Thursday, September 4, 2008

Pool Manners, 3:30 a.m., recovery is over...

Seriously, before 4:00am, are you kidding me?

I realize this is not clear, hell, I wasn't clear. Due to my need to watch the Titans opening game on Sunday AND enjoy a few beers that afternoon, I had to get in my long run. Yes, my friends, my alarm went off at 3:30, out of bed at 3:35, coffee in my guts at 3:45 and trying to wrap my brain around a 2:30 run this morning or nite or whatever the hell it is.

I really didn't reset the clock to take the picture either. You can see my can also see the fact that I don't even have my hat on right yet. What WAS I thinking!?! Oh well, for the love of football, I swear. Yeah and paid season tickets.

Well, I shoved some coffee down, a banana, peanut butter, hammer gel, water, strapped on (that doesn't wound right at ALL) my fuel belt with all the proper junk, an ipod and some paper towel just because you NEVER know when you might need some paper towel.

So why, dear God why, do people insist on seeding themselves in front of you in the pool lane when they are slower than you are? Ego, probably, unknown new guy, maybe. But AFTER you punch me in the head once (and hard), I pass you once and have to rub all over your hairiness to get by (stuck between two guys), do you insist on going in front of me, only to have me do it again, piss you off and you leave the lane? It's OK, I get the ego thing but look up every once in a guys are big and getting punched in the head with a right cross hurt. Ironman training at its finest. I suppose it was all actually good for me, yeah, I better get used to it and learn how to 'shake it off' and just keep swimming. I guess I'm just so sensitive to the fact that I may be slower than you so I'll get behind YOU...why would I want someone smacking my feet all the time?


Dr. Sharon Browning said...
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Amy Halleran said...

Sorry I missed you on Sunday! I hope all is well. Shelly said you had to drop out. You are my hero!!! And my new go to person for female tri advice. So please share.... I use Hammer products too. Dan Perkins turned me on to them. He's an Ironman pastor from CA who has been so helpful in my pursuit of running & tri-life. Anyway, do use any of their other supplements other than gel. OK and what is seeding? Sounds scary!

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IronMissy - it's official!
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