Saturday, December 27, 2008

Ironman Bucket List

Today, the Ironman Bucket List is in effect. I have recruited my coach (triswami), his wife (Mrs. Triswami), a training partner, and Ryan. The Ironman Bucket List will consist of tracing the route I rode for at least a gazillion miles...but this time, I'm stopping at all the places I wanted to stop along the way but couldn't because I was on a mission. It will include but is not limited to the following...

  • A stop for at least one bottle of wine at Arrington Winery. I just hope we make it past this point - it's our first stop.
  • A purchase at the tomato(E) stand. Maybe they have potato(E) this time of year.
  • A stop at the old man's house in the country to say hello - he sits on his porch and waves at us each time we ride by. He looks to be at least 100 years old and his house MIGHT just have a dirt floor. Not totally sure. I hope we don't get shot on site. He's only used to seeing us at ~19mph in spandex.
  • A stop for a cheeseburger at the College Grove Grocery Store. It's a small store and they grill burgers out front on Saturday's only. It was hell to ride a bike and stop for water and have to smell those things. This time, I'm eating one!
Maybe I'll just stop somewhere along the way and pee in the woods just for old times sake! Yeah, this is going to be a good day. Oh, yeah, Christmas was great - got my first Garmin that I tested out yesterday only to realize that my 'house route' was shorter than I thought (damn it), I'm slower than I want to be, and I had to work really, really hard for 9 min/miles (another damn it), got some cash, that ALWAYS fits, got the windows on my car tinted so I don't look like I'm driving in a fishbowl any longer, and some cd's! It was great, time with family and friends and more to come today.

Pictures are on their way...P.S. Friends of mine celebrated Festivus (along with Christmas) this year on 12/23, Festivus Day - I am doing that in 2009. What a riot!

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Jo Lynn said...

A great list at that! I like that you came to the realize training is more than "training." Have a fun time.

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IronMissy - it's official!
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