Sunday, August 10, 2008

Kasha, our new lifeguard

Kasha is my 12 year old Boxer who loves to swim. Her hips are bad (arthritis), her hearing is sketchy (or she's ignoring me) and her eyesight is OK in the day time. Generally speaking, Boxer's don't like water - Magnus beats the water and tries to swim for his life. Kasha took to it when she was a pup. It dawned on me a couple of weeks ago (thanks Abby) that I should take her when we go to the lake for open water swim practice. She'll hang in the car until we're done and then, it's her turn. She's not a fetcher any longer, no more Frisbees or sticks. She can't hardly get down the little embankment to get to the waters edge without her legs going out from under her. It's a little rocky and steep at points. But, she has found her new vocation...once she hits the water, she's gonna come and save you...whoever you are....

This poor guy didn't know what the hell was swimming towards him. He wasn't with our group so he's not used to being saved. If that mug was looking at me in the water, I might freak out. Thankfully, he was a good sport and got her turned back in our direction. She swam and swam until her little heart was pounding in her chest so hard that I had to hold her to keep from swimming. Logic tells me this is good for her. A walk isn't cutting it, too much pounding on an old girl. But swimming, well, swimming is what it is, you get to move every muscle in your body without getting totally jacked up. I gotta figure it's good for her too. I just hope, that someday, when I'm old and gray and have to give up the 'walk' and after I'm done with the aquabike, that someone will take me to the lake to swim with all the fun people. Maybe I'll get to save some young whipper snapper some day.


Jill said...

Such a sweet dog. I have a lab (Grady) at 14 that is the same way. I am glad he (and your dog) can still have some fun even though...they have a hard time on land.

Don't you wish dogs would never, ever age?

JP said...

Watching Kasha swimming out to save that guy Sunday morning was really cool. Then I started thinking ,if I was that guy and saw something swimming towards me other than a person, OH S@#% GATOR !!!! But he was cool and turned her back around.

Spider63 said...

Dogs are incredible creatures! It must be great to be able to train with your dog. I have tried bicycling with mine, but I keep getting the leash tangled up in the wheels.

Holly Jane said...

Awwwwwe!!!! I am loving it! It is a great idea! And I am totally digging the pic of you two together! I need to try this with my little girl, too! :-) Maybe we can learn together!

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IronMissy - it's official!
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