Monday, November 10, 2008

Popeye and my first post ironman run

Now WHO is ready for some FOOTBALL!?! (Hey now, Titans are 9-0!)

Sunday night football looked a little like this. One old boxer wrapped up in a blanket. I was totally feeling it too, girl. Snug like a bug in a rug...or maybe a burrito.
And this is what I walked in on today. Can you say pathetic?!? Now Kasha is 12 and is having 12 year old dog issues. She had surgery today on her eye. It is actually sewn shut for a few weeks so she's rolling with a lamp shade looking like Popeye with a limp (yep, she's got arthritis too).
Since Ironman a week ago, I've been sitting on my ass, watching football and wandering around my house asking Ryan what normal people do. I have realized - after a deep cleaning of the bathrooms - this IS what normal people do and DAMN it's boring. I just keep milling around the house like I don't know where I am. I bet I look a little like Kasha minus the lamp shade. I decided I needed to get moving again, it was time. With the weather getting cooler, Magnus was ready too. He's my boy. I just did what 'normal' people do and did a little 5K loop from my house. I was feeling just grand, not super fast or crazy good but I was feeling about right. Hamstrings could tell I was doing something and had done something big recently but no issues. It was nice to be out and moving again. I guess it's time to join the ranks of the normal...

...or maybe not. This is always the second frame of a picture with Magnus...he just can't help himself.


Holly Jane said...

Magnus and Kasha are so cute! I can tell they are your babies. :-) I can relate. Welcome back to the normal life.... you deserve a break! Soak it up.

The Running Girl said...

Cute dogs. Our next dog will be a boxer. Not sure when we'll get it, but it will definitely be going on some runs with me. Enjoy your "normal" life.

Ryan said...

I can't believe you were not wearing any official Ironman schwag.

Heck, I just took my medal off this morning ;)

IronMissy - it's official!

IronMissy - it's official!
A vision in green!