been excluded from.

This sucks EH!!

Dave said...

Oh....ok...Why? I got issues...just let me deal with them via running as opposed to meth. 2006 I am sitting on the couch watching the Dallas White Rock Marathon...and thought 2 thoughts. A. I AM FAT...and B. I SHOULD BE OUT THERE RUNNING THAT. Yep, I know, I know...I have gone extreme...26.2 isn't enough...Here is a photo on my blog with my youngest giving a shameless plug for Saucony...See There....;-)

Dave said...

Here is the pic on the post:

streak said...

Nothing really stands out embarrassing like poop running down my legs or something. But I'm sure just me running itself is the most embarrassing thing.

I have a pair of grid fusion now that are amazing. I would go for the Saucony Xodus.

Sherry Lynn said...

I love it! Pelase have your pup judge my entries... dogs seems to love me. :o)

OK... I'm entering for prize pack #1 AND #2 (ya gotta go for the gold, right?):

The serious entry:
Why did you start running in the first place?
The Komen Race for the Cure 5K knocked on my door in November 2007. We had recently lost my dear mother-in-law to breast cancer and I needed some way to show support for the cause. I suppose it was part of the healing process. Anyway, I couldn't run a lick! I had been taking step classes and aerobics for a few months at the local gym, but running is such an entirely different beast! I got out there and did it though; step by step; burning lungs, burning up shoes, feeling frustrated b/c my type-A personality wasn't capable of running faster than an 11 min/mile comfortably.

All the while, I kept thinking about my MIL and how STRONG she was during her illness. All I had to do was get out there in March and RUN (not walk) a measley 5K. She had to fight for her life! And so I pushed on- week after week following the Couch to 5K plan. When March finally rolled around, I banged out a 28:19 and felt like I was on top of the world! Somewhere along the way I picked up something called 'triathlon' and the rest has been history... and a blessing.

The embarrassing entry:
Most embarrassing swim/bike/run story
This little story took place just one week ago. In an attempt to be more Olympian-like (and because I know that I need every second I can get b/c my run BITES), I decided to do my first ever flying dismount in a race. I had practiced for a few weeks at the end of training rides and I figured that there was really no better time than now to put it to the test in a race.

I got out of my shoes early and eyeballed the dismount line. Stood up, swung my leg over my saddle, hung out on the side for a few seconds and then... HIT THE FRONT BREAK! The bike stopped dead, the back tire went up and I did a face plant in front of a crowd of spectators! A rather loud, "Ooooooohhhhhhhhh" resonated all around me. So here I am with my fancy sperm helmet on, looking all hot to trot in my sport bikini and I'm flattened out on the pavement. Tri geek! I ended up making the quickest recovery EVER and ran my bike into T2... trying to pretend like nothing happened. I wasn't even aware of the road rash on my leg until more than 1/4 mile into the run.

Mel-2nd Chances said...

so nice of you to think of us in the great white north too! Hmmm, can't really think of anything embarrassing though, so I'll have to get back to ya! Love the pics of the judges :)

kristen said...

Wow - you sure a cool lady to do that for our friends to the North. Kudos!

Why did I start running? Simple. I quit smoking and needed something to replace it with. Who knew giving up one addiction, would lead to another.

Thanks for the advice after my pitty party. I'm hiring a coach. He has his work cut out for him.

KK said...

Great idea-you are so nice and thoughtful.

LOL at the RC cola. I didn't know that was unique to Tennessee, learn something new everyday.

Good luck to all the participants!

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

I actually just said in my post this morning why I started running - FAT EYES.

Fat eyes = High cholesterol and if you want to know how that equation works, you'll just have to read today's post, won't you?

Which brings me to my funniest running story - it'a about the time I got Iron Oxide Missy to read my blog because I wanted some SNEAKERS.

I don't know if Dr. Nic reads your blog, but if he does ...

That's right, Dr. Nic! SNEAKERS!1! So Eff YOU!1!

Blondie said...

This is a cut and paste from an email I sent while training for Ironman Florida.....It's the funniest thing that has ever happend to me on a run AND it's the reason I run.

Thursday mornings are for long runs so I can enjoy a little more time on the weekends. You guys all know that you see some weird shit when you are out on the road. This morning, I discovered why I run as the ass crack of day.

The alarm went off at 3:15 and I hit the road by 3:45. I had mapped out a route that would do a big loop into Cool Springs, but I had some irrational fear of running down Mack Hatcher. At the last minute I decided to just do an out and back down Liberty Pike and Mallory Lane. As I got close to my turn around I ran out of water and decided to swing off the course and go the Shell station on Cool Springs Blvd.

A car pulled into the parking lot there as I went into the store. When I came out, I could see a blonde woman sitting in the car. As I started to run again, I hear a deep voice say, "Hey, sister." I turn around looking for a guy, but the only thing I see is that blonde woman waving at me to get my attention. I walked over to her car and realized- it's not a girl, but a transvestite looking like some drunk sorority sister. S/he was lost and need directions to Brentwood.... I was dying to ask if the person s/he was meeting was aware that s/he was a s/he, but I refrained and just helped s/he out.

So- thank you, Stephanie, for sending me on sick runs on Thursday mornings before the sun comes up. Thank you, brain, for having irrational fears that lead me on a different path to be at Shell at an unplanned time. Otherwise I wouldn't have had the s/he add a little bit of sunshine to my run. Honestly- you never expect to see anything other than white bread america around here...

Susi said...

Oooh, I'm the first from the North to post!! Does this mean I automatically get a prize?? Heh.

Okay, so here's a tale of a newbie experience I had 2 years ago as I headed out to a swim practice...

So I stopped by my favourite tri store after work. Greg was going to talk to me about the race and give me some tips that he's learned as he'd experienced similar pains in a race he'd done.

Whilst there I purchased some electrolytes called Nuun. I had seen people use them, and in fact Greg showed me they are as easy as 1-2-3.

Basically you pop them out of the container, drop them in the water container, and they happily fizz away.

I was heading to the lake for a swim, after being at the store, so figured I'd try one of these little gems. I had a full water bottle so I popped it in there.

Now this water bottle is quite nifty in that you flip the top up and this very flexible little rubber straw that POPS! right up.

After the tablet dissolved I noticed a little bit of floaty stuff...so I figured I would give the bottle a very gentle little shake.(Some of you probably know where this is going....)

Well I was stopped at a light when flipped the top and moved in to take a sip.

That's when all hell broke loose!

My water bottle turned into a small volcano. In my car. I had this stream of fizzy water shooting up to the top of my car, and in my face (remember, I was going for a sip when I opened the bottle).

I had Nuun water everyfrigginwhere! On the visor, the dash, steering wheel, console, other seat, and ME! This stuff was literally dripping off my car ceiling and visor too...

It was SOOO funny. Of course the first thing I did was look around to see who might have seen this incident. Luckily I think I avoided detection.


OK I have 2.

1. Not that bad, but a little un-nerving.

Coming out of T1 during Ironman Florida, I get ready to jump on my bike, and a spectator yells to me that my chain was off.

In front of a couple of hundred cheering people, I am trying to steady my shaking hands to put it back on.

I fix it and then head out onto the road, I reached for my waterbottle, and it flew right out my hands.

It was the only one I had full, and I had to wait for the first aid station to get a drink.

2. This is not a tri story, but a hockey story. For the fans out there.

I used to referee hockey, and I chewed gum to help my nerves. One game, I was skating up the ice, and accidently spit my gum on the ice.

The play turned around, and I spotted my gum on the ice on the way back, so in full stride, I reached down and picked up the gum and put it back in my mouth.

If you don't think is funny or embarrasing, it was a different flavour.

Hope everyone gets a chuckle.

Carly said...

Ohhhh what a fun post. I am dying at the stories stories! LMAO

The Saucony Stabil is my shoe....the guy at the store said they are a good shoe for a "hefty" runner. I should have punched him instead of buying the shoes.

My most embarrassing racing story was when I got heat exhaustion during a half marathon and collapsed at the finish line (that is not the funny part) I woke up in the med tent with uber hot doctor working on me. He had to keep telling very concerned family to back off because their cameras and video recorders were getting in the way. Can you just feel the love? They love to pull the pics out at Christmas. If that wasn't bad enough, then came the verbal vomit out of my mouth.... I looked up and noticed that my cousin had blood dripping down his legs. I yelled OMG....YOUR NUTSACK IS Bleeding!!! McDreamy Doc just stared at me like "WTF is wrong with you". LOL...I then said "I think the dumbass wore boxers to run a half marathon".

It would have been a just a faded memory HOWEVER I keep running into the doc around town and he remembers me!!! Last time I saw him before a race, he said "Make sure you hydrate, you don't want to end up on your back again".

Kelli said...

Yay Freebies!!!
I started running when I was 9. One day after soccer practice the coach came over to my dad and said to him "You know, she's not really that coordinated on the field but man you should see in her the warm up run."
The next week I skipped soccer and went to my first AAU track practice!!

ShirleyPerly said...

Ooh, Saucony shoes are the BEST!! I would get a pair of ProGrid Paramounts (size 7.5 :-).

Believe it or not, I started running back in high school simply because my best friend had a crush on a guy. My girlfriends and I were really shy and geeky and so we got our kicks by stalking guys (going by their homes, hangouts, etc) rather than talking to them. The guy she had the hots for was on the cross-country team of another school so we *had* to go to this local park where they trained and try to "bump" into him and his friends on some trail they were running on. We'd jog this one 5 (I think) mile trail looking for them and sometimes another 2-3 miles on this other one they often ran. But they were runners and we really were not, so all we often got was just a glimpse of him going past or a quick 'hi'. CRAZY!

But that would make her day and, heck, what are friends for?

Eventually she did get a date with the guy and the rest of us were thankful we didn't have to run any more. I stuck with it, though, as it seemed to help me deal with school better. It never occurred to me to enter a race until over 25 yrs later.

Thanks for doing this!!!

Benson said...

This offer is great!

I began attempting to run during High School...as a pole vaulter. I was so dedicated to swimming that when I ran more than a mile, I'd get shin splints. Running 100 feet was easy. So I thought.
My vaulting coach was also my swim coach so there was no escape. I had to run laps with rest of the real runners. My shins got to hurting so bad that only hill repeats gave me some relief. So my coach made me run hill sprints while the other boys ran laps. I sucked at running and sucked at pole vault but I sucked less at swimming. Thanks coach, you suck.
(kidding, in case he reads this).

I'd get the Pro Grid TR.

Keith said...

All right, here goes for prize package #2. We do have RC cola up here, I'm pretty sure.

Most embarrassing just has to be falling off my bike last year. The macho story would be screaming down Cochrane hill at 90+ Kph (which I've done) and crashing. But no, I was going about 5 Kph during my crash. All by myself on a bike path. I still don't have a clear memory of what exactly I did.

I was riding along, slowing down because I knew I was going into a construction area and they had been changing the bike path around. Last I remember I was sitting up, looking for the changes, with nobody around me. No kids, no dogs, clear path, no wind, no nothing. Next thing I remember is opening my eyes, flat on my back, with several people around, and an open first aid kit, and lots of things hurting.

You can get the full list of the damage here. I found out later that I had actually cracked a bone in my right elbow and the walk in clinic Dr missed it. It can be summarizes as a bunch of road rash, chipped teeth, and a cracked bone. http://keithsodyssey.blogspot.com/2008/09/ow.html

If you really want the graphic (and it's really graphic, I should get a prize for that alone) evidence, here's the before and after photos my dentist took. I'm really not kidding, there's blood and everything, and yes Susi, these are the photos that nearly broke every window in downtown Calgary. http://keithsodyssey.blogspot.com/2008/09/more-ow-graphic-followup.html

I can't explain how such a thing could happen. My wife shook her head and said "only you!" as she took me to the clinic.

Runner Leana said...

The stories are hilarious! (Except for Keith's which makes me cringe...not sure if I could read his blog post or not...)

Thank you, thank you for thinking of use north of the 49th Missy! I'm entering for giveaway #2!

I seem to have a problem...flashing...on the run. I think part of it has to do with my choice of attire? I got together with a group of ladies for my first group run EVER! I had also just bought a brand new Fuel Belt that I was trying out. We started running down the pathway and it felt like my skirt was riding up in my Fuel Belt. A few minutes later the lady behind me politely informed me that my skirt had completely ridden up in the back and I was now flashing her the spankies underneath my skirt... Way to make yourself known to the running group!

One of my blogger buddies had pointed me in the direction of a fellow blogger who had also run the Marathon Des Duex Rives in Quebec. As I was reading her race report and looking at her pictures I realized I was in one of them. She was behind me at the start line...and my skirt was waving around...and I'm pretty sure you can see some cellulite and maybe even a little butt cheek...on the internet. And now I'm sharing it with you and all of your readers!


untpawgal02 said...

Here's an embarrasing running moment... losing a shoe a quarter of a mile into the Dallas Running Clubs Half Marathon and having to track back to relief the shoe. How does that sound???

MCM Mama said...

Hmm, I'd love some new Saucony Triumphs. As to why I run, well, I started running to overcome postpartum depression, now I run to survive having kids.

I don't have much in the way of embarrassing stories, but one time I forgot deodorant before a long run. On the way back to my house, I had to run past the corner where all the day laborers hang out in hopes of getting a job for the day. Normally, when I run through there, I get lots of "compliments" in Spanish. This particular day, the crowd parted like the red sea. Guess I didn't smell so great after running 14 hot miles without deodorant.

ernieptoo-google said...

I managed to survive my college experience without gaining the freshmen 15 or any other amount for that matter. The day after graduation, I started to baloon up day by day. Distressed by my new plumpness - or as my ex called it - adorable doughiness (yeah, that helps) - I remember that the only other time I had battled weight and won was as a result of forced running. Ok, so I ran but living in Seattle in the winter, I quickly learned that it is hard to schedule runs around requiring warm, dry weather so I head to the gym. Me and my trusty walkman tape player (it wasn't THAT long ago, just good stuff on tape). About a quarter mile in, breathing like a distressed bagpipe, the clip on my trusty walkman fails and my walkman hits the treadmill deck and zooms across the room, crashing into the wall opposite and shattering into many pieces. Immediately concerned about the well-being of my favorite disco mix, I started to slow the belt and go retrieve my tape until the muscle-head passing through said "OMG, what dork broke their "Best of disco 2" mix. I promptly tucked the now dangling cord of my player into the waistband of my shorts and kept trucking.
Fast forward a decade and enter a new determination to run and throw in the swim and bike for good measure and find me at my local Y, hoping to get fast enough to workout with the Tri Club. Prancing along on the treadmill, feeling pretty good with my headset plugged into the TV jack, smugly thinking, "Ain't no way I can drop my tape deck now and die of embarassment," when my sloppy arm movements accidentally tug that plug right out of the jack. No problem. I will just plug it in. Well, that tiny little jack is harder to find when trucking along on the treadmill. Smart people hit stop, fix and move on but Nooooooo, I can do this. So I tilt my head, lose my balance and FALL. Not a, "Oh, she's down kind of fall" but rather an, "OMG, why isn't she smart enough to hit the emergency button or just fall the hell off" kind of fall. So, after proving that I am too proud or stupid to just fall off the treadmill, I simply grab the hand rails, burn the skin off of both knees, then pop back up, ignore the horrified stares of the people next to me, tuck the still dangling headset cord into my shorts and keep trucking- because that is how I roll.

MJ said...

Put me down for the Canadian contest....

Most embarrassing story is from Masters Class. Once every three months or so our coach gets the idea to do proper starts off the blocks and race.

It's pretty awesome and I enjoy it now. The first time I was a real newbie to these starts and I didn't have my goggles tight enough or the string tied in my speedos. So you can see where this is going....

Dive - goggles around chin, speedo around ankle then off.... blind and naked searching for a swimsuit while the coach is about to start the next wave of swimmers (who will dive and meet me at great speed...)

The water has never felt so hot before as I blushed bright red....

There's mine...

Jo Lynn said...

Saucony Pro Grid 3

TRI-james said...

Grid Sinister - in blue and I like the name also.

Flatman said...

I started running to lose weight. :)

Now I run becuase I love it.

buprunner said...

Since I've only run 4 races, that makes it pretty easy: my most somewhat embarrassing moment happened this past Saturday at the Race for the Cure in Hartford, just before the finish line- Ronald McDonald reached out to Hi5 me, and I was sooo focused on the finish and sprinting that I almost plowed him down. I'm surprised it didn't make the papers.

I started running because I have Juv. Rheumatoid Arthritis which is systemic, since I was a very young child. Running wasn't an option until 'they' found out all of the benefits to joints it actually provides. I started running this past December, first time eva!

Molly said...

Been reading your blog a lot lately, and I love it! I'm a triathlete and a journalism student, so I figure any chance I get to write about training is worth it, especially when new shoes could be involved. So here goes...

Most embarrassing story:

I have IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), so getting started with running took me a lot of time. When I first started, I couldn't get a mile without having a finishing sprint for the bathrooms, or nearby set of trees.

So one weekend, I decided to run in a park near my parent's house. My parents were walking together with my dog at the same time, so I figured it would be nice if I could run and catch up. The park has a lot of different paths, so I didn't know where to find them, so I was just running hoping to spot them. A mile or so in, nature called.

I, of course, had to answer, so I ducked into the woods. As I started taking care of business, I heard voices. Hunching over, I realized that it was my parents. My dog started looking at the woods where I was hiding, and barked.

Then, my dad, who is a hunter so knows something about using the woods as nature's finest restroom, looked over and started laughing. He didn't realize it was me, so he pointed it out to my mom as "someone is using that tree as a toilet" and laughed.

A minute later, I walked out of the woods and called to them. My dad started laughing harder, and my mom just shook her head and said "oh dear god."

I never run while they're walking now...

Anyway, love the blog, and I think it's great that you're able to do giveaways!

AKA Alice said...

Geez girl...this is what we gotta do to get Marcy to leave a comment? Do a giveaway...

What if I do all three...do I get a shot at both drawings?

1. I want to try the Saucony Hurricane 11. I have three pairs of the 10's right now...love these shoes.

2. I still think the funniest running story isn't something that happened to me, but that happened to one of my friends last year in the Rock and Roll Marathon, but it's only funny because Elsie is really, honestly, one of the smartest people I know...like Genius smart, but sometimes is just such a dumb blond (and I say that with the utmost love and affection). Last year in the marathon, when she ran past an aide station at about 20 miles, someone handed her some gel-looking substance on a stick. She figured it was some energy gel, so she ate it.

It was Vaseline (ewwwww).

3. I started running about four years ago, because it was an excuse to go have breakfast with my friends. We figured that every other month or so, we'd sign up for some 5K and run/walk it. Then we'd go have breakfast (not so surprising huh?), a few mimosas, and some laughs.

After the first race, I was hooked. I started to really like, then want, then I needed to run...and I wanted to get better at it...now I've run a marathon and 5 1/2 marathons and I don't know how many 5 and 10k runs. I'm a runner now, a fact that surprises pretty much everyone who knew me five years ago when basically, I wouldn't even have run to catch a flight.

But in the beginning, it was all about the breakfast (and mimosas...but you already knew that!)

How'd I do?

IronBob said...

OK. I will post my entry.

Back in the mid 90s I did Escape from Alcatraz 3 times. I was always a back of the packer in these races with the likes of Mike Pigg, Paula Newby Fraser, Scott Tinley all getting on the boat to Alcatraz with the "wanna bees" looking to knock them off in the race.

I always did the race as a celebration of life, and I think I was one of the few that did it just to enjoy it. The last year I did it, I thought it would be neat to document the experience, so I took a water proof camera on the swim. I took shots of everything during the swim. So much so, that the currents took me past the exit point and I was heading out to the Pacific. No worries though, a dingy picked me up (of course I took their picture) and dropped me off up current so I could have another chance at the entry point to Aquatic Park.

On the exit of the swim, with prison striped wetsuit on, I took pictures of the crowd to their confused looks.

I did get some nice smiles out of Paula, though, the eventual winner.

Oh yeh, I came in next to last.

IronBob said...

Oh yes, I forgot the running part... during the run I also wore a full length long sleeve prison outfit with matching prison hat. Now just picture this shmuck (me) running through the high rent district of San Francisco with the likes of Robin Williams coming out to get his newspaper, no more athletes around, no indication of a race taking place (I'm next to last), and a guy in a prison outfit jogging by....

Steve Stenzel said...

First of all, nice tri times in the previous post!!

And yeah, we've got to get in on each others "free shoe" action!! I'll go with my embarrassing story:

2 weeks ago I was at the track running intervals when my stomach gave a twitch. As I was walking home, it got worse. I started running, but that made it MUCH worse. So I was doing a fast, awkward, butt-clenched walk home to try to make it to the bathroom. I NEARLY had to squat behind a neighbors trash can in the ally, but I made it home! I sprinted past my wife and did the dirty deed. It called for 3 flushes. No joke.


Tim Wilson said...

I guess I will choose why I started running to begin with.

It is a long story, but I will save you the details. I was horribly overweight and decided to shape up. After walking for a couple months I decided to give running a go again (last time was high school)

I started running to get in better shape, but now years later I run because I love it.... and to keep in shape.

Vickie said...

Why did I start running? I was a mom with 4 young kids under age 10 as well as a new baby. I wanted the exercise and figured it would be faster to run than walk, so that was the beginning, 21 years ago, dozens and dozens of races,marathons, triathlons, and now onto Ironman later.

IronMissy - it's official!

IronMissy - it's official!
A vision in green!