Friday, January 2, 2009

12 Challenges for 2009

I had to come up with something for 2009 so here it goes - some are sports related, some are family related and some are food related. Here's the framework:

Each Challenge is to last one full week, that's seven days not a work week. If I fail or falter on that challenge, the week starts over and I'm back to square one. These challenges can not be combined on top of one another but CAN be pulled ahead. Here it goes, in no particular order:

1. Go vegetarian (lacto-ovo) for one week - - Ryan's gonna love this! I'll still have to cook some meat for his meal, he might die otherwise. I AM a carnivore (love that burger) so this should be interesting. I had to keep the eggs and milk or I might freak out.

2. Train/Race with no heart rate monitor or watch - might be a 5K or a tri, not sure but I will train and race for one week with no gadgets, just go on feel and the official race clock. I think this will be harder than I think.

3. No TV for one week - this will have to wait until football season is over because THAT is just too much to ask. Oh, and I can't watch it on a computer either, no TV for a week. Do you know how much I love to watch the Biggest Loser!? I swear I'm fascinated by their ability to drop that much weight!

4. Swim everyday and/or do an open water long distance swim event - minimum one mile but would like to train and prepare for a 5K swim. Holy crap, 2.4 at an easy pace is one thing but a 5K with all I've got is another! Thankfully, I have the best swim coach on the planet.

5. Eat five fruits and veggies a day - this can not be combined with #1. This site is pretty sweet - You plug in your age, sex and activity level and it kicks out your requirements and what it 'looks' like. I'm 2 cups of fruit and 3 cups of veggies a day...why couldn't it be reversed?!

6. No alcohol for one week...have you seen my favorite things list? I love beer, wine, liquor. This, too, will have to wait for the end of football season. I can use it in cooking, though, but not like gin martini soup or anything like that!

7. Walk the dogs everyday. I'm totally sporadic on this one. Kasha is a 12 year old Boxer, left. She loves to swim but walking these days, not so much. I will commit to take her around our cul de sac a couple of times. BUT Magnus, right, is eight and is still ready to go, go, go but not quite at a running pace. I always say I'll walk them later or for my cool down or warm up but it doesn't happen. They get out to play and mess around but not for a real honest to goodness walk. Magnus' walk must be 20 minutes or more and Kasha will get to do whatever she wants for however long it takes (bad hips).

8. Learn three survival skills - why the hell do I listen to my adventure racing friends? They thought it would be neat for me to learn how to make fire with no matches, find local vegetation that is edible and filter water...seriously, when will I need these skills? Are they getting ready for the rapture or what?! BUT, with their help I will learn and master these three things, Lord help me.

9. Run a 1:45 half marathon - OK, this was supposed to happen in March. With this dumb ass ankle, I'm not so sure. I didn't want to drop it from the list for the year so there it is!

10. Mail a card or letter via snail mail to one friend or relative each day. Other than Christmas and Birthday's, when was the last time you got a card and E-Cards DON'T COUNT!

11. Do one good charity 'thing' each day and one of the seven has to be a volunteer action. I always say I'm gonna but never do. One of them may be to take clothes and/or food to Snook (see below).

12. Read a book cover to cover and it has to be non-sporting - I will need good suggestions on this one. I'll read Going Long or something like that but that's about it. Need help in finding 'just a book.'

So, there it is. No resolutions, just challenges! My hope is that I can get some of them to 'stick.' I'm not exactly sure where to start but I'm thinking #5 with five fruits/veggies a day, my waistline could use the help, that's for sure. I will post results as they happen throughout the year. This will be interesting!


Chloe said...

What a great idea doing the 7 day thing. That way if you like it - you can always stick with it, and if not then you don't. But either way you accomplished your goal!

Great book - by Elizabeth Gilbert
Eat, Pray, Love. I've had it for over a year, read it multiable times, and have passed it around to several friends. (and it's non sports related - kind of - well, Yoga)


Ron said...

That's a tough list. You might try reading "I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell" by Tucker Max. It will make you laugh your ass off. You can read some of the stories at

SC's Adventures said...

Go for it!

I've had no TV for about 2 years now and have only just started watching some TV on the internet. I can highly recommend it.

Get some good books in; listen to music or the radio and take Magnus for nice long walks and you will be well prepared for your other challenges.

P.S. Are DVD's allowed? :-)

JoyJoy said...

Hello Bongo Boxers...I run all the time without a watch with friends..its not so hard to get used to..however I have no idea what pace I'm at and I htink that is good for this time of year..aren't we supposed to go slow now?

Marcy said...

I was going to say the same thing as Chloe. I like how it's a 7 day thing. I might even think about stealing this idea ;-) Maybe it could turn into healthier habits for me without the worry of "OMG I'm going to have to do this fo-evah" kinda deal. Sweet!

Southbay Girl said...

What a great list and what a great thing do them in 7 days! Awesome!!

I did got to Arrington Vineyards that day as a matter of fact! Sunday after reading your blog, I checked it out on the internet and took my mom and dad to the vineyard! It was wonderful! My mom had been wanting to go so i was thrilled to be able to take her. She really enjoyed it-we bought a few bottles and were on our way! So thanks for posting your visit!! It gave me a fun thing to do with my parents on sunday!!

Michele said...

I love this idea. I might have to borrow it next year.

Judi said...

i am so gonna copy this.

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IronMissy - it's official!
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