Saturday, September 20, 2008

Gas Crisis of made

Again, I just love this least he's creative!

If I hear one more time about a freakin gas crisis in Middle Tennessee, I'm gonna freak out. I actually heard some young whipper snapper, late teens, early 20's say in a television interview this morning - it's like the end of the world is coming. Seriously, the end of the world is coming because we don't have gas? I do realize that we are very dependent on fuel for everything - to deliver our food to the stores and to carry us to work - but the END OF THE WORLD? It's not the damn apocalypse for crying out loud. This is a man made, television fueled (pardon the pun) gas shortage. It'll be back people, it's just a little slow in getting here right now. Get your arse out of your car and walk there - and if your too old to do that, call me, I'll get 'it' for you. If you're too fat to go for a walk, then you're on your own. THEE best part is just knowing that 'we' (because if you're reading this you can probably ride or run) can get there, where ever it is. Think about it - tell someone at work you're going on a 100 mile ride and they just stop, stare and try to wrap their brain around a 100 mile bike ride. That's not to say that getting groceries would be easy on a bike but I'm not afraid to put a basket on my bike if I need to - one with plastic flowers, like when we were little! Anyway, WE can get there, we can get to work, you can get to church - while the congregation may scoff, I don't think God would mind - and the best part of all, low gas resources means I DON'T HAVE TO CUT THE LAWN. Even better.

In fact, I'm fairly certain there is a man on one of my bike routes that does not rely on gas to fuel his home in any way. I AM going to stop to talk to him one of these days - he waves to me every Saturday morning. He lives in a place where most of us could not imagine. His home has probably been on that piece of land for at least 100 years and that may be the last time anyone worked on it. Hell, the man on the porch was probably born in that house and is 100 also. he wears long sleeves, pants and a hat year round. Summer or winter, smoke spouts out the chimney, how else are you going to cook, heat your home or boil water? I wouldn't be surprised if there was no electricity either. I need to stop to introduce myself but do you think he would run back into his house from the crazy lady in spandex? I guess I need to try.

I suppose I just wonder what all those people do out there in the 'country', some are real working farms, I swear I've seen a meth house or two - you know, phat new Cadillac out front of a run down double wide with chemical bottles littering the lawn, freaks me out - or the house that says do not trespass, are you kidding me? Trespass into that death trap with no roof, OK, I'll be sure to steer clear. Mostly, I just thank all the country folk around me, they're the only one's that will give me 3+ feet of room on the road, don't think it's neat to see how close they can get and give you the steering wheel salute when they're coming at you - that's actually just a forefinger tip off the top of the steering wheel, that's just a nice acknowledgement, not the middle finger salute we are all used to.

So there it is, one more lake swim tomorrow and another week under my belt. Today was a five hour brick - 3 ride/2 run. Wow, at the end of that run, I was done. How the hell am I going to double it?

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Jill said...

I am with you on this one. Last night we tried to get out of the 'hood for dinner near 25th Ave. and the retards were lined up blocking us in our own neighborhood. And they call E Nash "green friendly." Whatever.

I am SOOO over the whole fuel thing. 3.6 miles from work, run everywhere, ride my bike...or just stay home.

Scariest thing is those 20 somethings will be in charge of us one day...good LORD...I hope I don't have to choke one of them for saying something stupid!!!

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