Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Wednesday Nite Torture Sessions!

Getting ready because this is gonna hurt! Love my coach...I hope she's reading this!

We know swim is going to be bad when she tells us to bring an old pair of running shoes. I am convinced that said coach likes to make us do this so she can laugh on deck. It really is hilarious to watch. Here's how it went down:

20 minutes warm up
Shoes ON
100 swim
200 swim
300 swim with paddles - shoulders and lats are on firah!
200 swim - everyone slowing WAY down
100 swim - everyone swimming on top of each other

Shoes OFF
10x50 (25 sprint, 25 easy) swim
Shoes ON
8x25 kick
Shoes OFF
8x25 kick - wow, I'm flying, do you feel that, I'm flying!
100 warm down - yee haw, it's over, sheesh!

With warm up, ended up at a mere 2500ish BUT I'm telling you, the shoe drill makes you feel like you just did 5000, I swear it. I'm totally cashed right now. You have to kick fast or you sink, it's just a fact. Thank God I have good people in my lane that are good natured and all...we were all over each other, feeling each other up and the occasional hit BUT, we made it. OH, and P.S. this is the first swim workout that I actually completed since Ironman because I know how to pick 'em. OUCH! Maybe I will finally sleep well again, yeah, sleep like a dead man!


Marcy said...

Oh my gawd!! That does look like torture!!

The Running Girl said...

Wow, swimming with shoes on! I never thought of that. Wonder what kind of looks I'd get at my pool if I tried that? (no master's program, so it would just be me). But, I can imagine how fast you feel when you take them off. Hmmm. Something to think about.

JP said...

Thanks for posting the clip of "shoes on" swimming. That S@#% hurt and I feel it today.
Now Coach Ashley is talking about swimming with a cord attached around your waist and the other end tied to a start platform. I can see us now,it will be "human slingshot swim drill". Mis get the camera ready for this one.
Hey, we can sell tickets....

Jill said... I know why I dropped out 4freakin times on Ash's swim class! Ugh..She is for sure the SwimNazi...sick, sick girl.

But, congrats you made it. I may try the ST Trainer route before I beg Ash to take me back the 5th time....

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IronMissy - it's official!
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