Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Don't hurt your cooter bone!

In my effort to find the BEST tri set up, I have been testing out a wide variety of clothing pieces. I like my mid section to be covered and held in tightly to avoid as much jiggling as possible. This weekend, I tested out just a bathing suit. Not a tri bathing suit style, just my plain old suit, got out of the pool and onto the bike, no pad, no nothing. I am a fan of the one piece bathing suit because it fits all my criteria for coverage and is VERY 'free' feeling. All I could hear in my head was Marian yelling - Don't hurt your cooter bone! Well, thankfully, I did NOT hurt my cooter bone. THAT part was not a problem at all. I suppose all your parts just get used to it. I DID have chafing in an all new place, though. Always a nice treat in the shower. Then came the run, shoes and hat on, let's go. We went and not even a wedgie in site. I was fine with the whole situation...even though I was a little 'exposed.' I'm not big on top and I wasn't running that fast for it to matter so THAT was a non-issue as well. I'm just not sure that the families at the park are really sure of what they saw - other than a streaker or someone who just broke out of the nut house. I could do it for an oly or less. GCT, what to wear, back to the drawing board...but dear GOD, don't hurt your cooter bone.

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Lana said...

Oh gosh - that's so funny! I've been wondering how people wear "just" a swim suit. I think it would surely hurt my cooter bone! But then again those tri shorts don't exactly have a nice cushiony pad either.

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