Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Triswami says...

...I want you to push it but stay within yourself.

Um, myself is still in bed at home not running hills with your sorry asses at 6:00a.m. while the rest of world slumbers.

...That was the kind of effort I was looking for on #3 and #4 (of 6). Now I know what it sounds like.


...I'm kind of jealous of you guys (me and Andy). This is a great workout, I'm going to do it with you next time.

Jealous, great workout, I'm sweating like a hog, I feel vaguely like I'm going to puke and I'm so hypoxic that I don't know my name right now and am going to argue with you using NO logic what-so-ever. OK, next time, do this work out with us.

...Are you OK (as I'm walking, not running, towards my car)?

Humph. - I'm pretty sure that is all that came out of my mouth.

So, another torture session under my belt with triswami and Andy. BTW, Andy is racing this weekend so Andy only had to do four and Andy...well, Andy still kicked my ass. But hey, he got extra rest waiting for me on the other side of that hill. Yeah, that's it. Well, sorry to say that I'm the retard you knew today. Damn it, it was hard. It was ~8 miles total with 6 hill repeats, ouch. Oh, and this was the morning after a puke ride in 98 degree weather. Lesson learned 96 is my cut off!

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IronMissy - it's official!

IronMissy - it's official!
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