Saturday, July 19, 2008

More on Muncie...Wait for Walter

Ah, recovery, well, sort of... the week's been filled with fun chores like power washing the deck, mowing the yard, paying bills etc. I guess I'm trying to pay it forward to Ryan since IM training will be all consuming pretty shortly.

We've been reliving many Muncie moments over the last week wishing there was another race right around the corner. We had so much fun. This is me, Abby and Kim, we are probably 3 beers in post race. Other than an IV, I'm not sure there's anything better. Sadly, this race did not provide, it was BYOB. Blasted!

As you make your way through your post race week, you get wayyy too analytical. If I only, what if I did, I could have gained ____minutes if I, I was only ____ seconds behind her. Yes, all of us A Typers continue to beat ourselves up even if we had a PR or a good race. But always remember Walter...everyone knows "Walter." See we met Walter at the Expo. We got to talking only to find out this was going to be his first half ironman distance race. Being the HUGE veterans that we are (this was my third), we wished Walter the best of luck, save some for the run and have a great race. He was just exited to be there, talking to everyone he could, meeting new people - an all around nice guy. Well, after we were about three beers in (see above) we heard the squawk of a police car. For a second, we ignored it and then it dawned on us, no one had seen Walter yet! We launched from the table and ran to the finish line. I think we had another person or two in tow. We made it there in time to cheer for Walter on his first half ironman finish.

See, we all know "Walter" but we're usually too busy to pay any attention - we're focused on getting our gear out of transition, changing clothes, getting beer, eating, loading the truck and getting home. We had done all those things and had been sitting through awards for a while already when Walter came across.

I challenge YOU, at your next race, wait for Walter. I bet you $10 he worked harder than any of us and, apparently, has a better mental race than I do. I would have given up, I wanted to on that day, I hurt. I bet he hurt too and maybe more...he was in the sun a whole lot longer than I was with a cop car on his heels sweeping the course. Wait for Walter, I think you'll be glad that you did and he'll appreciate you more than you know.

There is NOTHING on the planet like watching the last hour of Ironman. You scream your head off until you're voice is shot, you cheer for people you've never seen in your life, you cry like a baby for strangers and you try to pull them to the finish to make the midnight cutoff. Wait for Walter...

Good luck to all my Lake Placid peeps - Nick, Luzma, and Rob - I know you will kick ass. We're watching for you, smile for the webcam:)

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Holly Jane said...

Great job in Muncie!!! You did awesome, as usual!

IronMissy - it's official!

IronMissy - it's official!
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