Sunday, July 27, 2008

My Favorite workout

On a hot, steamy day there is nothing better than...

An ice bath. When I came across the line at Muncie, just this side of retarded, I made my first trip to the med tent, hoping beyond hopes they were generous with their IV's. But to no avail, I settled for ice and was thrilled.

Second, low fat chocolate milk with Amino Acid Powder for recovery. It's a little 'thick' but it's cold and I must force it down before anything else.

Third, a Coke with lots of ice. A regular, full sugar, full caffeine Coke. By this time my gut is going to explode but I just can't help tastes so freakin good. AND it is NOT beyond me to stop at a Sonic in the middle of a ride for a large Coke, water with lots of ice to replen and two packets of salt because I had forgotten the goods at home. They do look at you a little weird but then again walking around in 'public' in that uniform, you're bound to get a few looks.

Fourth, a nap, not a huge one, give me 20-30 minutes and I'm human again.

Finally, and unrelated to anything - does anyone else think that ITU/Draft Legal Tri is weird? I watched one today and it's a team sport, as opposed to least that's what it seems like to me. At that point, just run a 10K and race your heart out. I shouldn't be so critical, I may LOVE it but it seems to be designed for maybe NOT.


Holly Jane said...

Your ice bath looks invigorating! I never found the courage to try one while marathon training. Prob because most of my long runs were in under 30 degree temps!

Ryan said...

You got screwed on not getting an IV. I would demand your money back. Make shit up like seeing dwarves and monkeys on the last mile of the run course. Mention no peeing and possibly some diarrhea (my personal favorite).

Do what you must but that IV is liquid love. Plus it gets me to the beer tent faster ;)

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IronMissy - it's official!
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