Tuesday, April 21, 2009

430am coming to an end, er, kinda

With all this swimming wrapping up, the question is...always, what's next?

Ryan asks, what's next?
I can't wait to get back to riding (more) and running (more).
What's your next race? I don't know, haven't thought about it much.
What is your plan? (He's been around long enough to know that AT LEAST I've got a plan.)
Well, I plan to run about three days, swim about three days, and ride WITH YOU three days.
Uh, and you're training for what again?
I dunno, but training nine times a week seems like a good idea.
Well, don't forget us at home...we like to see you too!

I think he has visions of Ironman training all over again, cold sandwiches and eating alone all the time. Blech! I really don't know what is next but I DO know that I need to get some running legs back under me...if only I can hang on to these huge guns too. I want it all, is that so wrong? If this work thing just didn't get in the way of my good time, I swear.

Wow, what a Boston Marathon finish?!? I need to pull up some video and watch it but with times like that, it truly was a race to the finish line, just seconds apart. OH, and Ironman China, 110-114 degrees, ouch, man. I couldn't hang for an Oly in that kind of heat and I'd be angry in a sprint. Talk about carried to the med tent. Uh, yes, I lost 10 lbs in 8 hours, I'm not feeling so well. Really, no shit?

No more obsessive talk about the 5K swim. I'm swimming a little bit this week and that's about it. I KNOW that I'll make it and it can't be worse than getting into the water with 2000 of your closest friends, right?


Shannon said...

Good Luck to the toughest broad I know! (Do you like being called a "tough broad?")

BTW, strength train 3x a week to fatigue and you'll keep those guns!

SC's Adventures said...

A while back you had a plan to do a week of volunteering. How about volunteering to do a race, of some sort, with some one visually impaired or some other disability?

You get the joy of doing the training, the race and helping someone out but you might not have to pay full wack!

AND you tick off one of your things to do this year!


If you wanna keep those guns, you could do pushups on your handlebars while you are doing your next ride.

Whadda you think?

Diana said...

I know what would work to keep those guns!!!!

Carolina John said...

you'll find the next race soon enough. there are plenty out there to choose from. come on down to carolina if you need to.

Dave said...

What's next? I tell, two words, TRAIL RACE! Maybe something short like a 30K or something...something a little different with minimum training time. Something with hills and some technical terrain...yep...something like that!

IronBob (swimming upstream at IMAZ 08) said...

Come on down to Florida again. Crap, you know you can do a 12hr 20min, so if you ratchet down the training to 10 to 15 hours per week, you could still probably do a 14. Plus, you would still have great war stories, a home life, and you could throw in an "adventure" race somewhere.

kristen said...

Boston was a crazy finish - To the second. I was really pulling for Goucher and Hall though. Third is pretty sweeet among a bunch of Ethipians and Kenyans I spose. Hardcore shiz.

About your last post - new is good. You only get to experience *that* once.

Wes said...

You can come do Augusta 70.3 with me. You pedal, I will ride on the back :-)

TRI-james said...

You will kill the swim - I'm sure of it!

For the guns - one work - pushups.

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

Well, don't forget us at home...we like to see you too!

I think he has visions of Ironman training all over again, cold sandwiches and eating alone all the time

Pffttt! Sister, it's simpler than THAT.

I think he has visions of you being home long enough that he can get a little sumpin-sumpin, if you get my drift.

I mean, one can resist those impressive guns for only so long.

Bill said...

Keep on training. That next event will show itself before you know it. It's like Richard Dreyfuss' character in Close Encounters. He was working towards something; he just didn't know what it was yet.

Best of luck on the swim. I know you are gonna eat it up.

Jo Lynn said...

Gotta have a plan. Without a plan, it's all just work.

Chloe said...

You have to keep the guns!!! I need you to have my back in a bar fight!!

Talking about China - THAT is one of the main reasons I didn't sign up for IMKY! August? Midwest? Ugh..the heat!!

You are going to ROCK OUT THE SWIM! And then eat a bunch of Cuban food and drink a ton of Florida goodness cocktails. Yummmm...

Runner Leana said...

Ah yes, I want it all too!! It isn't too much to ask, is it?

Those conditions in China sounded absolutely brutal... As a girl from the Great White North I would have died. Honestly.

Good luck with the taper!

JP said...

Best of Luck Missy, you are going to CRUSH THE SWIM !!!

untpawgal02 said...

I'm sure that you will rock the 5k swim girl!

Melanie said...

You will do awesome, no doubt -- and i'm sure you'll find your next race very soon.

Jill said...

Have a great 5k swim! Cannot wait to read all about it!!

And, when you get ready to ride, let me know. I need some riding friends. There are none in the hood! And I sure as HELL need to get faster....

What's next? What about some shorter tri's?? Or just some fun crazy races??

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IronMissy - it's official!
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