Sunday, October 19, 2008

Last Open Water Swim, kinda...

Note: for those 'creepy internet friends' tuning in to ironmanlive on race day, I'm #2207, Jennifer Hulbert, Missy is my nickname. THAT is another story for another day. TUNE IN and send all your good ju-ju, mojo, prayers, whatever you've got in you, send them my way.

The weekend started like this...we were doing a swim, bike, run and it was cccoooold at the start. As you can see I was skerd. I actually haven't done the full deal in a while so I wasn't totally sure how it was going to go.

As you can see, everyone else was much more relaxed about the whole thing. It was only to be 45 minutes in the pool, 3 hours on a bike and an hour to run, no big whoop. Ah, 3 hours on a bike, now that actually sounds like FUN.

No broken cooter bones or nothin'.

It was a great workout without incident. Sunday was to be our last open water swim before we hit the ocean! I knew something was amiss when I pulled in and saw signs that said no parking except for slip owners (sailboat marina). I ignored it - it didn't say NO SWIMMING, afterall. I pulled into our usual spot and this is what I found...
I'm all for being hardcore and all but my ass is NOT getting run over by a boat. I waited for everyone else to show, hoping that the sun would burn it off.

This is as far to burning it off as we could get AND when we found out about the sailboat regatta that was going to start at 9:00, we decided that we better hurry up and get into the water and get our swim on before we'd really get into trouble.

This is what 'getting our swim on' looked like today. Now, they did get their feet wet so in my book, it totally counts...not to mention we all drove 30 minutes+ to get to this point.

Kasha was totally IRONBUMMED this morning. Did I mention that the air temp was a cool 40 degrees? She SO wanted to swim but it was not to be for sure - kept pulling me to the waters edge like - what the hell, mom? You're going to drag my ass out of bed all the way here and NOT let me get in. It was a really sick tease. Poor girl. She'll have to wait until next year!

Kim was in a hurry so she just jumped in her car, wetsuit and all, when we said Cracker Barrel would have to constitute our morning 'swim.' She was there!

And seriously, who KNEW that there were wetsuit strippers in the Crack Head Barrel Parking Lot?! Yeah, we got a few looks but, whatever. From parading around in spandex, to running in the park in just a bathing suit, to farmers blows on the bike and belches on the run that could rival a fraternity contest...we've lost all humility. We get darn near naked in a parking lot and don't think twice, we'll put body glide on our nether regions while holding a conversation with someone else and not think a thing about it, we'll borrow any piece of clothing if we forgot our own, even if it's dirty because, by God, we have to get that workout done. I guess it's all part of it - you spend so much time training together, almost more than you're own family, that they just become your family.

Here's to you guys - for making me 'show up' and keeping me honest, to listening to me bitch for hours on a bike when I wanted to kill it, to going slow with me when I wasn't up for it, and for showing up to swim on a cold morning when you didn't have to. It's been a helluva ride and I can't wait to see what the day brings. It's going to be a great day. You guys are the BEST! Thanks for all of it!


jahowie said...

No broken cooter bones? LOL!! It's good to see a fellow Michigander doing so well. You are an amazing athlete!! Great pics. Thanks for sharing.

The Running Girl said...

I'll be one of those "creepy internet friends" following the race on line throughout the day when I can. It's always an inspiration to me. Hopefully I can catch you crossing the finish line.

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IronMissy - it's official!
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