Monday, December 8, 2008

3 Parties + 1 Football Game

What a weekend of parties and lots of alcohol and food. I think I need to detox until Christmas, wow! Christmas party on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nites - PLUS Sunday afternoon Titans game (12-1)! After all that, this week must start a come back. I can't keep doing that, eat, drink, sleep, Excedrin, repeat. I'm used to endurance but jeeze!

The final party of the weekend was our Excel Swim/Tri Party. Here, Dee and Ashley are scheming on what kind of torture session they can put us through next...I'm sure of it. This week, swim with your shoes on? Anyone ever try this? You work real hard but you don't go very far - like running/walking with weights on your ankles. Oh or swimming backwards...I'm taking video of all this very soon.And here is what I ended up with as my dirty Santa from the party - beer, shampoo and, um, a book. Nothing like some light reading before bed to settle me down....or not. Hey, they had to put the X back in Xmas!

So, this week, it's on. Back into the swing, no more CSI marathons on the sofa or anything that comes on Bravo, back on the road, back running more than 2x/week...the waistline says it must be so.


The Running Girl said...

Tis the season for parties, huh? We had two this weekend, but only made it to one since we adopted Roscoe. And we've already looked into training. He seems fairly well trained already, but we want him to learn from us. And I can see already how smart he is. But he is very loveable and I think he's going to be just great.

JoyJoy said...

Amazing how fast the rest went by isn't it?

Chuck said...

Great to see you on Saturday!

Kona Shelley said...

Yay for xmas parties..:-))

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IronMissy - it's official!
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