Saturday, February 28, 2009

Injured, Sick, Worn Out, Just Tired, What IS IT?

In all of my vast knowledge of the human body, training and physiology, people have been asking me this question a lot lately - am I injured, am I sick, am I just worn out - what do I do? Do I just push through it? Do I take time off? Knowing that I'm totally lying about knowing jack shit about the human body in technical terms, here it goes...

#1 - Don't be a pussy! Yep, you got it. Here's the deal, tired is one thing and overtrained is another. If you are tired or don't wanna get out of your warm bed at 5:00am because your dog or kid is all snuggled up next to you and it's so sweet, gag me. GET UP and go. YOU KNOW that you'll feel better you did something before the day even got started and chances are, you're going to feel just as tired if you 'sleep in' that extra hour. You will not be or feel more rested.

#2 - Am I being a pussy or am I overtrained? I'm not going to get into that heart rate mumbo jumbo but if you know what your resting heart rate is and it's high, sit down for crying out loud. Are you taking one day off a week (especially when talking about endurance training) and I MEAN one day off from working out? NOT, I did some ab work or I lifted on my day off, I didn't do jack shit other than eat, sleep, and do all the laundry I haven't done. At most, you get to WALK not run the dog.

#3 - But my legs are sore from yesterday's workout and I'm so tired, what should I do? If you are working out twice a day for a damn endurance event, I have some news - IT HURTS SOMETIMES AND you're tired a lot of the time - you will turn into a total 'tard. Sleep, just make sure you get it and I don't give a rats ass if you have to go to bed when you put the kid down at 7:30 (yeah, I can say that because I don't have kids and 18 loads of laundry to get me to the next day). Seriously, though, you gotta get sleep. Working out on a sleep deprived body will get you hurt out of sheer clumsiness. C'mon, I sprained an ankle on a rock in the middle of the day!

#4 - Space out your quality workouts - To some degree, you have to know what it's going to feel like to workout a body that is mentally and physically tired but by all means don't do your damn track workout after you just did your freakin bike time trial. Space the shiz out. Make the bike your recovery or easy ride for the week after you did your track workout. Your legs will still hurt and you'll feel like crap but that's OK - lower your expectations for that ride. OR you can try my method and kill your bike...I was so over my bike that I killed it after a 6 hour ride....we have since made up.

#5 - Mental - Is it mental? That's a tough one. Ladies, are you busting out crying for NO apparent reason out of cycle? Guys, do you want to pull your ladies' head off at any given moment...out of cycle? If the answer is YES, it's a mental block. What to do for inspiration...go to youtube and look up your favorite event type. For me, go to YouTube and check out Team Hoyt or Blazeman (Jon Blais) - besides the fact that you'll turn into a puddle of tears (be forewarned) it just might pull you out of your pussydome. It will make you feel totally inadequate but it might inspire you to just put your shoes on the day you don't want to go out the door. If you're not in the mood to boohoo all over the place, change up your workout into something fun - run with a friend at a slower pace and talk OR go swimming with a friend. They might need it just as much as you do.

The only damn Boxer on the planet that LOVES to swim. She can't wait until we can get back into the lake again!

Enough of the serious shiz but it's all damn true. I'm not experiencing these issues this time around...but please remind me if I start pissing and moaning all over the place. No one likes a whiner - they suck the ever livin life out of you.


Shannon said...

I think we're sista's separated at birth! I get this same shiz all the time! Here are my favorites....

Will spinning make my butt look big?
I can't spin, it hurts my "twat" too much?
Lifting weights, sooooo boring and I'm worried it will bulk me up?
I'm changed my eating habits and I'm working out all the time and I can't seem to lose a single pound!

Suck it up peeps!

Carly said...

Great post. I have been a whiny beyotch lately about running outside...I am one that needs this reminder, er kick in the arse.

Diana said...

No body likes a whiner...not even a whiner!
Love the "pussydome" comment!
Here's to being physically and mentally overtrained-but getting better!

Jo Lynn said...

OMG Missy - I AM a pussy! I think you quoted me exactly (about Boomer cuddling). I guess it's nothing I didn't already know, huh?

Chloe said...

"Pussydome" is by the best word ever. I am going to try to use it at least 20 times a day:
Customer: "what do you mean my hurricane insurance on my vacation house is 50 bizzilon dollers?"
Me: "You have a $1.2 mill house on the freaking beach. Get out of your pussydome and pay it"

Miami is a huge possibility - I'll have to look into it! But it is like a 9 hour drive from me. Why does Florida have to be such a big ass state?

It's good to hear that you and your bike have made up. It takes a real good friend to take you back after you've tried to kill her :)


joyRuN said...

Oy! At the moment, I'm working up my slight GI issues into a major excuse not to get out there today. I need to read your post again & again.

That pic with your Boxer is dayum adorable.

MJ said...

Great post.... I like the shots swimming with your dog... She's pretty huge hey?

Wes said...

I'm sorry... I'm confused. Was this a chic post? ROFL... I get "HTFU but listen to your body" from this post :-)

TRI-james said...

Yeah - I give myself the HTFU a couple of times a week as well.

Glaven Q. Heisenberg said...

All these things apply to me and this post just made me cry! Good job at making me cry! YOU'RE not the one who's going to have to live with my constant sniveling now - even though YOU caused it.

But - I did dig the picture of the chick with the gun. Man, that was HAWT!1! Next time, threaten an inanimate object in a bikini. (To clarify: You in the bikini, not the i.o.) Because that would be even HAWTER!1!

Do it! Or I'll get snivel-snot all over your blog!

WTF, Missy! "ingsxmhd" as my word verification? I can't type that - I've had 3 beers already today! Why not just meat punch me while you're at it? GEEZ!!

IronBob (spawning?? at IMAZ 08) said...

YOU are the 12 20 something Ironwoman. I will take your advice, Dr. Missy, get out of my pussydome attitude and go out and do that 60 miler tomorrow, even though a front is coming in and it will be raining (Boo hoo)
Thanks Doc..

Jen said...

Great post. Your dog is too cute and it is interesting how he loves water. Sweet!

Dave said...

Preach it Sistah! Love the no whining comment. Last night I ran 30 miles...started after 10:00PM and climbed in bed at 5:00AM. I hate those workouts...but it makes you mentally hard...only reason I do and sometimes it's the best time to get the long run in. But at 3:00AM when your thoughts turn to 500 thread count sheets and a Chatham & Wells matress...with ten miles one around anyway to hear you ;-)

Dave said...

Preach it Sistah! Love the no whining comment. Last night I ran 30 miles...started after 10:00PM and climbed in bed at 5:00AM. I hate those workouts...but it makes you mentally hard...only reason I do and sometimes it's the best time to get the long run in. But at 3:00AM when your thoughts turn to 500 thread count sheets and a Chatham & Wells matress...with ten miles one around anyway to hear you ;-)

Marcy said...

OK I am seriously LMAO at that bike pic! Except erase teh bike and stick my kids in there (I'm TOTALLY KIDDING. Well depending on how their acting :P) Great post chica!

Keith said...

Cute dog. But how can you aim a gun at your Orbea!? They're such nice bikes. Mine is totally faithful.

But I'm right with you on points 1, 2, 3, and 5. The rest of 4 is pretty good too.

Sent your blog address to some buddies up here in Canada. You might see comments from Susi, Jenna, and Julie some time soonish.


You put it so Elegantly.

Personally, if its March, and your A Race is in August, I wouldn't sweat it too much. Everyone feels like crap sometimes.

But you are 100% right. Sometimes you just got to suck it up and get off your butt and go. Else you will always find an excuse.

Runner Leana said...

Ah the benefits to not having 18 loads of laundry!

Love the pic of you and your pup swimming! Adorable!

IronMissy - it's official!

IronMissy - it's official!
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