Sunday, August 24, 2008

10 Years Ago today and the last fry in the bag

10 years ago today, my mom died. She was my very best friend in the world and the funniest person I have ever known. She would say what everyone else was thinking. It may not have always been appropriate but she didn't care - screw them, she'd say, we're having fun over here - as she grabbed my hand and waltzed me through the produce section at the grocery store when a MUSAK song she knew came over the loud speaker - I was probably 21 years old, yeah, not a kid either. Everyone wanted to be her friend or at least wanted her to call them HER friend. That meant you made it to the inner sanctum of funness. I can only hope that I enable all her good and silliness and keep up the 'family name.' I'm sure people wonder about half the crap that comes out of my mouth. Now you know...learned behavior!

While my heart was torn from my chest 10 years ago, stomped on, salt poured on it and then placed back into my body, all in a matter of days, I'm here. You don't ever think you'll be OK again, but you are. While I still feel like an orphan (sorry Dad), I know that she is my guiding angel on all this craziness - and thank GOD, Lord knows I need her to help me through these days. That is why her name is on my bike. The Orbea Tri bike named Sue.

Now, on with the goods...

You know you're training for an Ironman when...

  • You truly can fall asleep sitting on the toilet.

  • You go to bed while it's still light out...on the weekends. I think I saw 8:30 on Friday and Saturday nite - what a parrrty animal I have become.

  • You get up to get your a.m. workout in and people are just coming home from the bar.

  • You can eat enough food to sustain a 300lb man.

  • Your best friend is Assos cream. Everyone needs Assos for their ASSSSos.

  • You can only have ONE freakin beer on a Saturday nite because you can't get toooo dehydrated for the next mornings swim.

  • Last but not know you're training for Ironman when all these things are happening and your family and friends still love you.
Which brings me to my most favorite Tuesday nite ride partners, well, Kasha is a Sunday swim partner but I speak of the human variety. While we will have folks join us from time to time, I have to say the tried and true Ironfriends and training partners extraordinaire are Chris, Angie and Ryan. We are often joined by Carolyn, Jere and Andy as well - but they have a life or something that often needs to be attended to...the nerve. Tuesday nites are reserved for riding and friends. It's the best way to get in both - a workout and good times. The ride is usually followed by beer and food. Helllooo, we don't do this for nothin'.

So, thank you to my family and friends - who I am certain my Mom has sent to me. Angie was most certainly hand picked and dropped into my life. I mean who else will sing to you on a recovery ride and remind you constantly to look for 'one more fry in the bag.' This should be her mantra as she repeats it to me often - see, we don't eat fast food often but think about the last time you did, you pulled out the burger and started to eat it, then, hidden under that wrapper was one more glorious french more fry in the bag. Look for it on that next hill you're climbing, look for the fry in the bag - it may be that one last gear you have or it may be that your sorry ass just needs to dig in but think of the joy ... the last fry in the bag.

Love you guys!


Jill said...

I only met you at IM KY 07 (Happy Anniversary...wish we were there having fun again)...and you ARE funny. So, you did get it from your Mom. All the pictures of the fun you I know where it is from. You crack me up!

And, yes, last year Joe would fall asleep at dinner, on the can, all sorts of places. Can you believe you PAID to feel like this??

It will all be worth it. I sure cannot wait to cheer for ya at IM FL 08...and to revisit all that fun we had just a year ago.

Hang in there...soon you'll have the energy to drink a few more beers again.

TJ said...

My non-tri friends can't believe I'm in bed asleep before nine.

Good luck in Florida. I'll be down there signing up for another go-round.

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IronMissy - it's official!
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