Sunday, July 27, 2008

My Favorite workout

On a hot, steamy day there is nothing better than...

An ice bath. When I came across the line at Muncie, just this side of retarded, I made my first trip to the med tent, hoping beyond hopes they were generous with their IV's. But to no avail, I settled for ice and was thrilled.

Second, low fat chocolate milk with Amino Acid Powder for recovery. It's a little 'thick' but it's cold and I must force it down before anything else.

Third, a Coke with lots of ice. A regular, full sugar, full caffeine Coke. By this time my gut is going to explode but I just can't help tastes so freakin good. AND it is NOT beyond me to stop at a Sonic in the middle of a ride for a large Coke, water with lots of ice to replen and two packets of salt because I had forgotten the goods at home. They do look at you a little weird but then again walking around in 'public' in that uniform, you're bound to get a few looks.

Fourth, a nap, not a huge one, give me 20-30 minutes and I'm human again.

Finally, and unrelated to anything - does anyone else think that ITU/Draft Legal Tri is weird? I watched one today and it's a team sport, as opposed to least that's what it seems like to me. At that point, just run a 10K and race your heart out. I shouldn't be so critical, I may LOVE it but it seems to be designed for maybe NOT.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

More on Muncie...Wait for Walter

Ah, recovery, well, sort of... the week's been filled with fun chores like power washing the deck, mowing the yard, paying bills etc. I guess I'm trying to pay it forward to Ryan since IM training will be all consuming pretty shortly.

We've been reliving many Muncie moments over the last week wishing there was another race right around the corner. We had so much fun. This is me, Abby and Kim, we are probably 3 beers in post race. Other than an IV, I'm not sure there's anything better. Sadly, this race did not provide, it was BYOB. Blasted!

As you make your way through your post race week, you get wayyy too analytical. If I only, what if I did, I could have gained ____minutes if I, I was only ____ seconds behind her. Yes, all of us A Typers continue to beat ourselves up even if we had a PR or a good race. But always remember Walter...everyone knows "Walter." See we met Walter at the Expo. We got to talking only to find out this was going to be his first half ironman distance race. Being the HUGE veterans that we are (this was my third), we wished Walter the best of luck, save some for the run and have a great race. He was just exited to be there, talking to everyone he could, meeting new people - an all around nice guy. Well, after we were about three beers in (see above) we heard the squawk of a police car. For a second, we ignored it and then it dawned on us, no one had seen Walter yet! We launched from the table and ran to the finish line. I think we had another person or two in tow. We made it there in time to cheer for Walter on his first half ironman finish.

See, we all know "Walter" but we're usually too busy to pay any attention - we're focused on getting our gear out of transition, changing clothes, getting beer, eating, loading the truck and getting home. We had done all those things and had been sitting through awards for a while already when Walter came across.

I challenge YOU, at your next race, wait for Walter. I bet you $10 he worked harder than any of us and, apparently, has a better mental race than I do. I would have given up, I wanted to on that day, I hurt. I bet he hurt too and maybe more...he was in the sun a whole lot longer than I was with a cop car on his heels sweeping the course. Wait for Walter, I think you'll be glad that you did and he'll appreciate you more than you know.

There is NOTHING on the planet like watching the last hour of Ironman. You scream your head off until you're voice is shot, you cheer for people you've never seen in your life, you cry like a baby for strangers and you try to pull them to the finish to make the midnight cutoff. Wait for Walter...

Good luck to all my Lake Placid peeps - Nick, Luzma, and Rob - I know you will kick ass. We're watching for you, smile for the webcam:)

Monday, July 14, 2008

Muncie Endurathon it was freakin' wicked ridonkulous!

Let me just start by saying THAT the Muncie Endurathon is an A+ race. The race director rocked, the officials were great (tough but fair), the organization was amazing and they were super helpful and friendly. The event itself was very low key in that there was excellent competition there but there were lots of well wishes, good lucks, lookin great, keep it up, going on at this race. Everyone was set up to succeed...except for one small factor...the weather. More on that in a minute.
Jere, Abby, Kimberly and I departed on Thursday after work. All was well until we hit Indiana and I decided to stop at a WalMart at about 1:00am for some cough medicine. I had been sick as a dog the week prior so I needed some Robo. Apparently, this is where all the meth heads hang out at 1:00 on a Friday morning. There was a line of people with the shakes you wouldn't believe - missing teeth, missing limbs and I'm NOT kidding. I was afraid to touch anything. Oh and they were there with their kids, babies and they were all 1:00am.

Anyway, made it to Indiana in one piece and proceeded to pass out. Friday we made the cursory trip to the lake for a preview swim, bike, run just to make sure all our shit worked. It did and we were good. Went to the expo and met fun nice people, got our packets and went to a prerace meal at a friend's friends friends house out in the country. We were all pretty cranky and tired at this point but the peace in the country did us all some good to chill. This lovely lady, Vanessa, made all these hippie backpacker triathletes a wonderful dinner for which we were forever grateful to she and her mercenary husband Dave. After that, everyone went their separate ways for a good nites rest...did I mention that Abby and I slept in a church that nite? Godspeed Endurathon Triathletes was our welcome sign. It was great and for $15 it was even better, heck, the pastor made our coffee on race morning, what more can you ask for!?

This was the least nervous I've ever been. I wasn't stressed, I didn't obsess, I just got ready to workout/race. I was great. Got up, had coffee at the church, got dressed and went to the race site about 1.5 miles down the road. Well, we didn't have a tv the nite before so it was a surprise to wake up to storm clouds. Big ones. We started asking around and sure enough, it was on the way. After we got the no wetsuit signal (yeah), the race director held a pre-race meeting to say he's pulling ahead all wave swim times by ~3 minutes so everyone can be out of the water by the time the storm hits, after that it's up to you...regarding the weather and if you should take cover or not. TAKE COVER, REALLY?

Swim - It was a good swim, not a great one but a good one. My only freak out was when I was about 200 yards from shore and the rain came and then the lightening. That'll make you pick up the pace. As I exited the water, more lightening, my swift exit turned into a slow walk so I could process what was happening and what I was going to do. Screw it, it's going to take a freakin tornado to get me to stop now, picked up the pace and ran to my bike. (40 people were pulled from the water due to weather/lightening, it was bad.)

T1 - I put wet socks on my feet, dumped the water out of my shoes and took off.

Bike - I am an idiot but I had fun out there. It was pouring rain and lightening at times but I'm on carbon fiber, what the hell, go get one of the steel or ti guys! I just kept plowing along and at about mile 36-40 realized that no women had passed me. This IS promising. P.S. Thanks Ryan for making me ride in the rain sometimes. I took corners SUPER easy and just trucked on, rooster tail and all. That was the draft zone, if you can follow someone without getting sprayed, you're outside the drafting zone!

T2 - Racked the bike, hey, there's only one other bike on this rack besides mine, what a feeling. THIS is as close to first place as I'll ever get and it felt great. I dumped out the running shoes that were filled with water, threw on my race number, visor, rolled out.

Run - Still soaking wet. Yeah, what I've been working on. All I could tell myself was sustain, only start and go with a pace that you can sustain, sustain, sustain. Even though all my shit was wet, the run started and I felt pretty good. I watched my splits and was hitting 9:15ish average (great for me). I thought, I can hold this. THEN, the bottom dropped out and the sun came. My hopes and dreams of a 5:30 race were slipping before my very eyes. And then, I did the unthinkable at about mile 11, I walked, death blow. A mistake I will never make again, once the door is open, walking becomes much easier. So, I 'saved' any bit of energy I had left for the last mile. The finish line is uphill and I didn't want to have to walk that. I gave the cursory flash over my shoulder to see if there were any women behind me and finished it off in 5:39. This is a PR for me by a long shot (previous was 5:54). The course was great and suited me just fine, less the blazing sun at the end.

After a nice ice 'bath' I felt almost human again UNTIL the unthinkable happened...I had to pee...I knew I was chafed but this was nothing like I have ever felt in my whole entire life. I DID break my cooter bone this time. WOW, suffice it to say, I have two smiley faces on my undercarriage that are slowly healing. Ouchy. I need to use that thing again for crying out loud.

I can't figure out how to flip this around...but you get the idea...

Friday, July 4, 2008

Nervous, for what?

I wish I could say I saw this guy today. Rather, the picture makes me giggle every time I see it so I thought I would make you laugh today too!

In the end, nervous for what? I guess if you didn't have pre-race nerves, you wouldn't be normal...even for a little ole 5K. I DO remember, back in the day, when a 5K race really was a huge deal for me, I trained for it, I tapered for it, I ate a pre-race meal for it. Now, I get up as late as possible, go with coffee, water, a waffle and some gel 15 minutes before hand. You know how it's ALL relative.

Anyway, I arrived an hour before hand, as planned. Andy, Richard (our triswami) and I did our drills, warm up run, pick ups, told a bad joke or two and then it was on at 7:00 am sharp. The gun went off before I could say - oh, shit. I hit my watch and we were off.

Mile 1, only two more of these mf'ers to go, shit. At 7:30 pace, I knew I could not sustain PLUS Mile 2 = hilly. I brought it down a notch and then started some weird breathing know, that guy who really sounds like he's going to keel over next to you making weird exhale noises, that was me. With every drop of my foot I was forcing air out and loud. I was laughing at myself in my head because I'm thinking - these poor people around me are SURE that I'm going to die at any minute. Seemingly, it helped. After that, I was looking for the Mile 3 marker and either there wasn't one or I missed it. I looked at my watch and thought, holy crap, I didn't slow down that much and because my mind was in total retard mode I thought I had another road to run down ... until the greatest thing happened, everyone turned, toward the finish line. Well, I think I picked it up but I'm just not sure.

I looked at my watch and saw that I was going to set a PR today, only by 24 seconds but a PR nonetheless. As I heard my chip beep, at the finish, dead stop but did not puke or pee on myself...huge bonus. Does that mean I did not run hard enough??? There it is, lingering doubt, could I have done better, could I have given more, did I hold it together like I should have? I think I did hold my new and improved form but I just gotta keep workin the speed. I know, I know, there's not a fast twitch muscle in my body, I get it already. I may look like I'm built like a runner but I'm tellin ya, it's just not natural for me...I wish.

As I crossed the finish line, Richard and Andy were waiting for me. I'm certain they were on their second drink and appeared totally recovered those bastards. BUT Andy killed me AND set a PR by about three minutes I believe...hell-O, three minute gain on a 5K, can you say HUGE gains. I think Richard was happier that his students did well rather than himself. I suppose that's a sign of a good coach.

Congrats to Bryan, Andy, Richard, Ted, and all my other swimming peeps that I ran into there. Oh, and Molly who was the second female and set a personal best today at something wicked like 18:54 or something equally ridiculous. I'll never be there but I'll keep on trying.

Let's give reverence to the 5K, it may be just 3.1 little miles but bless it, it hurt...the whole time. The only saving grace is that's is over quickly and you can go about your day.

IronMissy - it's official!

IronMissy - it's official!
A vision in green!