Friday, May 23, 2008

More to Give? No, I'll just pee my pants...

In my never ending quest to 'run gooder,' I've decided that a coach is in order. After much discussion, deliberation and the counting of my pennies to see if I could afford said coach, we decided that I have 'run like a clod' for long enough. I'll never be a sprinter and my lungs will go out long before my legs...thanks asthma. Anyway, after our 5am swim practice, it was time to get down to business. I knew what was coming because he had given me ample time to obsess about it, a one mile time trial. I've never even run a mile, just a mile. I mean, certainly, I've done the run/walk thing when I first started running but I've never done a base line run of one mile. After a warm up and some fun drills in the grass, it was time for the one mile loop. I'm certain I was in Zone 2 BEFORE I even started - I was so nervous. When I was ready, I took off and we both hit our watches to ensure I wasn't cheating. After two minutes, I looked at my watch and saw (besides 2 minutes), 181 HR. All I could think of was, how high can it go ...and for how long? I decided not to look again, smart. As I started on the last quarter mile or so, I had this feeling I was going to pee my pants and not voluntarily. I could feel it coming, it was the strangest thing. I fully expected to puke when it was over but to pee myself? Weird! I finished it, didn't puke, peed my pants (just a little) and ended in 7:01. That's no trailblazer and I did not have more to give...not even two seconds more. Avg HR 180, Peak HR 190, barf.


Lana said...

Wow! Great job on the time trial! I have to admit I have unvolintarily peed myself in a race before...and strangely it was a 5k. Maybe that short/faster stuff just triggers it!

Nick said...

First time trial. Way to go! Next month 6:45! We are triathletes. Its ok to pee on yourself and considered a badge of honor.

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IronMissy - it's official!
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