Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Ironman, the short version

Me with Dad - obviously before the swim start. Who looks more scared? I think he was afraid or anxious enough for the both of us.

Besides being one of the greatest friends on the planet, Angie is a great travel buddy. I mean, everyone should travel with a professional photographer!

This is one of the first emails I sent to my friends and training partners. This is the short version. My long winded version is about six pages long so far. I will post it very soon.

I still haven't really comprehended what just happened. It's weird. Ryan asked me what part was not what I expected and I couldn't really come up with much. I knew the first swim lap would suck ass and it did. I got kicked in the mouth and had to check for teeth. The second lap was fine, no issues. I wasted too much time in getting my wetsuit half way off in the water but whatever. This is my standard reaction as I see 'my people' throughout the day.T1 was crappier than I had hoped, had to find my own bag, attempt to get some of the sand out/off and put clothes on a wet body - while trying to body glide/lube everything I could. The bike was good. I stopped twice - once for special needs sandwich and coke and the longest pee ever on your car (sorry about that). I had to pee at mile 1, I swear. I could hear Richard in my head (great) telling me to pick a comfortable gear and then go one easier, I did and it worked. I also refused 'to kill myself' in the wind. I just backed off to save myself.

T2 was better but no records set. Had this poor little girl help me get changed - she wasn't tall enough to get the good spots. I took off on the run and knew it was too fast. Again, picked a gear I felt like I could do 'all day long.'. I felt like shit the first 6 miles, my gut was killing me and thought it was going to be a long nite. I changed my nutritional plan on the run to compensate for the bad gut and the fact I couldn't take in one more effen gel. I just alternated foods at the buffet and it worked. I didn't really go with my plan to walk a minute every other mile and just tried to get in what my body wanted when it wanted and walked for that duration. I'm not good at chewing and running. By the time I made the turn around and was heading back to the park, I remember talking to Andy. Yes, I was still feeling good at that point. I was just feeling like the end was in site now because I got a glimpse of it at the turn around. Miles 18-22 were the hardest mentally but something happens when you get into the 20's on a marathon. I guess you just know you're gonna make it. I didn't think I would have an ounce of energy left for that last half mile but I did. I saw and heard you guys loud and clear (thanks, you all know how much it means). I was so excited, I think I jumped at the end but I'm not really sure.

Pretty sure Ryan is holding me up here. He looks very relieved that 'IT' is over.

Forever a cheeseball, I just can't help myself.

While there are many attributing factors, some of the best/biggest:

Tuesday morning puke sessions with Richard and Andy when I didn't wanna run up that hill one more time and I think I did tell Richard to shut the hell up a few times (I'm sorry and thanks).

I truly didn't get all jacked up. I didn't get nervous until I was standing at the beach, shoulder to shoulder and just calmed my ass down.

I got really great sleep the preceding two nites. I refused to worry about weather, bike mechanical issues and anything else I couldn't control.

While I wanted to go sub 13, I decided that I would not be doing math all day long to figure out when I was going to be where at what time etc. I wanted to take it all in (Andy's $.02) and enjoy my time.

It was a great day - I'm just not sure it has settled in at all. It went by much faster than I thought. I'm sore and I think my hair hurts, getting better, though. All I want to do is eat and sleep right now.


Jill said...

Missy...you kicked a$$! Time and time again. You are our (mine and Joe's) hero!!

Please do send the LONG version...because we are stalking you like mad and loving all the wonderful stories. I think you may have inspired me to try beginner swim class for the 4th time. ha - no, I'm serious.

Congrats you IM CHICK!

Chloe said...

Conrats!! That is an awesome race report! Now you can say that you are an iroman becuase you kicked it's ass :) Everyone who raced was so inspirational - even the guys who yelled at me for giving them a red card for drafting!

Congrats again!

The Running Girl said...

Reading Ironman reports gets me excited about the possibility of doing one some day. Can't wait to read the long version. Great pics so far. I must remember that if I do one - take a great photographer with me!

JP said...

Missy, you are an Ironman. Great report can't wait for more of Angie's pictures.

TJ said...

Enjoy the eating and sleeping!!

Lana said...

Missy, you rock! I sooo enjoyed hangin' with you some as we became Ironmen!!! Your light-hearted jokes and laughter helped to calm this neurotic chick down! I don't know how I missed you out on that run course...surely we passed by each other like 3 times or something. You definitely made IM your bitch! Hope to see you soon!

Kona Shelley said...

Whoaaaa..you totally rocked that course girl! Huge congrats to you. It was cool meeting you.

Nick said...

Missy, you ran a hell of a race. You looked like a pro. Can't wait for the long version. Congrats! Don't forget, beer at Yazoo Sat. Its on me!

Crazy Tom said...

Missy and ALL the NashVegas Ironman and Cheerleader, you guys ROCK! Thanks for all the stories and a year of adventure.

You are motivational even 150 miles away.


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IronMissy - it's official!
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