Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Most Sports Require Only One Ball - R&R Racing Team

My NEWEST favorite thing...recovery weeks. I swear to you that I count on them and I look forward to them like nothing else. I don't totally milk them for all they're worth but I do take the time to rest and truly, recover. Mentally and Physically. This is my recovery week which also means, just as busy as normal because this is the week to get all your shit done too. Any extra projects you may have going on or even just a lawn mowing. Dear God the yard is scary. These are the weeks to schedule those dinners with family and friends, catch up on the mail from the last three weeks, and maybe even sit down for a minute. Ah, I love it.

Coincidentally, it is Race Week at Barber Motorsports Park...Ryan gets to race too. Yeah! So, I will go to the track, with a pair of running shoes in tow, and watch like a nervous nelly. It's fast and it's scary, for me...it's fast and fun for them. I just sit there, biting my nails to the quick until I see him in the pits in one piece. They love it and they're good at it (R & R Racing Team). Play hard, party hard....Most Sports Require Only One Ball...the team slogan. All I know is that it takes huge balls to do what they do. Balls to the Wall boyz, Balls to the Wall....

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Lana said...

How cool - Go Ryan!!

IronMissy - it's official!

IronMissy - it's official!
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