Thursday, December 18, 2008

I'll be your Wingman in 2009!

I won't make this a huge review but what a kick ass year...
Gulf Coast Triathlon Half Iron - broke the 6 hour mark

Muncie Endurathon Half Iron - hit 5:39

and a bag of ice

Ironman Florida - 12:20 and happy as a pig in slop

I think I just erased my watch this week!

I think there's some other stuff in there but a lot of the year was a blur. I was eating, sleeping, training or working. Other than those three races above, the rest were just incidental or worked into the current training plan.

There were countless training sessions that were fun, some that I hated, some that I puked on and many that I did alone. They were all part of the journey I suppose. I won't recount them, I think I've beat that horse to death.

2009 - The Year of the Wingman - I will be your Wingman
Top 10 Traits of a good Wingman...I got this thing covered, oh, except that I don't have a penis but I'm still a good Wingman.

#10 - He understands his mission. I am very understanding. If your mission is a 100 mile bike ride, a 15 mile run or any combination, I understand that my mission will be to join you for the last 20 miles of that ride or bring you a cold drink while you're at mile 75.

#9 - He keeps you presentable. I don't know how good I am at this but I will always carry for you chapstick, eyedrops and a pre-packaged moist towelette (you just never know when you're gonna need it).

#8 - He understands your language. Yeah, yeah, gearing blah blah, tire changing, snot rockets, chamois butter, Campy vs. Shimano - got the lingo down.

#7 - He prevents interference. "Car Back" , psycho dog ahead...I'll carry a squirt gun for you.

#6 - He reads the terrain. Duh, Google Maps with elevation profile.

#5 - He goes kamikaze. I'll go it alone, I ain't skerd.

#4 - He bigs up his point man. I will tell ALL your friends how YOU kicked MY ass during our last workout.

#3 - He takes the ugly friend. OK, I won't take the ugly one but I'll take the slow one and we'll ride slowly, paddle in the pool or run/walk together.

#2 - He goes undercover. I will drive the course for you just to make sure we can get through.

#1 - He pumps you up. You're doing great, way to go, you're so strong, you're going to make that race your bitch.

See, I can be a Wingman of sorts. That may just be my goal for the year. After last year, I missed out on a lot of rides 'just for fun' with friends because I HAD to get in a six hour ride or some B.S. like that. I know, I know I won't just be your Wingman, I'll race too but I'm thinking that I may just have to go to Gulf Coast to be your Wingman, oh and for the party too. I make a really great sherpa. My hope for 2009 is to be a better friend, spouse and daughter - I know I neglected those that I love the most. I got to get it all in during 2009 because I'm thinking that IMCanada in 2010 seems like a really good idea......


ShirleyPerly said...

GREAT year!! Esp. that awesome IMFL 12:20 race time!

And I'm excited to see B2B on your list for 2009. I will be there too doing the full. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

SC's Adventures said...

Wow, 12.20 is fantastic!

Do you fancy being my remote wingman? I think that Edinburgh would be a bit far to travel for a well need application of chapstick or a cool refreshing drink!

I have a million and one questions to ask!

Steve Stenzel said...

"pig in slop" - good stuff!

What a great year, you speed-ster!!

Chloe said...

Awesome year!! Congrats on everything that you accomplished! And you have the shirts to prove it :)

Being presentable is diffently a plus with a wingman. I hate seeing pictures of me in a race and thinking - ugh! What the heck was going on with the snot hanging from my nose and my eyes looking like I just smoked a bag of pot!

Get pumped up about Gulfcoast! It will be a sweet race!!

Cheers! Chloe

Jo Lynn said...

"Make that race your bitch." LOL

IronMissy - it's official!

IronMissy - it's official!
A vision in green!