Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Value of Small

I have had to totally switch and re-evaluate my thinking for this year. With a non-Ironman year, and not even a huge racing year, I've had to re-evaluate the value of small. Small workouts, 'short' workouts. Please remember, it's all relative. My mindset is endurance, longer, stronger, badder, better. Previously, any swim less than 3000M wasn't worth getting wet, a bike ride less than 20 miles wasn't worth getting a pair of shorts dirty and a run of three miles wasn't worth changing your clothes. Switching that mindset is a lot harder than you might think.

I find it easier to skip a three mile run or a short 15 mile bike BUT Saturday was my day to embrace 'the value of small.' In these here parts (Tennessee), we're floating away. Rain, rain and when it's done more rain. I hate the suckmill and the trainer. I will chance a wet run rather than get on that dreaded piece of equipment. I will skip a ride rather than get on a trainer (not a good attitude). Saturday, I decided that a short 3 miler with big Magnus was in order.
He will keep my pace (very) slow. We dodged some puddles and peed on every bush - well, he did the peeing, I can actually hold it for 3 miles. We had fun, no worries, and he proceeded to pass out. Time to dig into household chores, with all the rain, a bike ride is out of the question. OR is it? RH was watching the radar like he watches a race (ALMS, F1, not tri) and then I hear it - LET'S GO, WE HAVE A WINDOW, WE HAVE A WINDOW (of no rain). Oh no, I had resolved myself to NO ride and was moving about my day. I was actually, mad about this prospect... Seriously, a WINDOW. YES! We can get in ~15 miles, let's hurry, go out and hammer it, hammer the hills and hurry back. After much whining and protest, by me, I went. In my heart, all the while thinking - is it worth this effort for 15 miles, seriously? I'm going to have to clean my bike when it's over and it will take LONGER than the freakin ride. Fine, fine, fine. If we're going, then you're pulling and I'm drafting your arse the whole way, pull me up those hills. Sure, he says.

I am stuck to him like glue. He said he wasn't sandbaggin, just working it through at a quick and consistent pace. Mmm, curious, I'm not usually stuck to his wheel like this. At one point, he said - what's up with your climbing today? I said - I thought I was doing pretty well. His response - exactly. What does that say about my mad climbing skillz? LSS, we did it, a hard, fast, hilly 15ish mile effort, some sprinkle and lots of water.

Retrospect - I'm so very glad I did both - short slow run and a short fast bike. It's my first step in breaking my 'long course' frame of mind...for this year, at least!

P.S. Swiftwick socks are the shiz niz - seriously, don't care if I ever have another workout sock again. I'm not a big product plugger and they haven't given me anything for free. During our ride I could feel water running down the back of my leg into my shoe. But my feet did not FEEL wet - I knew they were but the feeling was of dryness. Helluva sock, try a pair if you're in the market.

Responses to my Crazy 8's Tag ... if you care...

8 things I'm looking forward to:
  1. Swim party tonite where I get to see people in something other than a Speedo.
  2. Dry weather
  3. Vacation in Crested Butte, Colorado
  4. A nap this afternoon
  5. Clean sheet day - is there anything better than clean sheets with lots of fabric softener?
  6. Doing a relay with Ryan some time this year.
  7. Having a girls weekend at my place (RH is out of town!).
  8. Meeting Penny - she's coming to Nashvegas in a few weeks.

8 things I did yesterday:
  1. Ran with Magnus man
  2. Rode a bike - lovin my road bike right now, poor TT bike is sitting like it's up on blocks, I had to actually dust it off, sad.
  3. Cleaned out my closet - why do I keep shoe boxes? I threw away at least five empty shoe boxes, do I think I'm going to return them, weird.
  4. Celebrated a birthday - let's hear it for 3-7!
  5. Watched the Kentucky Derby - wow, the owner and rider were HUGE rednecks, got to love that story.
  6. Drank cocktails at MY bar - we have a bar in our living room. Who needs a living room?
  7. Laundry
  8. Blogland catchup
8 things I wish I could do/want to do:
  1. Train full time.
  2. Climb Grand Teton (wish)
  3. Go drinking with Chloe and Kristen.
  4. Retire right now - I have plenty I could do to fill my time, thanks.
  5. Train like Marit.
  6. Run with JoLynn and Boomer.
  7. Have my mom back.
  8. Go to Canada and workout with all those crazies up there - freezing lakes and 30F bike rides, all new meaning to HARD CORE.
8 things I am afraid of (I think this was 8 TV shows but JoLynn changed it, thankfully):
  1. Losing my dad
  2. Being an orphan - small family, only child and only Dad is left of my immediate fam.
  3. Swimming into a dead body or dead fish in open water.
  4. Getting injured and being sidelined for an extended period of time.
  5. My 37 birthday this year - so much closer to 40 and don't tell me 40 is the new 30.
  6. Snakes
  7. Coming face to face with someone other than RH in the house in the middle of the nite.
  8. Fire


TRI-james said...

The shorter sessions are hard - they do not seem worth it!

And fears - "Getting injured and being sidelined for an extended period of time." That is a BIG one! Exercise is so much more than just exercise!

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

hey, sister, great job on the run and the bike ride and the new mindset but I'm sorry the thing that really stuck with me in this post is the SIZE of that Magnus' tongue and all I could think was, "Wow, his beeyotch must be SO contented, because MAN, that is ONE BIG-@$$ TONGUE!1!"

No, seriously, good job on the new attitude.

Family loss - my greatest fear, too. Teh 'Dad is 87 and I lost Teh 'Mom seven years ago and still miss her.

Very thoughtful lists, sister.

Take care!

Jo Lynn said...

Did you celebrate your 37th birthday, or someone else's?

You can come and run with me and Boomer anytime you'd like. ;)

Anonymous said...

You should add to your list of things you fear:

Running out of shoe boxes.

Eliciting pervy comments from Teh Glaven.

Susi said...

OMG I LOVE LOVE LOVE your dog!!! He's adorable!

Good on ya for getting out there. What's kind of funny is your idea of what is now considered a 'short' run or ride would be sooo long for some! haha. My friend and I were talking about that today.

Man, I can just imagine the party if Team Tennesee, Team Colorado and Team Canada got together! Speaking of Tennesee, are you anywhere near Lynchburg? There is a wee distillery there that I've been meaning to visit. :)

Dave said...

I hear ya on the the short stuff...seems like a anything shorter than a 6 mile run is's not...anything is better than nothing. But it is nice to get a long run in...ran 15 miles with the Naked Runner this past weekend.

...and on your "retiring" things I could do for the next 50 years and not get bored.

Shannon said...

Thanks for the tip on the socks! I'm always looking for just-the-right-sock!

Celebrating my 39th (seriously) in a couple of months. I'm hanging on to the 30's for dear life!

Keith said...

37. So young. I can sort of vaguely remember that far back. Life gets better after 40.

That might be one sweet adorable dog, but that much tongue and I'm sure there are giant chompers in there, could give me nightmares.

How do you know some of the swim party people *won't* show up in a Speedo?

Come up any time. You get to choose the guest room. Upstairs with the plasma and DVD player and near the bathroom, or downstairs near the wine, books, and workout area. Hmmm, I think there's still room in the Calgary 70.3....

IronBob said...

Thanks for the sock tip.

Could be worse, you could be turning 50 like my wife (next week). But she looks MAVVOLESS

Diana said...

It is very hard to change mind set in going small. Especially when they make you feel sooooo good!
Nice list....lost both parents so long ago, never gets any better.
Snakes....why do they exist I ask???
37??? I turned 47, so I'm nearing that big 50! Yuck, but it's all good because I feel like 37!

Wes said...

The first thing I thought when I saw the blog post was Magnus' tongue. Jeeez... Tell'em to put that thing away before he hurts somebody :-)

Melanie said...

ya! Come to Canada! :D Happy birthday if it was yours that was celebrated!

Ryan said...

On rainy days do some hardcore speed intervals with a vacuum like a do. I get the training in and a clean house at the same time...I'm so multi purpose!

Carolina John said...

Good list, happy birthday! there is something to be said for shorter workouts -- call it speed work, it sounds cooler.

joyRuN said...

Great job on squeezing in some quality work in the window! Your pic even has a vein of approval!!


Missy said...

P.S. NOT my 37 b-day just A 37 b-day...mine is in November:(

Runner Leana said...

Nice job on those short workouts!

Kim said...

i heart your dog :) what a cutie!!! and a tongue like mine!

i dread short runs/rides - whats the point?! :) great job getting them done.

MJ said...

Just got all caught up on your blog.... some great stuff - was laughing plenty!

Anytime you are up here I'd be happy to show you around our freezing waters (they do warm up in the summer*...)

*summer is from August 12 - 17 here in Canada.

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IronMissy - it's official!
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