Friday, June 27, 2008

I'm skerd!

I'm growing more anxious and skerd about multiple things and one just doesn't make any kind of sense...I'm doing a 5K on the 4th of July and I'm terrified, truly. Muncie Endurathon is on July 12, not skerd, not anxious, not nervous, 5K terrified. See, I've been working with my triswami, my killer coach, that is, on getting my run form down, getting more efficient, getting a little speed - the usual. Well, I'm a jackass and opened my big mouth and said a 5K might be neat to test my new skills and use it as a time trial. In his true fashion, he placed it on my training plan and now I'm freaking out. I guess I want to do my best and do right by him and show my 'skills.' Skills is relative, believe me. I suppose I just need to run until I puke, er, pee, er somethin'. We'll see what happens and if I keel over at the end. That's how I know I've gone fast enough. But really, when was the last time you raced just 3.1 little miles with nothing else, no swim, no bike, just a short, little, fast, painful, run?
Secondly, after Muncie, well, it's Ironman and it's ON. I guess I've broken down the year and not really looked at Ironman, I just looked to the next race. Well, after Muncie, that's the next race - save a sprint, oly or something for training. Yikes...I'm getting skerd.
P.S. R&R Racing Team did great at the races. In true fashion, many awards to pass around and no harm to man or machine, #1 goal!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Most Sports Require Only One Ball - R&R Racing Team

My NEWEST favorite thing...recovery weeks. I swear to you that I count on them and I look forward to them like nothing else. I don't totally milk them for all they're worth but I do take the time to rest and truly, recover. Mentally and Physically. This is my recovery week which also means, just as busy as normal because this is the week to get all your shit done too. Any extra projects you may have going on or even just a lawn mowing. Dear God the yard is scary. These are the weeks to schedule those dinners with family and friends, catch up on the mail from the last three weeks, and maybe even sit down for a minute. Ah, I love it.

Coincidentally, it is Race Week at Barber Motorsports Park...Ryan gets to race too. Yeah! So, I will go to the track, with a pair of running shoes in tow, and watch like a nervous nelly. It's fast and it's scary, for's fast and fun for them. I just sit there, biting my nails to the quick until I see him in the pits in one piece. They love it and they're good at it (R & R Racing Team). Play hard, party hard....Most Sports Require Only One Ball...the team slogan. All I know is that it takes huge balls to do what they do. Balls to the Wall boyz, Balls to the Wall....

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Lost toenails, bikini waxes and bicyle hangovers

At Gulf Coast, there was some toenail damage to my second toe on my right foot. What really pushed it over the edge was the all day drink on Sunday, when I proceeded to slam a door into that already damaged toenail. It bled and it hurt but I didn't care, at the time. At that time, I didn't care about much. I was in happy land. Over time, and more running, the toenail got uglier. How does a chick fix blackened, yellowed, damaged toenails...duh, you paint them a dark enough color to cover them up. Over the last week, said nail got looser and looser. It was then I realized it was only hanging on by about 1/4" of skin - I could flip it up like a bad come-over. This, for some reason, totally freaked me out but I knew the nail had to come of by choice rather than get ripped off running, or something. I obsessed about my nail for days, I can't even watch the Lamisil commercial where a cartoon guy crawls under a persons nail, it freaks me out. Then, a very wise friend said to me, YOU are willing to go get your bikini line waxed, where a woman places hot wax 'down there' and then proceeds to rip it from the root but you are afraid of a little toenail? Just pull it off or clip it and stop talking about it. So, I did it, I took it off before Mach Tenn on Saturday...knowing it would fly off in the water. I have painted my poor little nub with second skin, hoping that protects it somehow.

After my 'stellar' performance at Mach Tenn yesterday, I felt the need for a three hour bike ride today. We did start at 7:00 but already knew we were in for it and our route did NOT include any shade. Everything was fine and dandy until we hit the second hour. You could have pushed me over with a feather. There were four of us and at least two of us were cooked...we felt like we were cooking from the inside out and were saying lots of bad words. And then, the gates of heaven opened up, I saw the stadium lights (where we parked) and then our three cars. It was the kind of moment where angels sing. Get me off this !%#$ bike now please! Drove home, picked up a delicious pizza for me and Ryan and proceeded to promptly fall asleep (no nap and a party yesterday nite put an ass whoopin on me). One sprint tri, one five hour party last nite, one three hour ride + a one hour nap = a bike hang-over. I feel dehydrated like I drank 18 beers, with the headache to prove it. I stumbled down the steps came into the office and Ryan looked at me and said, you better lay down with Magnus. He's got a puppy hangover from the race yesterday too (he went with us to cheer me on and had to take multiple dips in the lake to stay cool enough to get by). So with a puppy hangover and a bike hangover we skip swim class and rest.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Will I ever get faster?

My triswami says yes, I will get faster but I really wonder - will I get faster or just more sore? I have drawn one conclusion from my recent coaching experience...I would never have done this on my own. Why would I never have done this on my own? Because I don't like to hurt. That's what it boils down to, when I start to hurt, I go into a lower gear (riding and running). Well guess what, going into a lower gear does NOT make you faster and I'm proof of it. Put it into a higher gear, all that you can manage, and roll on. My legs are all kinds of tired these days and they never were before. Maybe I've discovered hamstrings for the first time in my life.

IronMissy - it's official!

IronMissy - it's official!
A vision in green!