Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Off track...for a few days

Sometimes, there days you just get off track and it's beyond your control - you get sick, family emergency, injury - well, I'm sorry to say I've had a little of all of them to put me off my schedule. I missed 40 miles of a 100 mile ride, one Music City Triathlon (that was kind of, sort of, turned into a duathlon due to weather conditions) and a ~4000 yard swim. Before all the family hub ub started, I was having a knee issue that was causing me enough concern to go to the doc. The few days off probably did me some good.
HOWEVER, on Friday morning I got the call that grannie had passed. Without getting into the circumstances or details, suffice it to say, she lived a long life. Almost 90 years worth. She was living in Michigan. My Dad, her son, was on vacation in Wyoming at the time. He got the call a few days before hand and was able to be there with her, a good thing. So, I had Friday planned as a 1/2 day off to ride a bike with Angie for 100 miles or so. Until I got a phone call that MY Dad was admitted to the hospital with chest pains (history of issues). Now I'm really freaking out - Dad's the last one I've got. We have a small family and he's the last of my immediate, blood relatives. With a family of nurses behind me in MI, I wait for the call on Dad...what's up, what are they doing, does it seem like a big deal? I decided a ride would be good for my mind and spirit, Angie came over and we headed out. Part way, I got the 'all clear' call from Pops (the stress, irregular eating and sleep was causing his issues, imagine that). I was so relieved and the only thing I wanted to do...go home. We circumvented our route and got in 60 instead. After that, it was a whirlwind of travel reservations and getting up to Michigan for viewings, funerals and wakes.
The shining light in all of this is that my cousin and his wife had their first baby in all this craziness. AND, she was born in time to meet grannie for a minute. Maybe that was enough and she new it was her time to pass the torch to the newest generation.

All that crap makes Ironman seem small and insignificant - births, deaths, hospitalizations and two other birthday's! I know it's not and it won't be, but for a short period of time, it was truly the last thing on my mind...in a time that seems my life IS a schedule of swim, bike, run.

Now, where did I leave off, oh yeah, easy run today, no sense in trying to make up what I lost, I just need to pick up what I've got!


Lana said...

Dear me....I feel your pain...except my circumstances weren't nearly as extreme. I just figure 'who the hell gets every workout in anyways?' ya know? There's this thing called life out there too. We'll make it to the finish line somehow!!

Jill said...

Oh...what a week or so you've had. If you ever fret about not getting a workout in - I can ask Joe to loan you the book "Joe's way to a 13 something hour IM on barely any training." No kidding.

Family time is always important time. Glad to hear Dad is ok...

Amy Halleran said...

i was getting nervous there for a minute. i was beginning to think that my bad luck had worn off on you. :( your sept sounds a bit like my Aug.

i'm so glad all is well.

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IronMissy - it's official!
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