Sunday, November 16, 2008

10-essee Titans, Thank you very much!

Well, it's looking like I need to start saving for those playoff tickets, woohoo. The Titans are killing it this year. While most of our wins are NOT pretty, a Win is a Win and I'll take it. We've been season ticket holders and regular game attendees since they played in Memphis and then at Vanderbilt Stadium here in Nashville. It's very exciting!

In fact, I left swim early so I could catch the game on TV. Speaking of workouts, they are really hard right now. It's like I'm fatigued to the core. Friday, I grabbed Magnus...

...sans sunglasses to go for a run, just a 5K loop from the house. About 15 minutes in, he was looking at me like - this really sucks momma, but I love you so I'll stay but really don't want to go any more. I looked at him - it was like we had ESP - I don't want to go anymore either, buddy. Let's go home. I swear he understands the English language because he perked up and we went home after a 17 minute 'run.' Oh well, I'm trying not to be hard on myself but it's difficult. I'm always hard on myself, always asking my mind and body for more and there's just not more to give right now. I think it's just tapped out. That ~2000 yard swim felt like 5000 yards but there was football on, after all, so I left.

Please tell me that it'll all come back and I'll want to do all this stuff again!?!? Good luck to all those Ironman Arizona participants...we'll be watching you!!!


Jill said...

It will come back...don't you know, you rest 1 day for every mile you raced. So you have 140.6 days to take it easy. I am surprised you're back at swim class already.

Maybe take it a little easier on something different...try some Hot Yoga or regular yoga...or elliptical or walking...and just let your body repair.

No worries!!

Angela said...

Awwww. Magnus looks so cute!! Enjoy your downtime.

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IronMissy - it's official!
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