Thursday, December 4, 2008

Pity Party is OVER!

One of my favorite pictures from the Ironman Florida swim start.
OK, I'm feeling at least 70% which is a huge improvement. Pity party is over and I will stop complaining about my wart (doing better but lookin nasty), my cold (still producing gu but feeling better), missing my mom (nothing I can do about it but talk about her once in a while) and finally, my growing ass. Yes, I think I have officially gained back my Ironman weight. I wasn't big to begin with and I knew I couldn't maintain that Ironchic look forever...damn it but I'm just not willing to work out 20 hours/week right now.

Everyone in cyberland is talking about all their goals for 2009. I'm feeling like a total slacker. I'm lucky to run a couple times and swim a couple times BUTTTTT...I'm ready to buckle down with some kind of regular workouts. So everyone keeps me honest, next goal...

1:45 half marathon at Tom King

There, I said it. Now someone puhleeze make me do it. 1:48 is my best to date on this course so I think that 1:45 is totally reasonable, don't you!? What's not reasonable is my non-running body. So, it is with three Christmas parties and one Titans football game that I WILL run twice and ride once in the cold on Saturday. It's gotta happen.

Oh, and anyone feeling sorry for Plaxico Bullets right now? Yeah, way to shoot yourself in the foot, leg, thigh, whatever. I don't give a flip if you carry a gun IF YOU KNOW HOW TO USE IT AND NOT HIT THE SAFETY AND SHOOT YOURSELF IN THE LEG...dumba!@.


Jill said...

At least we have some stuff in common - snot, growing ass, Tom King goal....and yeah - Plaxico. Seriously...even a white chick living in the 'hood knows not to shoot herself with a gun. Duh...

So, maybe we can train some for Tom King. I ran 1:48 at McMinnville in 04 and 1:52 at Tom King ?? cannot remember when. Would love to go 1:45 also. Let me know after 1/1/09. Right now, I have some other goals...eating candy, drinking gin and working on balancing out my big rear with a BIG gut.

Wes said...

I got no goals for next year. Hell, I haven't even picked out ONE definitive race except for a super sprint at Callaway Gardens. LOL... I'm not in a hurry. I just can't wait for it to warm up. I plan to run. A lot :-)

Steve Stenzel said...

Good luck with the 1:45 goal! You can totally hit that!!

And good luck with the wart (we need photos) and the snotty mess that is your nose.

Marcy said...

1:45 is in the bag baby!

I could not stop laughing about Plaxico. Seriously, could you get any dumber than that shiz?!? HAHAHA He deserves what he gets.

triguyjt said...

you can do the 1:45....

I am already figuring you will achieve that
go do it

IronMissy - it's official!

IronMissy - it's official!
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