Thursday, April 17, 2008

Gulf Coast or Dance Dance Revolution?

Are you ever ready? No, you're never ready or you never think you're really ready. I think I'm as ready as I was when I did my first half ironman but could you be better, bigger, badder, faster, stronger? Sure, but how much are you going to gain in a few weeks? Not enough to make any kind of difference. Truly, I think I'm ready for a vacation more than anything. I can't wait to get to the beach, feel the sand between my toes, drink some beers while we all sit listening to an ipod doing something that resembles a jig...see I'm looking forward to the day AFTER Gulf Coast rather than the race itself. If I think about the race, I'll puke. Kind of like last year when it was about a gazillion degrees and you could see the heat off the asphalt. When I was delirious at the finish line because my internal temp had to be well over 100 and my bra was filled with ice cubes (a very good look when wearing a white shirt). No, I prefer to remember it as a party with a triathlon thrown in for good measure. We danced until our feet hurt, some of us skinny dipped on the beach (???where are you gurl?), we listed to bad 80's music (that I love) at Spinnaker, ate some greasy fried seafood and played at the beach. When it was over, we had the t-shirt to prove it. Man, it's always a good time....

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Abby said...

Who you talking about skinny dipping???? HA! There might be another repeat of that. I feel so far from ready for GCT... I know it's going to ugly... I know it's going to be slow.... but I know I'm going to cross that finish line and crawl to the beer tent. Save a drink for me, gurl!

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IronMissy - it's official!
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