Monday, November 17, 2008

High School Quarterback

I totally feel like the high school quarterback who keeps trying to relive the glory years..and the guy is in his mid30's or greater. It's totally pathetic and I was actually at a party recently and had to sit next to 'that guy.' I finally wanted to say, yeah, what are you doing NOW, what about NOW, but I digress. Well, I'm going to be the HS Quarterback for a while longer and relive MY glory days, Ironman - hell, it was only a couple weeks ago. I'm sure the high will subside at some point, right?

This is actually a hilarious get one guess when and where it was taken....

...yep, you guessed it. This is what the banana stand looks like at WalMart in an Ironman town a few days before the race. The water aisle was very similar looking. My friend (Angie) was on the floor rolling when she saw this. She also just kept walking around the WalMart saying, "All ya'll look the same." She is referring to triathletes in general - pretty thin, have that Ironman look (drawn looking in the face), pretty tan from all that outdoor time spent and wearing all that damn polyester technical crap...and eating all the bananas in town, apparently.

To ink or not to ink...

This is a huge question because I'm not a tattoo person - at all. There's just that illusive Ironman tattoo that seems to be a right of passage. Ryan said there's three reasons to get a tattoo - Ironman, you're in the military or you get to drive 24 Hours of Daytona (or other long endurance race, in his terms). So, I'm there, right? If there's any time in my life I would do it, it's now. If I do it, it'll be combination memorial to Mom and the M-dot. Would MOM spelled out with the first M as the M-dot be sacrilegious? I mean, she's what kept me going, she's why I did it in the first place and her name is on my bike (Sue). I don't think it would be but I'm torn. My Dad might freak out and I don't want to put it somewhere where it's not seen, I WANT to see it. I write MOM on my arms for every long race that I do to remind me where I'm from, why I'm doing this and that she would be proud. Mmmm, I just don't know. We'll have to wait and see...I'm afraid if I wait too long I won't do it....


Steve Stenzel said...

"You all look the same"

It's funny cause it's true!

And I'm in the same boat with regards to the tattoo. I still haven't done it. I dunno.


;) j/k

Marcy said...

Thanks for stopping by :-)

And CONGRATS on the IM finish! Oy, oy, oy that's definitely something to get a tat over ;-)

Jill said...

Did you read Michele's blog that Ronnie was pretty hilarious. Imagine spending all day at IM FL with the guy...I was in stitches all day. is your decision. If you're looking for support - I say do it. And, I say do it with MOM in it somewhere. If it means so much to'll want it with you forever and somewhere you can see it. You will figure out it shortly.

And, can rave about the glory the rest of your life....and we won't say anything about deserve it!

Michele said...

I am NOT the tattoo kind of girl either but I decided to do it. I went with my leg because it is never fat and it shows when I want it to and I can cover it if I want to also. I am happy with mine and would do it again in a heartbeat.

I plan to live in the glory until no one can stand to be around me anymore.

The host hotel in GA is full. I got a room about half a mile down the road.

The Running Girl said...

Yeah, that picture is too funny!!!

Feel free to re-live your glory days as long as you want. The more I read, the more excited I get about doing one.

And about the tatoo..... I told my husband that if I ever do an IM that I may end up with a tattoo. I like them if they are done right, I'm just afraid of the pain. Good luck in your decision.

jahowie said...

I'm not a tattoo person either, but If I accomplished something like you did, I'd have to seriously think about it. You have every right to stay "high" for a while. :-)

Sara Cox Landolt said...

I got a m-dot tattoo. My husband did too. If you are still deciding, I think this trifuel discussion on tattoos is interesting. There is a great summary about halfway down.

Nice blog.

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IronMissy - it's official!
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