Friday, April 3, 2009

How to cure a hangover...

First of all, thanks for all the well wishes for the big 10! We went out, ate a PHat ass dinner but NOT before I had two glasses of wine. No problem. Eat a big meal, talked, laughed, watched the rain come down outside, ordered a real martini...that's a gin martini up with olives in case you're wondering. None of this sugary, fancy schmancy BS. Came home and thought that having another glass of wine was a good idea....until I woke up at 2, 4, 5, 6 and finally up at 7:00. OUCH, my head feels like someone put an ax in it and cat shit in my mouth (we don't even have cats). Anywho, I did not wallow in my pussydome (that's for Chloe), got up, coffee, Nuun (because you need to replace your electrolytes at this point), cereal and packed a swim bag...5K swim was going to be a tall order. I could shorten it if I needed to, right? BIG FAT WRRRONG. Got to the pool with my fancy little 5K workout in a ziploc baggie and get stopped by my coach, superstar Ashley Whitney. She says - I'm so glad you're here, I'm going to swim with you. Oh holy hell, are you kidding me? I had all kinds of plans of shortening this bitch up. My head is exploding and she can swim circles around me. My response - oh, OK, great, yah, that'll be great. Into the water and here was the 5K for today (in meters):

4x100 swim
3x100 swim
2x100 swim
1x100 swim
1x500 - long strokes, easy pace
1x500 - 4x125 - 50 kick, 50 drill, 25 swim - yes 125M, you stop in the middle of the pool and the lifeguards look at you like you're dying
1x500 - paddles only - no buoy, no kicking, drag your sorry arse legs behind you; hardest thing evah!
1x400 swim - long strokes, easy pace
2x100 swim descend
2x50 fast
1x800 - pull long smooth strokes WITH A BUOY thank gawd
4x100 pull descend - I was crying like a little girl at this point. My arms were on fir-AH!!!
4x50 pull fast
400 easy warm down

By the end, I had sea legs and could hardly lift my arms to wash my hair. I was totally cashed.

That is ONE way to help with a hang over. The other is....
These are THEE FAMOUS Danger Bob Cocktails, in honor of our good friend, Robert. They are the most delicioso on the planet. Suffice it to say, top shelf tequila, cointreau, grand marnier, some oj and fresh lime juice will get a girl RIGHT. It's amazing what MORE alcohol can do for a hangover:)...oh yeah, and a kick ass swim too. I had grand plans of running today, um, no. Maybe tomorrow...after my bike ride.

In other news...
Did you know that my dogs have better health care than most people of the world? Sad but true. Today was yearly shot day. Add in some old dayum dawgs and you're not walking for less than $350 and three bottles of new drugs. WHHHHATT? What are you gonna do? You just take out the credit card and figure it out later. You can't just say NO to these two, bless it. For the love of a dog.


kristen said...

3 words: Your my hero!!


Work it bitch!

Ok, thats six, but 2 x 3...

Right now, I am loaded off three - make that almost four, glasses of Trader joes' finest. I am wondering if I can even make a measly 30 minute run tomorow.

Anonymous said...

Oh man you are awesome; When I swam in college I used to go to practice in the worst conditions. I'd get so sick doing flip turns

Diana said...

Now I know for sure that I have alot to learn in regards to this swimming practice when I have no clue what you wrote means! I just swim back and forth the number of laps I need for my tri and call it a day! Why is this physical fitness crap so complicated!!! Jeez, thank goodness my kettlebells are easy on the brain!
Have a great weekend!!

TRI-james said...

You are tearing up the swim! damn.

Jo Lynn said...

Hmmmmm, reminds me why I don't drink anymore. Constantly chasing a damn hangover. Oh boy, the running I have done either still drunk from the night before or so hungover I couldn't run straight. Sounds like you had a lovely anniversary night though. That's awesome! Cheers to another great ten and even more after that! ;)

Oh, BTW - the group pic? Self timer, my dear. It is pretty good though, huh? LOLOLOL

Al's CL Reviews said...

Awesome job on the swim, especially with the drinks prior.

I hear ya on the dog care.

IronBob (swimming upstream at IMAZ 08) said...

WOW !!! And no CHUNKS floating around the pool? I think we have the making of a new triathlon challenge... get plastered the night before and run a tri the next day. The winner cant blow chow.. and needs to drink a margarita at the finish line..

Wes said...

I have four dogs, and the wellness care is RIDICULOUS! LOL... Way to burn off that hangover! Love it, love it, love it! No scuses. Get'er done. You can have your arms back next week :-)

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

my head feels like someone put an ax in it and cat shit in my mouth (we don't even have cats)

Hahahahahahahahah!! I'm busting a gut over here, sister!

No cats? Who could it have been then?

ZOMG, RYAN! He gave you the traditional 10th anniversary gift! Now THAT's love!

Way to tough out the hangover, sister, what with your sh*t-mouth and all!


Jill said...

Well, Joe and I decided on a whole bottle of wine Wed night and 2 hours or so of "one hit wonders from the 80's" on VH1. So, I can feel your hang over too...I woke up just the same...ugh. Too old for that crap.

Congrats on the swim though...I did nothing on hangover day (well, I did work).

And, yes, old pups are big time vet bills...but gotta love them and take care of them.

See you Sunday...I am FINALLY coming to Excel to swim!! YEA!! In the short bus class.

Jen said...

Oh lord! Don't we know about the dog expenses? Yes, for the love of dog. Great cute.

Runner Leana said...

5K on a hangover? Holy smokes Missy...I bow down to you! Those Danger Bob cocktails sound AMAZING though...yum!

Ah yes, for the love of dog. It was somewhat surprising that my dog qualifies for the geriatric blood panel testing on a yearly basis now. 8 years old and now he's geriatric?

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IronMissy - it's official!
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