Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Years Eve, I love Franklin TN!

There were errands to be run and cars to be dropped off for repair, no big deal. I figured I would drop off the car and then run home - perfect. Get in a little workout AND get the car handled without bothering any working people for a ride home (I've been on vacation since Dec. 20 and it's been grand). 9am, car dropped off. No problems. Got my new Garmin set up and I'm ready to run home. The wind is cutting right through me and thought about calling for a ride for a brief moment, no, no, don't be a baby. I just decided that this run would be a slow one and settled in. Not a mile in, crossing at a light, I'm busy looking up (for traffic), not down for road debris. Keep in mind, I'm a huge klutz so I'm always looking for road debris - seriously, the same morning I wiped out and flew down our stairs...on my ass, thankfully, but this is not UNcommon. I'm running through the intersection with my head up and step/roll right on a rock in the road.

I yelled, said lots of bad words, and hobbled to the curb, ripped off my shoe so it didn't get 'swollen on' and cried because it hurt so freakin bad. I had my phone on me because of the car drop off (thankfully) and called Ryan crying - he probably thought something really bad happened but I was just crying saying it hurt, gave him my location and he was on his way. In a matter of 10 minutes, two men stopped to offer me a ride home because I was obviously in pain...and neither of them were in a Chester the Molester white van with no windows or anything. This is why I love Franklin TN, they meant it and would have given me a ride home without question.
So there it is, I was hoping to get in a run and now I won't be running for few days for sure. Maybe a bike, maybe a swim, maybe some weights, damn it all to hell. BUT here's to 2008 being over and on with 2009, while I'm a bit afraid given the current state of affairs, I look forward to new experiences and new challenges (putting together my personal challenge list for 2009, not Ironman magnitude but there will be 12 different 'events' or challenges for 2009 and none will include anything like trail running or mountain biking - I can't even navigate the road on a sunny day for crying out loud, stay tuned).

Cheers to all!


Wes said...

Happy New Years, Missy! Ahhh, so sorry about your mishap. You may be a clutz, but you are one touch chica!! and yes, cankles are HAWT on a triathlete ;-)

Jo Lynn said...

Damn! That sucks. Enjoy the rehab. Bounce back in your own time. Oh, and Happy New Year! ;)

SC's Adventures said...

Ahhh nuts, rubbish about the ankle but a great excuse to put the feet up spme more!!!

Nikemom said...

Cankles are soooo good looking! ;P Recover and get back out there and risk another one. RUN ON!

Chloe said...

Happy new years! Awesome job going back out for the rock - it's always good to have those little reminders!!

Michele said...

Ouch!!! I am a huge klutz too. Hope it heal quick.
Look forward to seeing what you have planned for 2009.

Michele said...

Ouch!!! I am a huge klutz too. Hope it heal quick.
Look forward to seeing what you have planned for 2009.

IronMissy - it's official!

IronMissy - it's official!
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