Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Where's Mom?!

OK, where is Mom when you need her? Seriously, do you ever get too old for your Mommy? I say the answer is NO. Besides all the funny stuff she brought to the table, she gave MOM hugs. In my book, a Mom hug is this all enveloping warmth, it's very soft (my mom was not a small woman) and it's mushy (she had big boobs so when she hugged you, you knew it). She'd hug anyone too if they looked like they needed one. I need one and I'm sorry but all you bony broads out there just can't give the mushy Momhug that I'm used to...

I won't be a downer so I'll close with Funny Mom stories, she was hilarious. OK, so you understand her stature - she looked like me but darker skin and hair and was bigger. For most of the time that I can remember she was a size 16-20, just to give you an idea. SO, I go to the hospital as soon as visiting hours start. This was for round one of surgery, cancer, blah. Her surgery is over and she's wheeling around attached to bags of various kinds with a hospital gown on. Like any parent, they don't want to ask children for help but she had to pee. While you may not do this for a friend or stranger, you don't think twice so I get her up and we roll over to the toilet. I help her with her robe so she can get on the pot. Our exchange goes like this...

We're standing up still; she looks 'down there' (yes, at her cooter) and says:

What, mom?
When the hell did this happen?
When did what happen?
My hoo hoo is gray!
What do you mean your hoo hoo is gray?
The hair, the hair is gray. I haven't seen that thing in AGES and it's all gray...what the hell!?

At this point, I couldn't get her to the toilet. I hit the ground because I'm rolling, crying, laughing, she's laughing and yelling at me not to make her laugh because of all her incisions and it's making her hurt so she cries tears of laughter instead. Apparently, with all the surgery, she had lost enough weight to see her cooter again and it was shocking to her. THEN, my Dad is banging on the bathroom door because there's a guy next door dying. I'll never forget, something about a bad car wreck and the family was fighting over whether or not to keep life support going it was terrible. AS YOU KNOW, if you try to stop laughing when told to stop laughing, it's worse because you start snorting, hiccuping and making all kinds of weird sounds. That was us, laughing ourselves to tears in the hospital bathroom. Dad was embarrassed asking - what am I going to do with you girls? He is always the voice of reason ...he loved our antics.

So, if you have you're mom nearby, hug her for me, if you are a mom, hug your kids and hold onto them tight for an extra second until they say - moooom, c'mon. AND if you are the mom of a teenage daughter or pre-teen, hug her still, you may hate each others guts right now, but it'll change, promise:) Oh, and she wouldn't mind me telling you this either. She'd tell you herself if she was here.


Bethany said...

What a fun and special post! Bless you for sharing these wonderful stories and for taking her with you on every part of your journey. I absolutely love this one story, it reminds me of me, my mom and my sis, once we get going there is no stopping the laughter!

Holly Jane said...

Thanks, Missy. Thank you for sharing - it warmed my heart :-) She was so lucky to have such an amazing, special daughter. Keep the memories close!

Ryan said...

So are you in for B2B 09?


Hoo Hoo's have hair?????

Marcy said...

Ooooohhh this story was fantastic!! Thank you so much for sharing. I can only hope to be as cool as your Mom.

Jill said...

Missy! Hilarious!! I'm with many hoo hoo's these hair. Go figure.

Keep on laughing and smiling. Holidays are hard - I'm totally with you...

Chloe said...

What a great post. Family is soooo important - and having a good laugh with them in even the oddest of times are the moments you never forget!! :)

The Running Girl said...

That is a funny story about your mom. And thanks for the reminder to hug moms and daughters. I hope you get through this time and maybe find someone who can give you a substitute mom hug.

Angela said...

Thanks for sharing! Yeah, holidays are tough. I lost my dad about 8 years ago and grandma this year. Each holiday and year brings a different set of emotions. Hang in there, gal. Way to honor her memory.

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