Friday, October 10, 2008

Phases of Ironman Training

Ironexcitement - You've just decided that you're going to register for your first Ironman race. You're totally excited at the prospect and you may have just watched one know that will be you in about a year. It may look something like this.

This was taken at Ironman Florida 2007, the year I signed up. Our Nashville crew members are known as professional Ironman cheerleaders. This is what Ironexcitement looks like. You know you're getting ready to watch Ironman knowing this will be you, knowing that this is going to be a great day, knowing that your friends are getting ready to start a very long day. Somehow, you think that THIS is still a VERY good idea.

Ironpumped - You're training, playing and racing your way through the year with friends. You have a couple of good to decent races and you're Ironpumped. You're pumped because you may have set a PR and because you still felt pretty good at the end. This was taken at Gulf Coast - the mandatory pre-race recon half ironman - while I felt like I was in a dishwasher during the swim, I was pumped that I met my goal, got an IV and a beer. Pumped.

Ironrelaxed - You're well into your ironman 'year', you've done a couple of half ironman races, and the thought of a 3-4 hour ride isn't as daunting as it used to be. It, actually, sounds like fun and might look something like this...You joke when you think about a 'long ride' ...ha, ha, ha, do YOU remember when a long ride was 20 miles? Do you really remember that? I do since it wasn't THAT long ago for me, <5>

Irontired - Everything is starting to take its toll and you're needing extra sleep or a nap after that long ride. It's still manageable, you just need some extra rest.

Ironhungry - This would be the point where everyone starts to look at you because you've finished your plate and you've got your fork in theirs and they're not done quite yet. You may also be waking up to eat fig newtons on your bed stand in the middle of the nite, I'm just sayin.

Irontard - I don't think I need to explain much here. This is one of my favorite phases and times - this is the point in training that you can't reason and have NO rationale. You're exhausted, you're hungry and working out has, literally, become a part time job.This is what my triswami does to me. He turns me into an irontard, gets me all hypoxic on my run workouts and then starts talking to me like I can freakin speak or something. Another irontard moment you may be familiar with is in the pool...when you're supposed to do a 200 something or other and you just can't count THAT many laps, you look at the guy next to you and he doesn't know either, jeeze!

Ironmad - You've had enough, enough is enough (see previous post to see what this looks like). You're tired of being tired, you're tired of the fact that the rest of the world is going out for dinner and drinks and you have to go home to clean a bike, change a tire, pack a gym bag or something equally exciting. Yep, you're mad.

Ironbitch - Very similar to ironmad but you go 'bitch' on the people that love you and help you the most. What's for dinner, what do you mean what's for dinner, I just got back from a 2 1/2 hour run, get dinner your damn know, that's just not nice. He really WAS just asking a question.

Ironloser - home reading this blog on a Friday nite because YOU have a 6 hour bike ride tomorrow (Hi Michelle!) while everyone else goes out or at least has two beers.

Ironrecovery - Getting ready to start this so I'm not exactly sure what it will be like...yet.

And the BEST FOR LAST...IRONMAN, We'll just have to see what that phase is like!

Feel free to add other phases to Ironman Training in the comments section - I'm sure there's some I've missed...

One more big weekend, one more big weekend...and then I can sleep. I swear I'm sleepin' in until 6:00 at least!


Jill said...

I'm gearing up to gather the professional IM FL cheerleaders! If you have email addresses of those going to cheer - can you email me?

Dee even sent me the ironballs/ironboobs logos. Oh...this is gonna be FUN!!

Michele said...

I am SO ironhungry and irontired. also i am the ironloser at home on Friday night because I have a 6 hour hill ride tomorrow.

Angela Brown said...

You'll be Ironriffic November 1! Wow, that was bad. You guys have fun. I'll be there in spirit. Wish I could make it to cheer.

Steve Stenzel said...

I LOVE the definitions!!


Amy Halleran said...

Ironenvy - for those not brave enough to even consider it, yet seriously envious of the ones who do.

From your non-ironman training fan! I'm just thinking about doing my half in TX and finally buying that bike for a sprint tri. Got fit at Harpeth Bikes today. It was great!

Kona Shelley said...

Really cool post..see you in Fla, it will be my 3rd time racing there, 3rd time's a charm right? :-)

The Running Girl said...

Great post! I'm in the beginning stages of thinking about doing my first Ironman (have done two HIMs) and have to laugh at your "stages". Although I have to admit, I've already been there on the "dinner, what dinner? I just did a 2 hour ride. Get dinner yourself." I'm hoping to be able to watch the live webcast. Good luck!

JP said...

I want to add IRONBALLS.It is not a stage of training but it is a noun.First heard at mile 60 on the bike at IMF 06. Jerry B had flatted twice and not having the race of his life,when out of nowhere Gary from ATL yells"you sir have IRONBALLS" this sparked Jerry to finish the race and hear those 4 words we are all working towards; "you are an IRONMAN" Missy, great post, you are ready and will hear those sweet words 11/1/08

Old Man and mid pack runner said...

wow, ironenvy. you really put it all into perspective. great post.

TJ said...

Ironatic, as in lunatic. That's what you'll be when you sign up for your second one. ;)

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IronMissy - it's official!
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