Friday, July 4, 2008

Nervous, for what?

I wish I could say I saw this guy today. Rather, the picture makes me giggle every time I see it so I thought I would make you laugh today too!

In the end, nervous for what? I guess if you didn't have pre-race nerves, you wouldn't be normal...even for a little ole 5K. I DO remember, back in the day, when a 5K race really was a huge deal for me, I trained for it, I tapered for it, I ate a pre-race meal for it. Now, I get up as late as possible, go with coffee, water, a waffle and some gel 15 minutes before hand. You know how it's ALL relative.

Anyway, I arrived an hour before hand, as planned. Andy, Richard (our triswami) and I did our drills, warm up run, pick ups, told a bad joke or two and then it was on at 7:00 am sharp. The gun went off before I could say - oh, shit. I hit my watch and we were off.

Mile 1, only two more of these mf'ers to go, shit. At 7:30 pace, I knew I could not sustain PLUS Mile 2 = hilly. I brought it down a notch and then started some weird breathing know, that guy who really sounds like he's going to keel over next to you making weird exhale noises, that was me. With every drop of my foot I was forcing air out and loud. I was laughing at myself in my head because I'm thinking - these poor people around me are SURE that I'm going to die at any minute. Seemingly, it helped. After that, I was looking for the Mile 3 marker and either there wasn't one or I missed it. I looked at my watch and thought, holy crap, I didn't slow down that much and because my mind was in total retard mode I thought I had another road to run down ... until the greatest thing happened, everyone turned, toward the finish line. Well, I think I picked it up but I'm just not sure.

I looked at my watch and saw that I was going to set a PR today, only by 24 seconds but a PR nonetheless. As I heard my chip beep, at the finish, dead stop but did not puke or pee on myself...huge bonus. Does that mean I did not run hard enough??? There it is, lingering doubt, could I have done better, could I have given more, did I hold it together like I should have? I think I did hold my new and improved form but I just gotta keep workin the speed. I know, I know, there's not a fast twitch muscle in my body, I get it already. I may look like I'm built like a runner but I'm tellin ya, it's just not natural for me...I wish.

As I crossed the finish line, Richard and Andy were waiting for me. I'm certain they were on their second drink and appeared totally recovered those bastards. BUT Andy killed me AND set a PR by about three minutes I believe...hell-O, three minute gain on a 5K, can you say HUGE gains. I think Richard was happier that his students did well rather than himself. I suppose that's a sign of a good coach.

Congrats to Bryan, Andy, Richard, Ted, and all my other swimming peeps that I ran into there. Oh, and Molly who was the second female and set a personal best today at something wicked like 18:54 or something equally ridiculous. I'll never be there but I'll keep on trying.

Let's give reverence to the 5K, it may be just 3.1 little miles but bless it, it hurt...the whole time. The only saving grace is that's is over quickly and you can go about your day.


Ryan said...

Thanks for the pic, I am going to use it. Funny stuff!

Holly Jane said...

Hey Missy! That is GREAT! You PR'd a 5K! I am skeered to try that!!! It hurts brutally! Awesome job!

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IronMissy - it's official!
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