Monday, January 26, 2009

Chocolate covered bacon dreams...

Forilla baby, chocolate covered know that the bacon is thee best part of the pig! I don't care who you are. Can you really tell I'm in the second day of vegetarian challenge week?!? Look what I found....

Day Two - Vegetarian Challenge Week

Breakfast - whole wheat tortilla, egg whites, dog food replacement sausage soy product (see below) wrapped up nicely and eaten on the road, oh yeah, coffee, must have.

Lunch - whole wheat pita, chic pea spread stuff that I made myself, cucumber salad and Amy's butternut squash soup (love it).

Snacks - two pieces of string cheese and a yogurt

Dinner - asparagus, red onion, tofu (the key with tofu is baking it first to get the funky out, kind of like soaking fish in milk before cooking to get the fishy out, maybe my mom was the only one that did that?), crushed red pepper, fresh lemon juice.

Results: Totally satisfied, not hungry and not that stuffed to the gills I can't eat another bite feeling, but full. I liked everything I had. I'm getting used to tofu but I'm convinced that you've got to bake it before you can actually use it as a main ingredient in a stir fry or something.

Now I love asparagus BUT I was actually scared when I looked at my plate full of the stuff...I will drive everyone out of the house if I just eat plates of asparagus. I tell you, I can eat asparagus soup and have the same affect....don't even tell me you don't know what I'm talking about (it has nothing to do with beano or gas of any kind either)! They tell me some people don't have this 'problem' but I think they're all lying...either that or the Ph in my body is really jacked up. Anyway, just ate it so it'll take about two minutes to take affect, sheesh!
On Sunday, we had our 30 minute time trial at swim. I say TT but it's more like - what can you hold consistently for 30 minutes rather than balls to the wall. As my first day of kicking since the sprained ankle, I did 1650 meters (long course) in 30 minutes. That's no record and not the best I've ever done but I'll take it ... for now. We do this with Excel about every six weeks to measure progress and get ourselves all situated in the proper lanes/proper intervals. I got some work cut out for me if I'm going to do this 5K swim thingy on April 25. Holy crap....that's only three months. Better get busy with some water.


Southbay Girl said...

baking the tofu?? I'll have to try it! Does it take the nasty consistency away??? Because that's the part that always makes me want to gag!!

So I'm thinking of attempting my first tri-it's a reverse try with a VERY SHORT swim-thank god!!! But will I be viewed as a wimp if I swim breast stroke in the pool??

Jo Lynn said...

OMG - totally with ya on the asparagus "issue". My SIL says it doesn't affect her that way. I'm not buyin' it! I pity the fool that goes into the bathroom right after me. ;)

Diana said...

I give you credit for holding on to your vegetarian ways...I'm a huge carnivore....I live for meat!
Oh yeah, the heavy metal pee afterward!

Marcy said...

STFU!!! Chocolate covered bacon?!? *shudder* OMG that looks so nasty. All the oil mixed with chocolate swishing around *PUKE*

Wes said...

LOL... Sausage looking dog food replacement?!?! hahahahaha... Tofu will cook in other meals besides the oven/baking. But... It's the only source of good protein either. Marni at is a veg Iron(wo)man and she puts some interesting edible looking stuff on her personal blog. Have a peek :-)

Dave said...

Since you looking at a cookbook titled "101 ways to choke down tofu"...I will only say that Friday night I took my wife out at a nice resturant in Ft Worth TX. I had the game plate, 2 lamb chops, 2 filet's of elk steak, and quail ravioli brandished with a barry sauce....MMMMMM TEXAS GOOD!
:-)btw there were apsaragus spears with potates too.

Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

Great job with the swimming - keep it up! For the Tofu - I always press out the water... meaning I take the entire lump, wrap it in a towel and squeeze. All the juice comes out, and its a lot less liquidy...even the extra firm kind that I use in stir fry. Then I'll sautee pieces in olive oil... and after THAT's done, I'll add it to stir fry. Keep up the great eating - sounds healthy! Yea!

JP said...

Nice job on your T-30 swim. Keep up the hard work and you will kill them in South Beach.
Chocolate bacon ?? Don't know if I could get it down even with a pint of Fat Tire at the ready.

untpawgal02 said...

Chocolate covered bacon... I don't even want to know what that tastes like!

Congrats on your 30 minute tt swim and for making it through. It's always hard to find a consistant pace when you know you are swimming for a long period of time in the pool.

Jill said...

Yes...I know what you're talking about. Stinky pee girl. ha ha.

You should try some of those Boca fake chicken patties and nuggets...they are REALLY good. I live on them sometimes. Toast a bun, put a little marinara on the bun and slap a rubber chicken patty...yum.

Congrats on the TT swim. Joe didn't do as I guess he'll be in the 'tard lane. So he says. When I grow up I wanna be a good swimmer like you Excel swimmers...I'm working on it...!!

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