Thursday, September 11, 2008

50 Days, are you kidding me?

I love this guy, what a look. It takes some big ones to pull it off...or not, can't see up under there.

Ironman, it'll be here in a minute, I swear!
If you told me it was tomorrow, I'd be ready. Now, would I be ready to hit my time goals, objectives, probably not BUT if you told me it was time, I'd be there and could tough it out. As we all do, I have lots of time to think when I'm out there running at 4sickoclock in the morning. I have made a mental list of things that I will not do after least for a, next season, OK not until December at the earliest...

Get up before 5:00 for any reason EXCEPT to catch a plane and go on vacation...or the dog is puking in the corner. That is a sound that you can not ignore.

Eat Gel of any kind because it's freakin nasty, they're all nasty, they all taste like crap BUT they work. So, I get through my gag reflex and down it...kind of like funneling a beer in college.

Stop at the store in College Grove WITHOUT eating one of their greasy cheeseburgers. It is PURE torture, every time I'm passing through to buy a water and take a pee, she's out there on the front porch grilling cheeseburgers and they smell sooo good.

Swim more than 4000 yards at a time because it just makes me straight up starving AND tired...I'm trying to gnaw on somebody's foot as we make our way through the set. That's not me being irritating, I'm just trying to take hold and grab a bite.

Go to bed at 7:30 under the guise that I'm going to read or watch you're not, you're going to sleep, let's be honest.

Go to work with wet hair and goggle 'eyes' - and have everyone ask, are you feeling OK? Yes, once and for all, I'm fine, I just LOOK like I got punched in the face.

Ditch family and friends because I have to fill in the blank here swim, bike or run.

Live by a plan or schedule - I will only ride a bike if I wanna not because I haveta - and move workouts around at will.

Feel guilty for sitting on the sofa to watch TV - other than the Olympics, I'm not even sure what's on any more.

I know you're laughing because I say all this now but when post-Ironman depression kicks in, I'm sure I'll resort to 'old habits.' AND what will be more fun than training will the Ironman Louisville people, just knowing that I'm not doing Ironman Louisville...and I can remind them regularly as I bail out at mile 60 of a 100 mile ride. I can't wait!

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IronMissy - it's official!

IronMissy - it's official!
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